Volume CLXI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; A Thrilling Thursday In Deeds

Hello Lords and Ladies, Queens and Kings, Gods and Goddesses, thank King You for joining Me for this Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday in Deeds. And what a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday it has been!

Ontario Works was Officially found guilty of fraud, breach of Trust and spoliation of evidence. Default Judgment Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata was filed onto the International Court of Record earlier today. That is already Creating a considerable amount of International attention. Links to the Default Judgment against Ontario Works were also sent to Canada’s Registrar General and Minister of Global Affairs; Honourable Francois-Philippe Champagne and Marc Garneau, respectively.

It’s funny for Me now because I was thing King about something the prosecuting attorney said to Me once when I was defending My Honour against the false allegations made by corrupt con-stable Jenkyns (after I suggested she doesn’t have a case against Me at all and should probably withdraw the charges), “this thing isn’t just going to go away on its own You know.”

Funny, because that’s exactly what did happen. I wouldn’t even have known if I hadn’t been acting as counsel for a Friend in another matter and made a request for an unredacted information. No information other than, ‘all charges withdrawn by the request of Crown’. Interesting. I followed that up by paying for the unlawful ticket with My thumbprint at the motor vehicle part of the courthouse – that went equally swell. The agent didn’t know what to do but he went to ask his supervisor who looked at the ticket, looked over at Me, nodded his head, returned to the kiosk, typed a few keys, smiled, “thank You.”

“It’s done?”

“It’s done.”

“Thank You.”

And that was that. Filing My case against the city of Ottawa was even more satisfying – that’s usually $225.00. I told him I’m acting On Her Majesty’s Service, I don’t pay to access the courts. It’s right on the face of the Claim, he can’t say ‘no You’re not’. He pulled out a waiver form, stamped it, and waived all filing fees for the case. No One argues with ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, it still means something in Canada. And, incidentally, I haven’t mentioned the fact that despite the dis-Honourable justice dismissing the case as frivolous and vexatious, he did not do so before default judgment was awarded against the Salvation Army and filed into the court. I don’t think he has the authority to overturn a judgment already made. But I just leave these details on this International Court of Record for all the world to see.

It was also a Thrilling Thursday because I had another opportunity to speak with minister Edward and it was maybe the best conversation We’ve had yet. That’s also part of My new ‘work’ schedule for increasing My social influence and this Will be three weeks now and I do believe I Will soon be able to add more podcasts weekly as I am connecting with more People. I would Love to get someone like Russel Brand on My podcast even if it were just for one episode. I just put that in the Universe, Ladies and Lords, let’s see what happens. If One isn’t as King, One Will not receive and I’m not quite ready to ask yet – but maybe soon.

The reason My conversation with minister Edward was so great is because he is one of the first People to reach out to Me that has offered constructive criticism and suggested I’m doing some things wrong. Honestly, I don’t often get to hear that – at least not from any One who really knows what they are tall King about. To give a brief example, Edward pointed out that in the Library of Parliament paper it refers to Canada’s provinces with a lower case ‘p’. Ontario doesn’t exist as a province of Canada, only as a Province of Canada. Seems subtle but believe Me, nothing is arbitrary.

Edward and I Fun-d’Mentally disagree on a couple of big points; My unusual use of capital Letters, and My reluctance to Post My Notices and Judgments in the local newspaper. My unusual use of capital Letters is to dis-Spell some of the Magic that was done to Man’s psyche – it’s My form of Magic. My reluctance to file My Notices in the local newspaper is because I steward My own domain and Publish My own International Publication. Edward disagrees that this Blog is every bit as powerful as the local paper but We agree to disagree and I welcome criticism because I genuinely receive very little. I enjoy losing at chess more than winning and most of the People who have come into My microcosm recently don’t offer any criticism, only praises for what I’m doing. It is Wonder-Full to hear, sincerely; but I really need some One capable of challenging some of My Ideas, it’s refreshing.

So it really is a great podcast because I truly learnt a lot from Edward today despite the fact that I Will never change My position on My use of capital letters because it is as much a reflect Sean of My Artistry, too. Freelance Writing, Free Verse.

I’ll have that scheduled to Post for Saturday this week and I’m pleased to say I believe this podcast Will become as much a Part of My Life as Writing this Blog. I’m finally having Fun with it and We’re tall King about some very interesting things One isn’t likely to find anywhere else, much like this Blog.

I also connected with another new Friend today who found My Blog by Googling ‘Cestui Que Vie’ which was kind of an interesting thing to know. He had some very kind Words to say about My Blog and My Book which was very flattering because I don’t get a lot of feedback on My Book, either.

Doug Ford also made an apology today! That is a very unusual thing to hear from a politician. Okay, perhaps the apology not so much but Ford admit that he made a mistake – that’s really what most politicians Will never admit to. And it sounded genuine. So We Give credit where credit is due. We have encourage People to do the right thing, right?

And it’s the 22nd which happens to be something of a Sacred number, too. Two is a Door, two two’s are four, and Four is Found a Sean. Found a Sean for a Door. Getting the hang of Magic yet?

Oh, and last but not the least Significant Thrill of this Thursday is sudden acknowledgment from WordPress for Writing daily. I’ve Writ daily Posts for a stretch of months or longer, six days in a row is really no big deal. But WordPress sent Me a notification for the first time every congratulating Me on consistent Writing. Probably just sounds silly to the average ear but for a Mystic like Me who knows there are no coincidences in the Universe and that God is speaking to Us in every moment… Well, let’s just say I listen, or ‘list-in’, Sign Me up!!!

I’ll be tall King about today’s feature photo in tomorrow’s Free Lance Friday Edition. It is a painting I Will soon resume war King on.

Love and Blessings,

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