Volume CLXI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Feeling the Effect of Magical Spells at Service Ontario?

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It is another ‘Lucky’ Wednesday as I received yet another reply from Service Ontario to My protest of their use of My Calling under God for commercial purposes. Because We do not believe in coincidences here, We can only presume that they are war King in concert with the so-called ‘Honourable’ Member or Parliament, Francois-Philippe Champagne who has thus far failed to acknowledge receipt of delivery of My Letter to his office in the House of Commons as Canada’s acting Registrar General for Vital Statistics.

I strongly encourage You to review the correspondence between My Self and Service Ontario who claim that the birth certificate has no ‘inherent’ commercial value. I thought the use of the Word ‘inherent’ was rather interesting as of course there can be no ‘inherent’ Value to a birth certificate, it can only hold Value if it is presumed to represent a Living Man (of either sex/kind) who has pledged the Value of their Life in ‘Trust’ with Canada’s government in exchange for social protection.

At the same time, it is rather a peculiar position to Hold while One is charging an individual a monetary fee to hold one. If it had no monetary value, then why would One be required to pay for one and why would it be mandatory for an individual to have one in Order to gain access to any of Canada’s natural resources necessary for the enjoyment of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Tomorrow Will also be the deadline for Ontario Works before Default Judgment ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ Will be awarded against them. As I have done with previous Notices of Default Judgment, the Notice Will be Published here along with My other Default Judgment against Merovitz Potechin LLP and the National Bank of Canada. For those who don’t know, “Nihil Dicit is a Latin legal term meaning “He says nothing [in defense]”. ‘Res Judicata’ means the Judgment is final (without recourse). They were Given sufficient time to provide a lawful excuse, failed to do so and are presumed to be guilty.

The Quest-Ion now, is how to enforce the Judgment against them as I do not have a police force of My own and My presumption is that although the guilty parties know the judgment against them is legally and lawfully binding, they believe I Will not be able to enforce the Judgment against them. I have a few Ideas about how I can do that which I Will share with You today.

Perhaps the main reason this Blog is so Powerful is because it is an International Publication so the entire world bears witness to My Deeds. That is all that is required for a Common Law Judgment to be legally binding. All I have to do to prove there are witnesses to My Judgment and Notices is provide a link to them in an email where confirmation of delivery is required.

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20

As I have mentioned before, all the answers are provided in the Bible.

If I do not receive a response from the ‘Honourable’ Francois-Philippe Champagne tomorrow, he Will also be placed on Notice of Criminal Liability for conspiring with the Canadian government and abdicating his Duty and Oath of Office to Honour Her Majesty’s Promise to protect the Faith on behalf of the People of Canada… And this is the other reason this Blog is so Powerful.

Does One think that I can declare My Self a Sworn representative of Her Majesty on the International Public Record and not have it made known to Her Majesty? Do they not realize that Her Majesty (or Her Majesty’s representatives) Will be watching what I do very closely? They Will Wish to make sure that I do not tarnish Her Majesty’s reputation if I am claiming to Act in defense of Her Honour.

This is also why I was very pleased to hear that international intelligence companies are collecting what is called ‘meta-data’ from every single Word that is Writ in emails, online, text messages and even phone conversations. Do they not realize that any mention of Queen Elizabeth II Will be ‘flagged’ for review? Do they not also realize that if Her Majesty were unhappy about anything I am publishing here that they could put a stop to it?

Maybe they do realize these things and perhaps that’s why they don’t respond to defend their position – they don’t have a defense and perhaps feel that responding without a defense looks worse. Unfortunately, that’s not True. It just demonstrates incompetence (at best) and makes it painfully obvious that Canada’s elected representatives no longer represent the People. Not ONE elected official has so far offered any kind of appropriate reply to My correspondences.

So there are a couple of potential avenues I can pursue to accomplish Justice. I can file private, criminal prosecution and I am thing King that is what I Will do to deal with Merovitz Potechin LLP, Noah Potechin and the National Bank of Canada. To do this I must file all the information and subsequent Notices Issued to them with a Justice of the Peace. The Justice of the Peace is not able to refuse to receive the information, it must be Presented to the Attorney General who Will hold a hearing where I Will have the opportunity to make My case and it Will be the Crown who determines whether or not to prosecute. The information in that particular case is very straight forward; the Discharge Statement Issued to Me and returned to Noah is a commercial instrument and is worth its face Value in Canadian dollars and a Justice Will know that outright. So the fact they have refused to release the property to Me and discharge the mortgage is prima-facie evidence of their crime of extortion and theft.

The reason I am considering this avenue for dealing with Noah and his criminal cabal is because it does not affect the government of Canada in any way. Canada has no vested ‘interest’ in protecting a private bank or law firm engaged in criminal activity and Will Wish to be perceived as Honourable. With respect to criminal prosecution against Ontario Works, their representatives and members of parliament, the courts may Wish to do everything they can to make that case disappear to protect politicians; it is impossible for Me to know just how deep the corruption goes if elected officials will not even respond to letters Writ in Good faith. So I am considering a different approach for dealing with these individuals.

To deal with ‘Honourable’ Francois-Philippe Champagne, Ontario Works et al. (meaning ALL other representatives of Canada’s government to whom I have sent these letters of concern regarding individual Sovereignty and My right to Live a Spiritual Life and follow the example of Christ’s Character), I am thing King I Will simply Write a Letter to Her Majesty directly to inform Her Grace of the dis-Honour these representatives are bringing upon the Crown. Keep in Mind, ‘Crown’ representatives mean these individuals are supposed to ‘Act’ as the Queen would act in her stead. Do the acts of Canada’s elected representatives emulate what One would expect from Her Majesty? I think not, I am thing King they are a dis-Grace to Her Majesty and tarnishing the title of ‘Crown representatives’ in Canada. That’s how I plan to get around a corrupt court system that does not represent Her Majesty’s Honour in Canada.

Wow, 1200 Words already!!! Okay, I guess I should let You go. That’s really all I have to say for today. Tomorrow Will be a Thrilling Thursday as I am not expecting Ontario Works to respond with any legal or lawful excuse for their trespasses upon Me and Will be filing Notice of Default Judgment Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata tomorrow and (if trends continue) I Imagine that Will get a lot of International attention.

I hope this Wednesday has been equally Lucky for You!

Love and Blessings,

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