Volume CXIX: The Magical Monday Motivation Edition; Covid 19 – See Sheep Surrender

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  Today might be one of My most controversial Posts because I Will be tall King about the ‘Magic’ of the name ‘Covid-19’.

My decision to Create this Post was inspired by bonehead Boris Johnson’s speech Posted above, calling out ‘anti-vaxxers’ as science deniers and other baseless statements promoting an agenda to pass legislation that Will make vaccinations mandatory.  No One has the right to impose any drug, Good or bad upon any One, and that is really the only thing One needs to acknowledge.

This Idea that healthy People or those who choose not to receive a vaccine places others at risk is a fallacy.  Fact is, if the vaccine works, then those who get it have nothing to worry about.  As far as the ‘immunocompromised’ are concerned (those who can’t receive a vaccine), vaccinated individuals are just as capable of carrying the virus as those with natural immunity, the only difference is that they Will be ‘asymptomatic’; they Will not get sick.  Not getting sick does not mean they are not carrying the virus.  The vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system to work as it was intended to work in the first place.  Those who believe that a vaccine protects People who are immunodeficient are under the impression that the vaccine Acts as a body condom preventing the individual from contracting the virus.  That is simply not True, they have immunity to the virus, which is not the same thing.  Even now they are saying that the vaccine Will not help to Create ‘herd immunity’.  And if One thinks the term ‘herd immunity’ is arbitrary, they would be mistaken.  Herd immunity is specifically for the sheep, or ‘chattel property’.

So, what is the Magic behind the naming of Covid-19?  Well, C=See, Ovid=Sheep (Latin), 19 is a number in numerology that represents both the beginning and the end.  The Magical Value of 19=10 (1+9), and 10 in Magic represents a New Age; or in this case, a New World Order.  This is the fall of Babalon as We saw prophesied in Our Tarot read.  The old world must fall away before the Golden Dawn can emerge.

The other reason I decided to Write about this was to see if there is any attempt to censor this Post.  I strongly recommend watching the Corbett report on who checks the fact checkers just to get a sense of where all the censorship regarding this topic is coming from.  You know what they say, if You Wish to know what’s really going on, follow the money trail.  Who profits from a global shutdown?  Certainly not the Common People.  Who benefits from mandatory vaccinations?  Certainly not those with healthy immune systems who do not Wish to take drugs they don’t need.  These are critical Quest-Ions I believe We all have a Duty and responsibility to look into.  It was never acceptable to ignore an Idea simply because someone claims it to be a ‘conspiracy theory’, but now Willful ignorance is more dangerous and offensive than ever because the ignorance of the masses has the potential to influence public policy that could cause great harm to entire nations.  If One is the governing authority of their own nation, I suppose they have little to worry about but I am thing King few People are in that boat – what I like to call the King Ship.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Jason Christoff "Your right to breathe is the most basic human right imaginable....a and a corrupt government is now trying to remove that. It's time we remove government before they tell US we're not permitted to breathe at all. Holocaust right around the corner if more people don't wake up. We are not a danger to others. Corrupt government is the only danger...."'

Now, some People Will say that comparing the ‘order’ to wear a mask to the Holocaust is a bit of a stretch and I Will admit it may seem that Way.  But do Keep in Mind that I was raised by a father who escaped from East Berlin when he was sixteen years old.  My family had been an aristocracy which is why We have the Honour of ‘von’ before ‘Dehn’ of My House; it is akin to ‘Sir’ in English.  So, the direct translation of My God Given name would be Sean Stephen sir Dehn.  That is why the last name is sometimes called the ‘sir’ name.

The oppression of freedoms began very slowly and subtly, assuring the People that this was in the best interest of Germany.  Particular opinions were considered dangerous to the German way of Life, and so the government began to determine which news sources would be considered reliable and trustworthy.  Information thought to be dangerous or contrary to government objectives were outlawed and burned.  How is this any different from telling People what information sources they are allowed so seek out in order to have an informed opinion?  Banning websites, removing videos that are contrary to the covid-19 government narrative are routinely being removed, and I am hopeful this Post Will not be one of them.

Over time, more and more freedoms disappeared, Jews were determined to be the root of all Germany’s problems and any information to the contrary was strictly forbidden.  In order to ‘restore Germany to its former glory’, it would be necessary for the non-Jewish population to report any People known to be Jews, report others who may be harbouring Jews and those with wealth would be expected to Give their wealth to the government in Order to finance the war ‘for the Good of the German People’.

I remember My father telling Me about the day Nazi soldiers came to their house to ensure they were not harbouring any Jewish People and removed everything of value from their home.  Everything.  Even the radio.  My father was something of a mechanical genius and gave Me a crystal once, as King of Me, “do You know how Magical a crystal is?”

Of course, I was a child so My answer was, “No.”

He laughed, “You don’t know that if You have a crystal You can make a shortwave radio?”

Again, My answer was, “No.”

He never did teach Me, either, which is something I would have loved to learn.  I’m sure I could find out rather easily in the days of the internet, though I can’t say I’ve had any reason to build My own shortwave radio.  My father needed to build one for his family so they could hear alternative news stations that were banned in Germany.  Without it, My father would never have managed to escape because he would not have known which border crossings were most vulnerable.  He left his entire family behind at sixteen years old so it is very difficult for Me to not have tremendous respect for My father despite how shitty a father he actually was.  He was, in fact, the perfect father for Me.

So, maybe I am a little more Vigilante with respect to rights than the average individual because I Promised My father I would never allow what happened in Germany to happen here – and I see it happening now.  I won a public speaking award in grade eight for tall King about My father’s escape and it Will always have a major influence on My Character.

I am as King of all of You to please defend the freedom of speech above all things.  We are not children, We have the right and the intellect to discern for Our Selves what information is true and factual and what information is harmful.  When We allow others to make those determinations for Us…  Well, it’s like that line from the Matrix where Agent Smith explains to Morpheus how they managed to take over humanity, “It was easy once they allowed Us to do their thing King”.  (Paraphrasing).

I hope this Magical Monday finds You all well.

Love and Blessings,


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