Volume CXXXIX: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part IV

Hello every One, and Happy Terrific Tuesday, welcome to the Fourth install-Ment (install Mind/program) of Fight Club. Thank King You for being here, You make it Fun!

We had just finally been introduced to Marla Singer, the one who is apparently responsible for Our hero having a gun in his mouth at the beginning of the film. Our nameless hero is about to confront Marla and let her know he knows she’s a fraud for showing up at all his support groups. The irony itself is somewhat humorous.

Marla manages to get completely under Our hero’s skin. He tells her he saw her in the testicular cancer support group, she tells him she was watching him rehearse telling her off for weeks! Then, while his jaw is still dropped, she spears his name tag with her finger, ‘Rupert!’.

He threatens to expose her, she returns the sentiment. Stalemate. The group begins pairing up for the cry session and Marla hugs Our hero and starts sobbing into his shoulder. They find some common ground and briefly connect, yet neither is Willing to Give up their groups.

Soon, they are splitting up the therapy sessions so they can both continue to go without ever having to run into one another, which seems like the only compromise Our hero has if he Wishes to sleep again. He is unable to cry if Marla is at one of his meetings. If he can’t cry, he can’t sleep. They work out their schedule and agree to never see each other again, which is their ultimate happy ending.

Our hero chases after Marla a few seconds after the final exchange and ask for her number… “You know, in case We have to switch a night or something.”

They exchange numbers.

He Writes his on a business card, she Writes hers on his hand. Just before leaving she notices there is no name on the card. “Hey, You ever going to tell Me Your name?”

We cut to Our hero sleeping on a subway. We catch Our first real glimpse of the apparition that was appearing during bouts of sleep deprivation looking cool and collected on an automated airport walkway headed the opposite direction. I’m pointing this out to emphasize the contrast between the two Characters. Our hero still doesn’t have a name, which is a subtle Way of communicating that he doesn’t have a firm identity. This goes back to trying to determine which Ikea catalogue living room set best defines his Character. Soul searching.

In the next Scene, Our hero describes his job. He is an insurance analyst and he describes the economic formula applied to the probability of an insurance claim for the deaths of the passengers, cost of the claim for each, the probability of other cars with the same defect experiencing the same Issue, versus the cost of production and continued profits generated by not recalling the vehicle for faulty craftsmanship. He describes all of this while viewing the details of a particularly disturbing accident caused by the manufacturer Our hero is employed with that killed five passengers in a gruesome Way.

After sharing the details of his job with Us, Our hero confesses that he often Wishes the plane would spontaneously combust on take off or landing, anything to remove him from his purpose less life.

We finally meet the cool looking dude We saw in the airport and apparitions of Our hero who happens to be seated next to him on the plane. Our hero starts the conversation by commenting on how he’s not sure he’s up for the extra responsibility of an aisle seat. His new friend offers to switch seats and remarks on the irony of an emergency exit door on a plane 30,000 feet over the Atlantic, and how People Love their illusions of safety (facemask, anyone?).

Speaking of face masks, Our hero’s new friend asks if he knows why they have oxygen masks if there’s a crash. Our hero suspects so People can breathe.

“No, pure oxygen gets You high… Suddenly You become euphoric, docile. You accept Your fate.”

Our hero asks his new friend what he does for a living and when he grabs the briefcase under the seat to Show, Our hero notices they have the same briefcase – his new friend looks at him and laughs like it’s a ridiculous observation to make. We discover Our hero’s new friend’s name is Tyler Durden, and he sells soap.

Tyler begins telling Our hero how to make napalm out of household items and almost seems to be boasting about how many other kitchen ingredients he knows how to make into wonderful explosives.


“If One was so inclined…”

Before Tyler parts Ways with Our hero, it is clear that Our hero feels inferior to his new friend and admires something about him. He tells Tyler, “Your the best single serving friend I’ve met so far.”

Tyler doesn’t laugh so Our hero explains how the joke is a reference to everything on planes being single servi..

“Oh, I know, I get it. Very clever. How’s that working out for You?”


“Being clever?”

“Oh, Good, I guess.”

“Okay. Well then keep it up… I guess.”

Tyler hands Our hero a business card before making his exit while wondering out loud if it is better etiquette to Give the crotch or the ass when passing by. He opts for the ass.

We cut to the airport carousel where Our hero is waiting for his luggage. It was held back by handlers because it was vibrating, Our hero can’t understand why. As he waits in the airport lobby, he notices Tyler fashionably get into a flashy convertible sports car by jumping over the door, firing the ignition and speeding off, tires squealing. He turns around before he notices a man chasing after Tyler screaming, “hey! That’s My car!!!”

Alright, that’s a great place to end it for this week because We really get into things at the start of next week. I hope You are all enjoying Your Tuesday and the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition of Fight Club.

Love and Blessings,

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