Volume CLXXII: The fabulous Free Lance Friday, Too; Failure to Appear, Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Part II

Hello every One, thank King You, Queen You, Prince You, Princess You, or however it is One Wishes to Self ID-entify. I dent if I? I dent if I what? Capsize My ship, maybe? Ah, yes, it is the Full Flavour of the Free Lance Friday Edition as I am in unusually Good Spirits today with lots to be tall King about. The big ‘Good News’ of the day, is that the city of Ottawa is officially in default!!!

Affidavit of Service

Pictured above is the Affidavit of Service filed with the Court today. Once again I’m reminding You that I’m not a lawyer, though I am legally and lawfully a King – that’s why I use it for legal stuff. I’ve also suggested that King does not need to prefix the name in the Title of the legal document for a Man to have that legal standing in Court. All One needs to do is ensure that the name is always expressed in the Style of capitus diminutia minimus. I have not referenced this before, so I’m going to source that information for You now because the intent was to prove this with the Style of My most recent Claim.

Capitus Diminutio Minima

Loss of family (capitis deminutio minima) occurred when a person’s agnatic family ties were dissolved either by his entry into another family …, marriage of a woman with “in manum conventio” or by his becoming the head of a new family … [T]he capitis deminutio minima gradually lost its significance; under Justinian it is almost without any importance at all. 

The only real line of Significance here is ‘his becoming the Head of a new family’. There is a more comprehensive explanation for it but don’t be fooled by the fact that it states it has very little significance and is without any importance at all. The only reason that is True is because names are not typically expressed that Way in legal documents. We know the other definitions and that those are commonly used in legal documents, so this relates to the ‘real’ Man not existing in law at all anymore, which is something I have clearly stated before.

Here is the definition I was thing King of.

Capitis diminutio minima: Tile lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 1G, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom. Law.

“Upon the emancipation of One who had been under patria potestas.” And what is One thing King patria potestas might be? The state Acting as the father of its citizens, the children of the province. Am I not emancipating My Self from patria potestas? That is most certainly what I am doing.

Okay, Good, We are only roughly half Way through this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition. The really Good News is that there was no surprises at the Courthouse. I was as King of the Registrar specifically to look into the file and make sure that nothing was on the Record I might be unaware of. He also confirmed that I should receive Service of anything that has been submitted, and I confirmed that I know that, I just Wish to be sure because it has happened before. He did look it up on the computer and just shook his head, “Nothing at all on the file from defense.”

Unfortunately, the reason I’m reminding You I’m not a lawyer is because I still forget little details. I am legitimately thing King it Will be the last time I forget this one because I remember saying it before – ‘every document filed into the court requires a back sheet’. I knew this but forgot. I was only able to file the Affidavit of Service because I had a back sheet from My Statement of Claim and the Registrar was okay with changing the Title. But I need one more, and a copy before I can Note them in Default and be as King for Judgment. I also made a default copy of every back sheet I have required so far to go with every other court form. Now I have editable versions on My USB drive which just makes My Life easier.

So on Monday, it should all be over. My final documents are ready for printing and filing, I’ll try to get an early start on the day. It still doesn’t feel real, even though I know it is. Wow, okay. Remember how I was telling You there is Magic in the Universe. Well, I JUST decided to check My phone. First time since I checked when it was 100% Illumination. And uploaded at 7:37 to boot!!!

Okay, so it’s the Magic of the New Moon and some Good News for Yours Truly. $210,800.00. Yeah, that’s going to help do some Good in the world. Actually, with interest it works out to $211, 042.56. Oh, and did You know that it doesn’t count as income, court Victories are considered a ‘Gift’. Will not have any impact on anything I have going on in My Life right now. The reason is the Idea is not for profit, it is to make One whole (if money could actually do that). I Will place the funds in a not for profit, private Trust for personal emergencies and medical care. I Will call it the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean. It Will also fund My Art Exhibition and other (not for profit) entrepreneurial ventures, I suppose. I’ll be able to do something with My Father’s land, even if it’s only a start. It’s especially Fabulous to be tall King about all of this with all of You here because I have been telling all of You I would do all of these things for quite some time, I suppose it’s about time I got started already.

But don’t be thing King it’s going to My head, either. I am excited, who wouldn’t be? But I’m still skeptical and Will be until I’m actually setting up that Foundation. Defense counsel Will know they are in default, they don’t make those kind of mistakes and I still haven’t even received an email. So I’m reasonably sure now that they have no intent to defend or speak with Me about this Issue at all.

I also said I would be tall King about some of the reasons why this may actually be intentional and not an entirely terrible strategy on behalf of the city. Because I am as King for a specified amount in damages based on a contractual agreement, the Court Registrar has the Power and Authority to award default Judgment against the defendants and Order them to pay. Everything in My Statement of Claim is now presumed to be Fact because no point was contested. Once the defendants pay the Statement of Claim, the Matter is over.

If defense Wishes to have a Motion heard, My belief is that any Motion would require a Judge or Justice, not a Registrar. Again, I emphasize the Word belief because I don’t know for sure but I am thing King the Registrar Will not have the authority to make decisions that regard Charter or Treaty violations, so I don’t think that defense counsel can have the Motion to dismiss under Rule 2.01.1(6) brought before a Registrar, I am thing King defense Will have to schedule with a Justice (and I have to be contacted so I can be at the hearing as well). That belief is also based on My interpretation of the Letter from the Court in response to defense counsel’s request.

Now, if these beliefs I have are True, then it may well be that they are choosing not to file a defense because they know what kind of arguments I Will make and they know I Will have the opportunity to make them. The named defendants (to whom I have done the courtesy of not naming here on My Blog since the request was made of Me to remove them from the Statement of Claim (on the condition they do not file a motion to dismiss as frivolous and vexatious)) may actually be criminally liable for their Actions. I don’t know what kind of obligations a Judge or Justice Will have to prosecute criminally if they are made aware of such crimes but it is entirely possible they have an obligation to prosecute if they find Willful criminal negligence. The Ontario Superior Court does state that the Civil courts are not an alternative to criminal courts, and a Judge or Justice can decide that some cases or issues should be heard by a criminal court (in addition to or in lieu of).

It is entirely possible that the crimes against Me were serious enough they do not Wish to have them come before a court at any cost. This allows the Registrar to award default Judgment without risking criminal prosecution, or the jobs of the named defendants. It’s like paying a fine instead of going to jail (or loss of career, reputation, et cetera).

That’s My guess, but who knows. It is possible I suppose that I Will get tackled football quarterback style Monday morning with service of a Statement of Defense dutifully delivered in the nick of time by defense counsel… But I wouldn’t hold Your breathe.

When it’s really done (and the Order to pay Me is Sealed by the Court), I Will share more of My thoughts with You.

Thank You for sharing these moment-Us Moments with Me. I appreciate You so much!!!

Love and Blessings,

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