Volume CXI: The Thought Full Thing King Edition; The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thought-Full thing King Edition and part III of ‘The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law’, thank King You for being here.

Yesterday I showed a map of the world illustrating how many countries have ratified the United Nation’s Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The relevance to the Supremacy of God to everything I am tall King about, is that rights are inherent, meaning they are not ‘acquired’ at some point in Man’s Life, they are integral and complicit to Man’s Life.  If there are no ‘rights’, there is nothing to respect, no ‘Code of Conduct’ to maintain.  In some Way, shape or form, every law that exists today, even in Man’s legal fiction, has its foundation in a right (or at least in the belief of a right).  To not murder is to respect another Man’s right to Life.  The crime of assault is founded in a belief that One has a right to not be harmed by another Man.  There are many laws that protect the belief in the right to own property.  If We all have different Ideas about what Our rights are, then is that not in some Way a reflection of Our different Ideas about morality?  Is morality not a question of what is just and unjust, fair or unfair, right and wrong?  Do We not generally believe that treating others with kindness and compassion is taking the ‘High’ road?  Where do these moral Ideas about right and wrong come from if not from God?

The relevance here is in citing the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a Foundation for My own legal arguments.  The rights I believe I have seem reasonably Self evident to Me; so obvious they should never need to be Writ.  Yet when I speak of these ‘Self evident’, seemingly obvious rights, some People look at Me like they have no Idea what I am tall King about.  An Idea like ‘Self determination’ has never even been a consideration, much less a right One acknowledges as being Universally protected by law.  Although this comment was not in regards to the right of Self determination, a Man once said to Me, ‘We don’t have that right in Canada’.

I would just like every One to be thought Full in thing King about that last statement.  Is it something You may have heard some One else say?  Is it possibly a consideration One may have had in regards to One’s own constitution?  If it is a right, how can One ‘not have it’?  Rights can never be taken away.  They can, however, be trespassed upon.

This is the other reason the Covenant is so important.  If People don’t like the Word ‘God’, again consider only moral ‘Goodness’; God = Good.  Only the individual can know their rights, and that knowledge is Given by God.  So as We become more collectively aware of Our rights, each of Us as individuals have a Duty and responsibility to protect those rights for every One.  Many of the United Nation’s Signatories have very different Ideas about what kind of laws and systems of government are appropriate for their People, yet they have all collectively agreed that the rights listed in the Covenant are inherent (Given by God) and Shall be protected internationally by Way of Contract (Covenant).  This is despite and irrespective of the status, nationality, or any other social distinction of the individual, it applies to all People in all countries that have ratified the Covenant.  Canada ratified the Covenant in 1976.

I am slowly building to the even Greater implications of this Covenant that Will re-Mind My audience why this is the Good News Journal.  See, I don’t think a lot of politicians are very bright.  Excellent actors in most cases, but terrible leaders and not very smart.  I find it very unlikely that any Prime Minister Canada has seen in the years of My Life would ever be capable of acknowledging most of the rights listed in the Covenant, much less have a Hand in drafting such a document.  I Will also admit that the moment People mention rights ‘protected’ by any U.N. document, People lose interest because they believe it to be meaningless, ‘yeah, but none of the member states actually Honour those rights’.  Are they obliged to?

That’s something of a trick Quest-Ion, though I have answered it in previous Posts already.  The answer is yes, though One must be as King for it.  If One is not as King, One cannot receive.  The natural ‘Order’ of things is to take advantage, is it not?  Is that not what the capitalist world thrives on?  The State is not obliged if One agrees to have only the rights of One’s constitution protected because the ‘belief’ in the rights of the individual have now been ‘satisfied’ by the State.  Does that make sense?  By agreeing to Canada’s constitution by Way of tacit consent and or citizenry, One is telling the government they are [or Will be] ‘satisfied’ if the rights of the constitution are protected.  It actually Gives the government legal permission to trespass upon any other rights that are not listed in the constitution – there is no obligation there and the People are not as King for there to be one.

This is the other line from the preamble of the Covenant I Wish to quote because it is also one of the reasons I believe this Blog Will never be censored.

“Realizing that the individual, having duties to other individuals and to the community to which One belongs, is under a responsibility to strive for the promotion and observance of the rights recognized in the present Covenant,”

This is why Your rights are My responsibility.  Many People don’t know what rights We actually have, or how to enforce them.  The enforcement is the tough part, I’ll be honest – but it Will get easier.  This is why I have included People like Orsi and Anne Charette in the Last Chapter of My Story.  Every One has a part to Play in the protection of Man’s rights.  My responsibility, specifically, as a servant of God, is to protect the rights God gave You whether You believe in God or not.  Orsi believes We have the rights I have mentioned to her (right to necessary healthcare whatever the cost), I am going to Show her how We exercise that right.

The reason I believe enforcement is the tough part, is because the politicians are not very bright.  They don’t know what they are doing, they don’t understand international law and economics, they are just puppets on the world stage.  They Signed these legally binding obligations without having the slightest clue what kind of implications it might have.  These laws and rights were created for You, not them.  One doesn’t need a political leader to exercise them, either, We need only Give direction to them and tell them what needs to be done to fulfill their obligations.  One does not need to be a fancy lawyer or guru in law, One need only know One’s rights, where it is protected by contract by One’s state, and begin as King to One’s elected officials why these obligations are not being met.

The raccoon was one of the neighborhood visitors I was tall King about yesterday in My Post and it happened to Show up for a photo op today, so I Trust it was for You.  It’s also click bait for Pinterest where People seem unusually interested in just about everything I Pin, so this is also a small social media experiment.


I Hope and Trust You Will all have a Thrilling Thursday!!!

Love and Blessings,


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