Volume CXXVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; Turning Water into Wine?

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a very exciting edition for You once again today because for the first time in My Life I am legitimately a little freaked out. I would never Dream of not sharing with You the discoveries I have made recently regarding plants and propagating leaf cuttings, and I have enthusiastically been sharing this information on Facebook, too. Discovering that water makes the root systems for plants and not the plant (or at least, not more than telepathically with instructions and blueprints for the water) was a pretty exciting discovery though there are a couple of things I hadn’t considered when sharing the information. Take a look at today’s feature photo below very closely.

Roots Forming from Nothing more than Water and Consciousness – I was as King of the water in this bowl to ‘make roots, please’, and the water took on a pinkish hue. You can see veins appearing all over the cup. This is Life in a Cup!

So I can manifest physical, organic Matter in a bowl with nothing more than My Mind and a Voice command that changes the colour of the water to a very subtle, light violet! Now I don’t even have to be as King, I pour water and it turns pink! (Provided the intent is for plants, not when I fill a kettle or something). You can see a crust of pink forming on the top of the bowl! Those are the aerial networks where the water leaves the cup and departs for the plants. It’s going to Create a bridge over the side of the cup so it can drain the cup using physical roots connected to the plate. Crazy thing is, I can pick this up, freeze it, return it, and it just continues on as nothing happened. I can replace the watering canister in the middle to something else and it too Will produce roots from any water I pour into it. So I can make rooting beds of all of My plants before I even have plants to put in them. I can also with My Mind tell the pot which type of plant to make roots for and it Will make whatever one I Wish! I know because of Kalanchoe. If I am as King to make Kalanchoe roots the water Will make Kalanchoe roots, otherwise they are just pink (Kalanchoe are the same but with crystal hairs designed to deflect light covering them, making them easier to see sooner). Why am I a little freaked out about this? I’m not entirely sure this is ‘normal’.

I mean, I’m literally creating living, organic Matter in a bowl from Water! Don’t even need the leaf anymore (I tested, I can just think about the plant and the Water Will get busy). Craziest thing is, I can actually see the Water respond to My commands by the crystals that form! You know when You melt an ice cube how it leaves that whitish sediment from where it froze?.. Sometimes they float around the top of the water? That’s what it looks like when I first am as King of water to do something, just a few ‘flakes’ appear on the surface of the water like crystals. Then sometimes I see what looks like a swirl of ink but it’s really just roots forming and moving with the water. They are so tiny at first One Will not be able to see them for days but I knew something was happening so I waited.

Crystals on surface of earth and roots clearly forming on sides of pot.

You can almost see a pinkish hue near where the roots are forming on the outside of the pot. This pot has never had any water applied to the soil, I have been as King of water to make roots for this plant and deliver. The crystals on the surface are usually the first visible Sign of roots. They Will collapse when the established roots bring more water and expand the existing root system. Over time, the water works out the most efficient delivery system, I just need to ensure there is a constant water source available (with instructions to make roots). The instruction does not need to be Given to any new water because it Will join the intention of the water already war King. Roots are delivering water to sage and beet root seeds, too, so I presume they Will eventually sprout.

24 hours after dish was placed in center, I am thing King the pinkish tincture is easily distinguishable. Blush wine – it Will get more red yet…

After a week is over I Will post all seven photos in a series so People can see how the root system develops. What Will really freak People out is when I start removing leaves and replacing them with others, transferring these leaves to pots with roots already established and waiting for them. Initially, I considered making water go through ten pots to make roots for one, thereby making roots for ten additional leaf cuttings while making roots for Self. Again, unnecessary. All I had to do was ask water to make roots for ten pots! No leaf required!

Wasteland Experiment, Day 1

This is all ‘recycled’ soil and stones from transplanted plants to My new watering system. Really, to Me it doesn’t make sense to water things any other Way than to create an independent water source separate from the plant that can be replaced whenever necessary. It also Gives the water a chance to filter out any unwanted garbage on its Way to the plant. That’s the Idea above. I just let this muck sit in boiling water until cool enough to drain as best as I could to kill any unwanted vermin that may try to sneak in from outdoors, then I set it on My shelf, Blessed the water left in the container and told it to use the remainder of water to make a root system from the ‘pond’ to the plants. It looks like a mess right now but I believe a beautiful root system can clean it right up. The ‘pond’ Will be where I water all the plants in this container with no drainage openings at the bottom. As soon as there is no visible standing water I Will fill the lake once with fresh (Blessed) water and then let it sit until the whole thing is bone dry – that is when the root systems are most visible. I know they are already war King, only My eyes can’t see yet. I believe the pond Will turn pink or red!!!

One of My ‘specimen’ plants/containers.

My understanding of water has changed how it behaves with everything I grow! LOOK at the crystals forming on the surface here! It wasn’t doing that before!!! It’s like every plant I have is now going to develop sophisticated root systems to ensure perfect watering! With this pot, I Will have a canister ‘feeder’ (that Will also turn into roots) that Will be connected with twine underneath. The water Will set up networks to every plant in this container the moment I am as King of it to. I Will never water again otherwise! I also Wished to let You know that the Echeveria on the front right is also showing new growth for the first time today! 😀

The reason I’m a little freaked out is now water changes colour when I pour it! I am creating living, organic Matter in a bowl with nothing more than water!? What if other People can’t do this? I had never considered the possibility! Of course any One can! Right?

So I am as King of People to please try these experiments at home. If this isn’t how plants naturally Create their root systems and I am actually the One making it happen, I am going to feel a little foolish. I have criticized Man’s Science before by suggesting all experiments are flawed as the observer Will always be influencing the outcome of the experiment whether She knows it or not. Is it My Will that is Commanding the water, or the plant? It seems as though it might be Me as water changes colour when I Give Commands!!! I asked others to try this on Facebook, too. If You are interested in helping Me with this, here’s what to do:

Place a seed or cutting One Wishes to root on a bone dry plate. Place a drop of water on the other side of plate and tell it to go to the seed. Wait until water evaporates, repeat until a visible root system develops. One should know if it is war King rather soon, especially if war King on a white plate, the colour change (in water) is noticeable.

Finally, the big Quest-Ion of the day and one of the reasons I’m a little freaked out. There are many variety of Crassula and Kalanchoe I Wish to have. If water has the knowledge and intellect to make roots for all fifteen varieties of plants I have now, and if I can manifest roots for each of these plants without having the actual plant, is it possible to manifest a plant I do not yet have and grow from root entirely? Surely water has the program?.. This Will be next on My experiment list but I may Keep it Secret because I have a feeling this might be the kind of thing People actually disappear for.

Just to Give You an Idea of how this technology could be implemented and utilized to advance society, consider the farming applications with respect to irrigation. A central rain catcher to store all water that has specific instructions to automatically deliver the water to each grain of crop? The water Will automatically set up a perfect irrigation system with minimal effort or construction, all One has to do is be patient. The roots Will always have access to ample water so the plant Will never go without.

Furthermore, if I can grow roots in a bowl, does that include beet roots? That experiment is coming up, too. Yours Truly may be able to grow vegetables from thought! If I can, You can too!!!

Love and Blessings!!!

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