Volume CVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; King Ship, and Pen Man Ship

Hello every One, welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition where I really just Give My Self the Freedom to Write about whatever I Wish.  In One Way or another, I am always Posting what I Wish, but on Friday’s I Will let My Self go all over the place, so I’m not entirely sure what I Will be tall King about, though I am thing King the Tarot is a Good place to start.

Below and today’s featured I-Mage are the last of five, three card groupings from last February’s Tarot read, the first read I did specifically for My audience.

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love
Lust: The Central Quest-Ion of the Matter

The central Focus of the Read Showed the Lust Card, which represents Babylon, the world We know now.  One thing I confess to never having any real comprehension of is the timeline of the read, how much time each three card grouping represents in Man’s Macrocosm, but I am reasonably sure that We are transitioning between the fourth and fifth grouping of Cards.  Below, I am very confident represents the beginning of March and My new, fit-for-a-King apartment.

3 Cups – Abundance; The Hermit, 6 Cups – Pleasure

When looking at a grouping, the central card is always first, the cards on the left and right influence the card relevant to their elemental relationship.  So the Cards would read 3 of Cups, Influenced by the Hermit and Pleasure.  The Hermit is the 9th Trump Card, then We have the 6 of Cups on the right.  My ‘House’ number?  396.  The Universe really doesn’t get more specific than that and there really are no coincidences.  I find it especially interesting that I chose to share this read with You, as it is perfectly aligned with what is happening in the world right now.  My ‘House’, 396, is influenced by a Universal force (TRUMP card), the Hermit.  Right now, everyone is influenced by the Hermit!!!  Another coincidence, probably, right?  And finally, We have Pleasure on the right, and I am truly enjoying more Pleasure than I have in a long time.  So I have very Good reason to believe that We are now moving on to the fifth grouping of Cards and if each grouping represents three months, then We Will move into this stage in June, just in time for My Name day.

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love

This grouping is more interesting to Me now because it might actually represent completion of ‘The Last Chapter’ to My Story!  I am also subject to ego every bit as much as any Man, so it may just be Wish Full thing King, but I have been on this road for a long time, so it most certainly would not be too soon!  Intuitively, I feel I am making progress at the moment and am as excited about Posting new Pages to My Last Chapter as I am about Writing a Post everyday.  In fact, there was a small development again this morning so I have quite a bit of material to Post to catch everything up.  I feel the Prince of Disks may represent the commercial character, the incorporated person, now with the Prince of Wands (which is My ‘Identifier’ in the Tarot) influencing (directing) the incorporated person as the private attorney and Living Will, I am figuratively grabbing the bull by the horns!  If this is the case, then the ‘Love’ card represents the Harmonious Union between the two entities, the Spiritual and the commercial.  Because I have shared this read with You, it Will represent the same thing in Man’s Macrocosm.  The commercial world that emerges from corona-19 Will be a perfect Union between the commercial world We know now and the Spiritual world that is emerging.

I am also very excited about other Writing projects, too.  I am going to become My own doctor, officially (I Will actually be an ‘authorized dietitian, fitness, and medical health care adviser’), so I Will share that with You when I do.  I am also looking forward to Writing My Notice of Objection to My sister acting as Trustee to My Father’s Estate.  Believe it or not, I actually don’t really enjoy Writing Letters to file into Court, but My perspective on this one has changed since I Writ yesterday.  I’m now excited about it because I really don’t care about the outcome, and I can Write a pretty Good Letter of objection if I put My Mind to it, so that’s what I’m going to do.  It Will be Hand Writ again, but as I mentioned previously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hand Writ documents, so long as they are legible and meet all the requirements of the Rules of Civil procedure to satisfy the Registrar.  I haven’t done any Calligraphy in a while, it Will be Fun, I’m looking at it as an Art/Writing project.

Okay, I’m going to Keep this Fabulous Free Lance Short, but the Good News I did Wish to share with You today is the Tarot.  In Our Tarot read, everything appears to work out very nicely in the End.  We are going through some major changes right now and the whole world Will feel it more and more as time goes on.  Remain Focused on the world that can emerge from this, Keep Your Imagination (I, Mage in a Sean) Open, and the Gates to Heaven Shall O Pen for You, too.

I did also Wish to make reference to the ‘Pen Man’s Ship, which O-Pen’s doors. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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