Volume CXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; In Port – The King Ship, Citizen Ship, and Censor Ship

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Lucky Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.  We’re going to be Casting a few more Spells today to ensure the Citizen Ship and the King Ship overwhelm the Censor Ship.  All three are in Port (as in-Port-ant/important), and all three are hoping to Dock [U-Ment/Mind] (establish new documents/laws) to Keep the Ship in Harbour.

Harbour; definition:

noun: harbour
a place on the coast where vessels may find shelter, especially one protected from rough water by piers, jetties, and other artificial structures.
verb: harbour
  1. 1.
    keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one’s mind, especially secretly.
    give a home or shelter to.

I find this very interesting for many reasons.  One of the reasons I’ve ‘curbed’ My criticism of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it has been handled is because I know My opinion may be considered controversial and I’m not interested in Creating any additional, unnecessary fear.  I am however, extremely interested in protecting Our rights, especially Our right to free speech; freedom of opinion and expression.  This is just one of those rights We intuitively know to be inherent, or at the very least, We should.  YouTube, Facebook and Google are all removing content that doesn’t fit their narrative?  That is textbook totalitarianism and dictatorship, and I take small comfort in knowing that these sentiments are also being reported by main stream media sources.  This is actually one of the other primary reasons I find these opinion pieces so interesting.  Did Trump invest some money in Fox?

These days, it’s a fair question and at this point, I really couldn’t blame him if he did because the amount of dis-information the mainstream media is allowed to present, and factual information it continues to censor, make for a virtually impenetrable propaganda media campaign if the defendant does not have a Voice.  Traitorous Trudeau spent six hundred million dollars to media companies so mainstream media would reflect him more favourably.  He openly admits this as he tries to stifle a laugh when a commentator asks why he’s not criticized more for his incompetence, “Because I paid them six hundred million dollars not to, that’s why.”

That’s also treason, at least in My opinion.  Willfully manipulating public opinion by bribing media with taxpayer money?  That’s certainly not in the best interest of the People, that’s for sure.  Another thirteen million dollars to Loblaws that enjoyed 3.1 billion in profits the same year to update their refrigeration systems to be in compliance with new ‘greener’ technology?  Why was Loblaws not ordered to update their own refrigeration by passing legislation that requires a reinvestment of their own profits into greener technologies and tougher environmental compliance regulations?  That is what a Man acting in the best interest of the People would demand of multi-billion dollar corporations serving Canada’s People.

I’ve been as King a few People I know about Tucker Carlson and whether any One knows anything about Fox receiving financial incentive from Trump and so far, most say they don’t, that Fox has been a Trump supporter from day one, so…  The reason I find this interesting is because at the top of this pyramid scheme (and it is very much a pyramid scheme), all the mainstream media is fully controlled.  I know People like to believe We have freedom but People have never enjoyed freedom; We have only enjoyed the belief We have freedom.  The People have never been Given enough information to ever gain more control than it is determined We should have.  Today’s economic system is just an advanced system of psychological slavery that rewards the Good slave rather than punishing Man with whips and chains.  This Way, the slaves can feed, clothe and provide entertainment for themselves if they are successful slaves.  The more ‘successful’ the slave is, the more comfortably the slave can afford to live.  What We call ‘real’ slavery was only to distract the rest of the slaves from their own plight, make them feel ‘special’ and privileged for being able to ‘work and earn a Living’.  Don’t We have a ‘right’ to Life?  What’s this about having to earn One?  Was it not the very first Gift We were Given?

If People Wish to know who is running the Show, People must discover who it is that owns the money – because they don’t use it, they know their Value.  Money is exclusively for slaves, or People who do not know their Value.  I hope this doesn’t offend any One because it is something of a harsh Truth.  Tomorrow, I Will be Writing about why the one thing I do support regarding Trudeau, is his desire to borrow as much money as necessary to Keep the economy going.  I am hoping he Will because I look forward to as King of him how he Will be hoping to repay that debt, it is currently at 212.1 billion dollars, if memory serves correct.  Are Canadians ever as King who it is We borrow this money from?  Or more importantly, why?

I’m including another video today, this is an especially Magical (Mage I Call) Edition.  The importance of sharing this video is to amplify the Intent-Ion of it; that none are above the Rule of Law.  All of these treasonous and traitorous Acts Will one day be made accountable to those who Played a Part.  The Roll Call Will come and the Play Bill Will be Posted.

Again, We would not be able to hear perspectives like this, especially on mainstream media networks if We were not meant to.  The Good News here, is that there are more and more People defending what would otherwise be called conspiracy theories.  It is not a conspiracy theory that the government and media are manipulating public opinion, it is now a fact.  Some People [in high places perceived to be ‘untouchable’] are actually being held accountable for their crimes.  Even here in Canada, journalists like Lilley and Fury from the Sun are expressing stronger dissent toward Trudeau and his lack of respect for legislative process and the Rule of Law.

I was often perceived by others to be ‘anti-Canadian’ because I have always believed I am Sovereign.  The Truth is, most of what I believe to be True is based on Ideologies that were founded in what I believed Canada already was.  I didn’t ever believe I was advocating for ‘new’ rights, I believed Canada was a country of free and democratic People, and to this day I would suggest that virtually every One I am as King of what they like about Canada, say their belief in the freedom and protection of inherent rights is usually one of their number one reasons for “loving” Canada, the other is ‘universal’ health care, even though We don’t actually have either one of these things.  Therefor, in Truth, I am defending the Common Man’s belief in their Idea of Canada, at least with regards to respect for Man’s rights and Universal access to health care.  I believe that any politician who seeks to destroy or diminish these rights is a traitor to Canada’s People and guilty of treason.

Okay, that’s all for today but I find this very encouraging because it suggests that those who are Willfully abusing their power now, Will pay for their trespasses upon Canada’s People very soon.  We Will see.

Love and Blessings,


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