Volume CXII: The Magical Monday Edition; How the Magic of Words Can Change the World

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I do have an interesting Post today about the Power of the Word because I really don’t consider My Self to be of any significant political influence.  I criticize politicians as all of Us do from time to time, the difference of course is that when I criticize here, the criticism remains.  Individuals always have the opportunity to defend themselves in the comments; as far as this Blog is concerned, nobody ever has.  It doesn’t surprise Me because I Imagine with just over one hundred WordPress followers and just under 10k followers between Twitter and Pinterest, I’m not ‘important’ or significant enough for anyone to care what My opinion of someone might be.  Today I learned that’s not true.  Even a humble little Blogger like Me can make a difference and impact an individual with significantly higher social influence.  Who might I be speaking of?  None other than Ben Shapiro.

I am thing King I Writ a total of three Blog Posts dedicated to two of Ben Shapiro’s YouTube videos.  One where he was criticizing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s ‘Green Deal Plan’, and another where Ben Shapiro was delivering a speech to University students on the ‘7 false claims of socialism’ (of which there were only five in the presentation, but who’s counting).  Well, I was just kind of being playful and figured it was only ‘courteous’ to Give Ben an opportunity to read My critiques of his analysis and defend his position.  I wasn’t able to do this for the Part II section of one of My critique’s because Ben had blocked Me on Twitter.  I was flattered to think My opinion mattered enough to be blocked, so that was something of an Honour.  However, I recently discovered that Ben also completely removed both the YouTube videos I criticized – it’s like they never existed.  So, now two ‘video no longer available’ YouTube trophies Will remain with the Posts.  Consider that literally millions of People were watching and potentially being brainwashed and manipulated by those videos.  Now they are GONE.  Criticizing Ben made a difference – that’s the Power of the Word.

If You are interested in reading My critiques of Ben Shapiro, You can find them here and here (with the removed videos still Posted as ‘trophies’). 😉

So that was an interesting discovery.  Perhaps You Will think I’m making too much of it but I remember back when I was thing King about Writing the critique, what the point of it would be.  I figured at least My audience would have the opportunity to hear My perspective, I never for a second imagined the videos would be removed.  I’m not suggesting I was the only influencing factor, either, they could have been removed for any reason but to presume they are not in some Way related would be to ignore the law of the Universe.  There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence.  It doesn’t Matter why they were removed, it was My Will it should be Done, and so it is.

Also, I made another ‘new’ discovery the other day.  I have mentioned previously that when I self published My Book, I received an email from the government of Canada as King Me (demanding) I provide them with two hard copies of My Book; one for the National Archives and one for the Canadian Library of Canadian Authors (or something like that).  I Writ a bit of a snarky email back informing the government the Book is My intellectual property and if they Wish for a copy they can download one from My website.  Never heard from them again. I decided to see if My Book was listed in the National Archives or Library of Canada and it’s not!  All this time I figured they just left Me alone because they took a couple of copies from the link I provided (which had a pdf version of the full book).  The surprise for Me here is that it would appear the government of Canada ‘Honoured’ My intellectual property rights and is no longer claiming I ‘owe’ them two copies of My Book.

But I also don’t remember registering an ISBN number, either, which basically meant I couldn’t sell My Book on Kindle, Amazon, or whatever else.  I could order (wholesale) copies My Self, but I could not market My Book without an ISBN.  It also costs money to promote and sell One’s book across all these available platforms.  Whether an ISBN number was automatically assigned to My Book somehow, or whether someone did so on My behalf, My Book can be purchased virtually anywhere One can buy books, including all the main platforms like Google, Amazon, Kindle, even Chapters.  Again, it costs money to be listed on all these platforms and I have done nothing to promote My Book, so I’m not really sure how that happened.

There are a couple of other ‘Magical’ things I Wish to point out.  My Friend designed the cover for My Book and My name as the author was ‘auto populated’ from information I provided to publish the Book (Lulu).  By default, the name was Spelled in ALL CAPS on the bottom right of the front page graphic.  My name was Spelled properly in the information, there was no Way for Me to change this setting, it automatically converted My name to ALL CAPS.  There was even a promo for My Book published on My Blog (not by Me) with the name in ALL CAPS in an auto-Post by WordPress regarding My stats for the first year (maybe I’ll see if I can find a link because I’ve never received one since).

2010 in review.

I’m SO Happy I was able to find this!!!  Okay, if You click on the above link You can see how the cover of My Book initially looked after it was published, the name in large, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the bottom corner.  Never Mind, I decided to download the image and share it here, too.

Prophecy for Peace Original

This is what the title of the Book looks like now.


Please Enjoy

Again, I had nothing to do with that, have no Idea when it changed, but this is the Way it should be Spelled.  Finally, when My name was entered into a Google search bar, the information panel on the top right would read ‘Sean von Dehn, Canadian author’, then list My Book showing a picture of the cover as above.  I don’t ‘Google’ My own name very often, it was a friend who first brought it to My attention because he thought it was ‘cool’ that Google recognized Me as an author.  I Google My name more now because the information keeps changing, which I find very interesting.  The first Significant difference was that it no longer read ‘Canadian’, it just read ‘Author’, listing My Book and Showing a picture of the cover.  Now My name is mis-Spelled again (capital ‘v’ in von), and it only reads, ‘books, a Prophecy for Peace’, though the title of the Book is a link that brings up all the available places One can purchase it, which is virtually everywhere.

The point of this Post was to emphasize the Power of Writing and Words in general.  I didn’t need to Write a whole book to make a couple of annoying Ben Shapiro YouTube videos permanently disappear from YouTube.  Again, it could just be a coincidence, but the Secret to Shamanism and Mystical Mastery is knowing there are none.  My intent was that those videos would disappear and they did!  That’s all that Matters.

My Book, its very existence has had an impact on the Macrocosm.  The Book itself has evolved without My Hand, even if it is something as subtle as how the name of its author is Spelled; that is the True Magic of My Spelling, after all, it does amplify the intention of the Magic in the Book.

Our opinions Matter, so share them fearlessly.  Your Ideas have the Power to change the world, it is already happening.


Love and Blessings,

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