Volume CLIV: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; You Will Own Nothing and You Will be Happy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Motivational Monday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Well, We’ve seen a lot of big changes over the last couple of years. Regardless how One may feel about the Covid plandemic, there is no argument that the policies imposed on the world’s People in response to Covid has changed the lives of People all over Our planet. I personally believe there are no coincidences and that nothing happening in the world is by happenstance. I mentioned that Words and phrases like ‘the Great Reset’ would become commonplace and that soon the globalist agenda would be part of the mainstream narrative. I did not Imagine that the World Economic Forum would begin Creating propaganda videos to promote their Plan but I really shouldn’t be surprised. I did say We are in the middle of the Apocalypse and apocalypse means ‘unveiling’. If that sounds contrary to the English dictionary’s definition, there is Good reason for it.

Above shows two starkly opposing definitions. One sounds like doom and gloom, the other sounds very pleasant.

“A Vision of Heavenly Secrets that can make sense of Earthly realities.” – Wikipedia

So We’re going to go with Wikipedia’s definition because it also relates to Our Tarot reading from a couple years back which was Focused on the ‘Lust’ card which represents Babylon and the Natural development of Our Quest-Ion Showed the Tower. I suggested this represents the fall of Babylon in Our Macrocosm and this is what We are witnessing in the world today – the fall of Babylon and the revealing of Secrets.

WEF’s ‘Promotional Video’

I don’t Image the video Will be censored or pulled from YouTube because this is most certainly not a conspiracy theory, this is ‘the Plan’ and the Video has been Posted by the WEF, so it is clear they Wish to get this message out. I have also mentioned that the Masters of Magic refer to this Plan as ‘the Golden Dawn’.

I’m not going to say that there is no need to be concerned about this Plan but I am hoping to provide a more positive perspective. I discuss a few critical ‘problems’ humanity is facing in My Book and one of them is the evolution of technology. We continually Wish to improve efficiency, especially when it comes to production and yields of production. Compare tilling the soil by Hand compared to what One can do with a tractor, then consider how much more land could be tilled by automated tractors. One thing We cannot deny about Man’s evolution is the innovation of industry at all levels. If We Live in a world where the number of hours a Man is required to work must remain constant in Order for the individual to provide a Living wage for One’s Self, We begin to Notice that the Idea of every One continually war King forty hours a week is problematic in a world where We are becoming more efficient at virtually an exponential rate. In fact, I don’t believe the evolution of Our efficiency is exponential, I believe it is in Harmony with the Golder Ratio; 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 etc.. The number of new technological breakthroughs and discoveries Man Will make this year Will be the product of the total number of technological breakthroughs Man has made in the last two years. We probably even have enough meta-data collection going on in the world right now that someone could probably fact check My hypothesis.

In fact, I would even suggest that one of the main reasons Our world is in such a terrible state environmentally is because We have essentially been forced to manufacture belief in scarcity so that We can continue to convince People there is continuous, increasing demand. It doesn’t even Matter what industry one considers, either. The oil companies Will never reveal how many barrels worth of global supply they have stored away in reserve, it is imperative We continue to believe We are running out and it is in high demand – not only for the oil corporations themselves to remain profitable, but in Order to create enough jobs to Keep People working. We are literally forced to make work for Our Selves because We’ve all been taught [or at least the war King class] to believe that We must spend forty hours of Our week toiling at some meaningless job just to earn Our right to the most basic of Man’s needs – like shelter, clothing, food, and energy to warm and power Our home.

The Idea of artificial intelligence replacing every remedial job on the planet it not just a possibility, it is an evolutionary certainty. We are lazy by nature – even the most ‘industrious’ of Us. Very few People We might consider highly motivated Will work sixty or eighty hours a week AND prepare their own food, clean their own office and home, do their own laundry, et cetera. If We were not lazy by nature, fast food would never have caught on. This is in fact why I stated in My Book that I knew the economy was going to crash and that money as We know it today Will soon be a thing of the past seen only in museums.

Now what if I told You that all the industrious work We’ve done collectively as a species was for the world they are conceptualizing now at the WEF and that the individuals who are Truly responsible for these Ideas have been working on this Plan for thousands of years? I know, You probably wouldn’t believe Me, right? I swear to You it’s True.

But consider for a moment how difficult it would be for individuals with this kind of insight to try to convince the world thousands of years ago that it was necessary to Keep every One war King and competing with each other for resources in Order to guide Man’s evolution toward a technologically advanced future where machines would do all the work for Us. The whole reason We continually become more efficient and continue to develop new technologies to assist Us in doing so is because We don’t want to spend any more time war King on a task than absolutely necessary unless it is exclusively for Our pleasure.

Capitalism and the entire commercial system was Created specifically with the world We have now in Mind. Money was used to both motivate People to work hard and the necessity for work is responsible for the ‘sponsoring’ thought responsible for innovations in technology that allow for Us to accomplish more with less. The funny thing is, most People are going to be concerned they Will ‘lose’ the stuff they own now and the Truth is, nobody owns anything. Everything People believe they purchased was purchased with debt, a ‘promissory note’ – a promise to Give something of Value later. One can’t pay for something with debt and if One trades for something using intellectual property that belongs to someone else (money is another individual’s ‘Idea’ or intellectual property and the face on the bill shows who owns it), then who does the thing really belong to? To simplify, the Queen’s face is on the coin of Canada, the Queen is the authority of Canada’s commercial system and the money belongs to her. So if Canadians are buying stuff with the Queen’s coin, then who does it actually belong to?

Don’t worry, if You are struggling with this Idea, just Imagine how People like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates feel. Everything they have purchase actually belongs to someone else because it was not purchased with their own coin – they’re not Sovereign. These individuals Will also be the most seduced by the illusion and surely believe they do own these things and they Will be allowed to continue to believe they own these things until it is necessary to recover them for the greater Good. The closest thing any One has to ownership of anything outside of their physical body is usury privileges. When one buys a home they don’t ‘own’ the land, they gain exclusive land use privileges. Those privileges are subject to terms and conditions which is why People require permits to Show one has permission to build something on the land they are using.

The other reason no One ‘owns’ anything is because no One is Acting in their Sovereign capacity, most People are Acting as citizens which are incorporated persons, little ‘mini-businesses’, franchises of the state. So People are buying things as the corporate entity and that franchise is owned by the Crown Corporation of London.

I said that the ‘Original Sin’ is participation in commerce. If One visits the link I’m sharing here which talks about some of the Plans of the WEF they hope to have in place by 2030, You Will notice that one of the things mentioned by the WEF is that capitalism is responsible for the destruction of Our planet and in Order to ‘save’ capitalism they need to Create what they are calling ‘stakeholder’ capitalism.

There is no saving capitalism. Instead of war King for profits, We Will soon be war King together to determine how to apply all of the wonderful artificial intelligence and advancements in Man’s technology to evenly distribute the resources We already have among the People of the world. Capitalism and manufactured belief in scarcity was not Created to enslave People, it was designed to create the abundance We have available today. Now We just have to find a Way to tell People that capitalism and the Idea We should all amass as much wealth as possible was just a joke to get People motivated so that We could Create the United Kingdom of God on Earth. Now We just have to learn how to share – are We ready to re-take kindergarten?

Love and Blessings,

#TrudeauCorruption is also Trending on Twitter today which was also a Magical Monday Motive a Sean. 😉


  1. Everything belongs to God and the king preserves his throne by love and justice …This is mentioned in the bible …
    Some spread rumors to accumulate wealth and people should be aware of their energy behind their money coming and going . Is it a really good loving compassionate purposeful attribute of energy behind the wealth?

  2. We should act out of love not fear because God is the ultimate goodness , infinite wealth and pure love . A little darkness is allowed for the greatest light to shine brightly …
    The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm individually and collectively, so promote love , light and blessings…
    Be a blessing to others as God has blessed you …

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