Volume CXVIII: The Thrilling Thursday Edition; The Entrepreneur Ship and Social Business Craft

Hello every One, welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of the Good News Journal and thank King You for being here.  I have a very different Post for You today because I am a very big supporter of virtually any entrepreneurial venture so long as it doesn’t involve harm or loss to any One, and a new Friend I have connected with on Facebook shared a marketing Idea with Me that I am thing King has amazing potential.

I’m not sure if any of You have heard of the social business model but it is a not for profit concept designed to benefit society as well as the consumer of the product.  One of the first companies I had heard of that was using this marketing strategy was an eye-glass company that provides a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold.  This business is the same Idea, except the product is Focused on health and nutrition.  Some of You Will know that I recently incorporated fitness into My daily routine which is a habit I have managed to maintain since May 1st.  When One begins to pay more attention to their fitness, One Will also find they begin craving different foods – it’s like the body knows it needs more nutrients to repair and maintain muscles, tendons, joints and every other biological function that contributes to overall health.  I am no exception, and I just recently experienced My first sports injury in a very long time, ‘elbow bursitis’, so I was interested to learn more about My Friend’s product.

I was as King of My Friend is she would be interested in allowing Me to help promote her brand because I was very impressed with the products they sell.  I am still discovering some of the products available but would encourage You to take a look.  You can click anywhere on this paragraph to check out the product line and I strongly recommend that You do.  All naturally sourced, no chemicals, all the Good stuff One would Wish for in a nutritional supplement.  Especially with the whole Covid thing, if People are concerned and Wish to strengthen their immunity and Give their body its best fighting chance, I strongly recommend taking a look.  I wouldn’t waste Your time if I didn’t think it was worth it, and this is the first product I’ve ever promoted because I would love to try some of these products My Self but am on a very low budget at the moment.  Soon as I get that taken care of, I plan to purchase a few of these products, at which time I Will also provide a review.

In addition to having a great product line for health and well being, it is also a business opportunity and if there are others out there with an entrepreneurial Spirit, this sounds like a fabulous business model.  If You like the product and think this sounds like an entrepreneurial venture You would like to learn more about, click on this paragraph to learn the different opportunities available to get involved.

I also have an inspirational video to share because these People are super Spiritually motivated, too.  It’s over an hour but if You are not moved by their Story, I Will be very surprised.

Oh, and just so You know, I’m not receiving any compensation for this of any kind, this is legitimately to promote an Idea I believe has the potential to revolutionize the Way the world thinks about business and Our responsibility to the community.  When One considers that another individual somewhere in the world is benefiting from One’s investment in their own health, I feel that is a huge incentive; We all Wish to Give something back, don’t We?  (Okay, so maybe not the 1% of the world’s wealthiest People, but I am thing King most of the rest of Us).

Alright, because I am promoting great things today, I also Wish to promote the work of another Friend of mine who poured his heart and soul into explaining what a bill of exchange is as well as how and why it is legal and lawful tender.  It is an amazing labour of Love and covers the bill of exchange comprehensively.  This isn’t about Sovereignty, this is what every ‘citizen’ has the right to do in any country where promissory notes are accepted as legal tender.  The specific examples Given refer to U.S. statutes and codes but the principals are the same everywhere.  It’s a 21 Page document and one an individual should probably take some time and care to read.  Do also note that although the aim is to be factually true and correct, it is not legal advice (there is a disclaimer right at the beginning but One can never be too safe).  If One gets into trouble using any of these methods, I assume no responsibility or liability because the onus is on the individual to comprehend what they are doing.  Having said that, I was very impressed with how well put together the information is, which is why I Wish to share it with You for any One who may Wish to understand some of the things I am doing here more comprehensively.

Okay, I am thing King that is all for today Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings.  I have not heard Word yet from Justice Susan J. Woodley, My sister or her law firm, so I am growing very curious but anticipate I Will hear some Word before the end of the week.

Otherwise, there has been a great deal of traffic on My Blog related to the complaints I filed with the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service yesterday, so I know they are war King on preparing a reply also.

Hope and Trust You are all having a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday!

Love and Blessings,

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