Volume CXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Casting Two More Magical Spells

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Two more Magical Spells were Cast into Man’s Macrocosm Tuesday afternoon and Will be war King their Magic as You read this Post.  Before I begin tall King about the two news Spells that were Cast, I Wish to share some rather ‘auspicious’ social media stats from the Casting of My last Spell to Justice Susan J. Woodley.


Perhaps a little difficult to make sense of if One is not familiar with Pinterest analytics, but to put this in perspective, My first month on Pinterest I was hitting a maximum of maybe 600 impressions a day.  This same graph expressed values between zero and 1,000 Impressions, not 10,000.  If One looks at the last five ‘points’ of this graph, they represent Monday through Friday of last week.  What did I do on those days that caused My stats to spike?  On Monday I mailed My Letter to Justice Susan J. Woodley.  Should I believe the spike is unrelated?  Well, that would imply a coincidence, so no.  Tuesday showed an even greater increase, then a decline for ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, the Post I Called the ‘Eye of the Hurry Cane’, the calm before the storm.  I mentioned My intuition tells Me My Letter was received on Thursday, which happens to be the biggest day I have ever had on Pinterest, and NOT by a small amount.  In addition to almost 10,000 impressions from a single Post, I also had 71 saves of My Letter to the Justice.  This is how I know My Magic is war King in Man’s Macrocosm.

For some reason, any kind of statistical screenshot seems to do fairly well on Pinterest, too, though My best performing pins are usually quotes.  So I’m going to include another analytic screen shot to show just how dramatic the attention to My Letter to Justice Susan J. Woodley has been compared to other pins of the past.


As You can see, the Letter began making a big difference with respect to Impressions as early as Monday when the Letter was mailed.  However, no dramatic change in the number of times the pin was saved.  On Thursday when I anticipate My Letter was received, a dramatic spike in saves; from a previous daily best of 13 to 71!  It is now well over 200!!!  I also said I believe the Letter to be My most Powerful Magical Spell Cast thus far, and this is the Universe’s Way of Showing support for this Idea. 😉

Okay, now onto today’s [Tuesday] Spells which Will be war King their Magic in Man’s Macrocosm now.

I recently mentioned that I would be Writing Anne Charette of Ontario Works at the end of this month with an official Letter sent registered Mail so that it Will constitute legal and lawful service of delivery.  Well, I don’t really Wish to waste any more fiat currency filing documents than absolutely necessary, so I decided that since the corporation of the city of Ottawa, Ontario Works and any other corporation registered to do business in Canada is obliged to comply with all of Canada’s contractual obligations, I decided that another Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa was in Order.  This time, I am complaining that I believe Anne Charette of Ontario Works is Willfully trespassing upon My right of self determination or demonstrating incompetence in her ability to facilitate My Wishes (a King’s Wish is His Command) indistinguishable from malice.  [Yes, I stole that from ‘Fred Clark’s Law’ which I shared last week, which states that gross incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.]  I complained in My Letter that I have been very patiently as King of Ontario Works to dissolve the Trust and that My Letters are routinely ignored.  I have formally requested a court of competent jurisdiction to finally and formally dissolve the Trust and allow Me the enjoyment of My right to Self Determination as afforded by Canada’s international contractual obligations to the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms.

I was also surprised to find that My last complaint which was filed last year prior to My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review is still showing as ‘open’, meaning it has not yet been resolved – which is true, it hasn’t been.  I have still not been compensated for any of the harm that was done to Me, and the city acknowledged that harm was done although they ‘have no compensation to offer You’.  I’m very curious about that.  Are poor People not entitled to compensation for harm done to them?  Anyway, old news and I still have all the evidence to Show harm was done and that the city was negligent in failing to offer compensation, so I digress.

The second Letter of complaint Will be even more interesting as it was filed against the Ottawa Police service for abuse of authority and unlawful arrest of March 28th, 2018.  Now, they may try and state that the incident is beyond the statute of limitations, but in order to do that they Will have to prove that I am a statutory creation and subject to statute law.  Oh, speaking of which, I Wish to Show You the criminal code of Canada that supports this Idea that statutes do not have any force of law to trespass upon a right.

Criminal Code 126. – Disobeying a statute

(1) Every person who, without lawful excuse, contravenes an Act of Parliament by intentionally doing anything that it forbids or by intentionally omitting to do anything that it requires to be done is, unless a punishment is expressly provided by law, guilty of

    • (a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years; or

    • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Can You identify the ‘Magic’ in that code?  Of course, the Magic Words are ‘without Lawful excuse‘.  That line specifically proves that one can lawfully violate a statute.  So what is a ‘lawful’ excuse?  Rights are what the criminal codes are designed to protect, it is in fact the Foundation of Law.  So if a criminal code trespasses upon a constitutional right, it can lawfully be violated without penalty.  As a Sovereign, Spiritual entity in God’s Kingdom, any statute, code or corporate policy that trespasses upon My inherent [God Given] international rights, can be disregarded lawfully.  I also said there is a difference between Man’s legal fiction and the True law; this is the difference between legal and lawful and what those Words mean.

So this Will be very interesting.  To be honest, I don’t think they Will try to suggest that the statute of limitations has passed because I was defending My Honour against these false allegations for several months and the charges were not withdrawn until sometime in February of 2019.  I believe the statute allows for two years.

In Ontario, the basic limitation period is two years – a person must commence an action within two years of when he or she first knew that a claim could be made. Normally, this would be two years after the claimant suffered the injury or the damage that was the subject of the claim.

So in this case and with respect to Canadian law, the individual typically does not have the opportunity to file a counter claim against the arresting officer (which is what would be done in a Common Law Jurisdiction) until after their innocence is sustained.  So, in My case, I first knew the claim could be made sometime in February of 2019 because that was when I had ‘proof’ that the arrest was unlawful.  That means that everything Jenkyn’s did was unlawful.  Unlawful imprisonment, unlawful confinement, unlawful assault causing bodily harm, defamation of character, yada, yada, yada.  There is also a box to check if One is agreeable to resolution proposals, and I said I would be happy to discuss resolution proposals, so I anticipate they Will Wish to work with Me, not against Me.  The information is ‘prima facie’ evidence of the crimes against Me now, so there is no dispute of the facts.

I received email confirmation of My Letter of complaint to the city and they anticipate I Will typically receive a response to My complaint by June 26th.  So it could be a very fabulous Friday in Deed.  No confirmation [email] of My complaint to the Ottawa Police Service, but I am confident I Will hear something in roughly the same amount of time.

That’s My excitement for this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, and I Will be keeping You Posted on any further developments.

Love and Blessings,


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