Volume CLXXIV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; State Actors on the World Stage

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King You for being here. We have had something of a roller-coaster of a week on the Good News Journal, as defendants managed to petition the Court privately and without My prior consent for a third time last Monday, just moments before they were about to be Noted in default for a second time. To add even more tension to this Courtroom thriller, a Registrar on the desk was also refusing acceptance of a perfectly Good Affidavit of Service just moments before the News was announced. My Story has becoming almost as exciting and suspenseful as the television series ‘Suits’, except this is Real Life drama. And, just like a Good tell a Vision series, the Hero comes up with one last ditch effort to file a Motion that could save the Firm [a-Ment/Mind] just moments before the closing credits roll. I am thing King that about brings Us up to speed.

Quite the cliffhanger, no? And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dames and Sirs, Queens and Kings, this is My Life in the moment, and the Last Chapter of My Story. This Will be a much shorter Post than usual, despite the excitement of the week. I have included links to all the Key events that took place this week, the Notice of the Motion to Ontario’s Superior Court, the rough draft I prepared on Free Lance Friday where I was getting all of My Ideas and thoughts about the Motion out of My Mind, and the more refined, first draft of My email Motion to the Court to Vacate the Order and Suspend the Judge (or recuse, maybe, I’m not really sure what’s more appropriate).

I spent some time today war King on the summary and conclusion, though I have already scrapped one draft and have re-Writ another that I Will be scrapping for a second time soon (which is why I’m not sharing it with You today).

Having said that, I am very pleased to have already scrapped two summaries and conclusions, and I am satisfied with the rest of the Motion I have drafted so far. The summary and conclusion I am about to scrap is considerably better than the one before, and I am reasonably sure that the third time draft Will be an improvement on the second, and perhaps even Good enough to call done. Which means I may have it ready to share with You for Magical Monday.

Love and Blessings,

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