Volume CLXXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; War King for Her Majesty

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for being here, I am SO Great-full to have You. Welcome to House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. I have an especially Fabulous Free Lance Friday the 13th for You today! Yes, I did not even realize that today was Friday the 13th until I was preparing the Notice of Criminal Liability I Issued to Sally A. Gomery today for her fraudulent testimony on the Court of Record defaming My Character and interfering with My access to Justice. I guess Friday the 13th Will be more unlucky for Sally than the rest of Us!

And it is already receiving Fabulous response, so really, really, thank King or Queen You so much for Your continued patronage. One of My readers has already shared My Notice of Criminal Liability on their Blog, and I encourage any One else who Wishes to do the same to go ahead and do so. Special thanks to ‘New Human, New Earth Communities‘ for that, much appreciated!

What’s even more Fabulous for Me this Friday, is that was specifically what I was going to be tall King about in today’s Post and the reason for today’s Title, “War King for Her Majesty”. My Sworn Oath to God and the Queen is not a joke and it does actually mean something in a Common Law, Commonwealth jurisdiction. I didn’t Wish to ’empower’ the Justice’s belief that I am not subject to any Canadian laws, but the reality is…

section 52(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982 provides that a law that is inconsistent with the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.

Department of Justice of Canada Website

And see, the ‘Constitution’ was Created to protect the inherent (God Given/Sovereign) rights of Canada’s People, but it can only protect or guarantee inherent rights the Canadian People declare they have. This is why Constitutions change from nation to nation because the People of that nations declare and determine for themselves which inherent rights they Wish to guarantee. But what if a Man has an inherent (God Given) right that is not protected by his or her constitution? Does that mean the Man does not have that inherent right? No, it means that the Man must declare his or her inherent right and find examples in Law that defend that position. Typically, case law is used for Common Law rights that may not be afforded for by One’s Charter, and that’s why Case Law can change the Laws if it is determined that a law is ‘inconsistent’ with the protection of the inherent right.

One Will also notice that rarely do We hear about inherent rights (unless You are frequently reading this Blog), and that’s because inherent rights are Given by God and most of Us have not Claimed that Supreme Jurisdiction. Most of Us have placed Our Trust in government to protect Our rights, in which case One may only inherent the rights afforded by their Charter or Constitution (remember, the ‘state’ is acting as ‘parentis patria’, or parents to the children of the province).

Other ‘rights’ are presumed to have been waived for the ‘public interest’. A Good example of this may be the right to drive a car. One has a right to drive a car without a license, a license was not always required. But as cars continued to increase in production, efficiency, power and speed, People decided that driving cars should be regulated for the public safety. In fact, I am thing King that is probably an excellent example and demonstrates what I am tall King about quite effectively. People ‘waived’ their right to drive without a license in favour of safer driving conditions and regulations. Problem is, once something gets regulated by government, it very quickly becomes over-regulated and over-taxed.

The Title of today’s Post, however, relates to My most recent Notice of Criminal Liability Issued to a Court Justice today. My regular readers Will know I am always tall King about how all the world is a Stage and how We have the opportunity to be the Author of Our own Story, to Write Our own Part for the global product-Sean. I have also suggested that the Laws that exist in the world today have every protection necessary for the full enjoyment of Our inherent rights, but in Order for that to be True and realized with real eyes, the Actors on the world Stage must Play their Role in Honour. It is when the People who have been Trusted to perform particular duties and functions in society fail to Honour the duties associated with their position of office that things fall apart.

Motioning to the Court to Vacate the Order and suspend the Justice was a Gift to the Court and a Gift to Sally A. Gomery. It was not accepted, or even responded to. The Courts know there is fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, so I can only presume they do not Wish to absolve the Justice of her crimes. The Justice acknowledges in her endorsement that I am both a King in My Sovereign State of Mind, Body and Soul, and Acting in the capacity of Governor General to Her Majesty in My Sovereign State. She has committed very serious offences, and I can’t help but believe they Wish for Me to make an example of her, as vacating the Order would completely absolve the Justice of her further trespasses upon Me.

Furthermore, it doesn’t really make sense to appeal the decision if I am already showing the Courts the fraud and perjury on the Record and they are choosing not to Vacate. The appellate Court is the same Judicial body, only the Court forms change. More importantly, I outrank the Judges and Justices that would be sitting on the bench of the appellate court, so it’s kind of pointless. I could simply Vacate their determination, too. I could Vacate Sally A. Gomery’s My Self, and I considered it. But I also considered that Steve Pardou or some other incompetent body may be on the Registrar’s desk and I do not Wish to have to assert My position to someone who does not even understand the difference between a juridical personality and a living Man.

So it Will be interesting to see what happens if Sally A. Gomery does not Vacate the Order and recuse herself from My Case file within the next thirty days because I Will bring this Claim against her into the Court. Not every day a Man takes a Judge into Court now, is it? It was the Judge who suggested I believe I am above the Law, I am curious to know if she believes she is, committing fraud, perjury and slandering My Good name on a Court of Record.

The best part is, this Blog really is everything. It is the True, Common Law, International Court of Record. Canada is inferior to international law. Rules of the Court are inferior to the Court’s international obligations to the UNCCPR. Most importantly, I have a forum and Jury of International peers where I can redeem the True Nature of My Character and defend My Honour against this dis-Honourable Justice’s assassination of My Character.

I wonder how happy the Justice is to know that her fraud, perjury and unwarranted attacks upon My Character are now on the International Public Record. I am thing King People Will be very pleased to see corrupt Judges and Justices held accountable for their actions. It also Gives Her Majesty an opportunity to see what kind of People Canada has tarnishing the reputation of the Crown in Her Majesty’s Courts.

That’s the real punchline today, People. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice and all other Courts in Canada, do not belong to Canada. The Queen is the authority of the Courts of Canada, and I am Her Majesty’s Servant, On Her Majesty’s Service. The first obligation of every Judge and Justice on the bench, is to the Crown. The Crown represents Her Majesty, defender of the Faith and the Sovereign (inherent) rights of Canada’s People.

In Order to fully Establish God’s Kingdom on earth, all State Actors Will be required to Play their Part Honourably, and in Good Faith.

Don’t People know, the United Kingdom is short for ‘United Kingdom of God’?

Love and Blessings,

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