Volume CLX: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Just Say No!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. And the Simple Solute-Sean this Saturday is to Just Say No! Doesn’t get any more simple than that, does it?

For those of You who may not know, I am Writing from the city of Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. I chose to move to this city after claiming the Value of My Life because it seemed logical to Me that if a Man Wishes to make positive change in the world and his country, the best place to Hold a position of Office would be that nation’s capital; it should set the example for the rest of Canada.

Yesterday, I Posted an Edition of the Good News Journal Titled, “6 is 9 and 0 = 2”. The Title had more to do with some things that were foreshadowed on Twitter which has (ironically enough) become My most reliable news source. I get ‘sound bites’ of virtually everything that is happening as it happens and the People I follow are like Minded enough that it generally presents Me with information I am interested in keeping ‘tabs’ on (25 to be exact if I count how many I have open now).

Quebec has basically become the first police state in Canada and I’ve been watching this with intense interest without really saying too much about it. Many People have wondered why Quebec was hit so hard with lockdown measure and why it was the only province in Canada to enforce a curfew. People are not allowed out of their homes between early evening and early morning. I’m not sure of the exact times (partially because they’ve changed a few times now) but I know the evening curfew is in effect before the sun has even gone down. Yesterday I shared a video with Viva Frei tall King about the protests in Quebec and the chaotic abyss this slippery slope of authoritarian police force can devolve into if We are not careful.

The reason (in My humble opinion) Quebec was hit so hard with lockdown measures and curfews is because (at risk of stereotyping an entire culture of People), Quebecers are less tolerant of the loss of their rights than the rest of Canadians. Quebecers Will protest and they usually do so in mass numbers and often do not rest until their demands are satisfied. Canada’s ‘yellow vest’ movement originated in Quebec before it was seen anywhere else in Canada (as a recent example). Basically, if the government can get away with something in Quebec, chances are they can get away with it anywhere – Quebec is where they ‘test the waters’ to see how Canada’s People Will respond. They’ve been getting away with these draconian laws for months now (possibly over a year at this point) and have been getting away with it. Ontario is next in line.

At midnight, last night (this morning), Doug Ford (@FordNation on Twitter) announced that Ontario is now extending police powers to allow any officer to pull over any car or individual outside of their home to interrogate them as to their reasons for leaving the house. Yeah, this is not a joke, Canada is literally becoming the infant example of Nazi Germany and this was exactly how it started there. But there is more to this than immediately meets the eye.

I have told You that nothing in the Universe is by happenstance or coincidence. I have told You that the Masters of Magic use symbolism and ceremonious dates to perform their ACTS on the world stage (Emergency Measures Act, for example). Well, midnight last night also just happens to be the anniversary of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects a number of rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression and the right to equality. It forms part of our Constitution – the highest law in all of Canada – and is one of our country’s greatest accomplishments.

Every year on April 17, we celebrate the anniversary of the Charter which was signed in 1982.

So on a day that Canadians would typically be celebrating their Charter rights, Ontarians are having those rights ceremoniously ‘suspended’. It is treason, make no mistake about it as this is a direct attack upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People and the so called ’emergency’ is no emergency at all, just a shameless fear campaign and propaganda designed to extend the powers of government for the benefit of a few billionaires with investments in pharmaceutical companies they Wish to manufacture demand for.

This is the Simple Solution this Saturday – Just Say No! More than 22 municipal police forces in Ontario have refused to enforce the new police powers that were granted to them by Ford and I’m SO glad they did. I am also very pleased to say that the Ottawa Police Service was one of the twenty-two that have so far made public declarations opposing Ford’s new policies. The Ontario Provincial Police, however, are going to be strongly enforcing Ford’s new policies and I believe their entire department should be tried for aiding and abetting fraud, breach of public Trust and criminal negligence causing harm (because the collateral damage of lockdowns already negates any ‘value’ to the policy because it is in fact costing more Canadians their lives than the virus itself).

The numeric Value (Magical Value) of 39 is 3+9=12=1+2=3. Three represents the Holy Trinity, or the whole E (Energy) Trinity of Man; the Mind, Body and Soul. The Charter is the Highest Law of Canada (and why Ontario Works representatives are incorrect and criminally liable to Me for their trespasses upon them), and its Intent was to protect the rights of Canada’s Sovereign People. It is the absolute limitation of Powers of the government the People have consented to. The government does not have the right to ‘suspend’ rights for any reason – they are not theirs to Give away, even in an emergency. They Will have to prove the situation warrants the measures taken and the data simply doesn’t support them. Examples like Florida and Japan that have never locked down are examples of states with much better results than Canada with far less stringent policies. This is nothing but a power grab because I think the emperor realizes he is wearing no clothes and is hoping to make his power absolute before the People can do anything about it.

This is a sad day for Canadian politics but a monumental day for municipal police forces in Canada. I have said I Will always Give credit where credit is due and this is the kind of response We need to see from local police if We Wish to end government tyranny and Ford’s fascist dictatorship in Ontario.

Just say no!!!

(And a personal thank ‘King You’ to all officers and police departments refusing to be conspirators to Ford’s fraud.)

Love and Blessings,

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