Third Email to City of Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson

Hi Jim,

Third email to Your office now regarding mandated masks and social distancing in Your city, and I am asking You to provide YOUR scientific and medical evidence to suggest these measures are working when over 50,000 public health scientists suggest these measures are causing more harm to Ottawa’s People than Good.  If You don’t respond, I can only presume You don’t care that People are concerned You policies jeopardize their health and well being.


What medical evidence do You have (if any), or are You just following orders without any facts to support Your policies?

Trudeau is now known to be colluding with China, are You one of his conspirators?
This Will also be on the public record so the People can know how responsible and accountable You to the People who Write You with concerns like this. Businesses and lives have been destroyed by these social policies, where is Your evidence they are of benefit to Canada and Ottawa’s People?

I look forward to Your reply.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God. 

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