Volume CLXXXV: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; Magic in the Cosmos

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Title is a reflect-Sean of a Magical Motion Cast into Canada’s Ontario Superior Court last [Terrific] Two’s Day (because We also had another V for Vendetta Interpret-a-Sean on ‘two’s day), and ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of last week just happened to be My 237th Post of the year. Though the day otherwise had no notable ‘Luck’ to speak of, it felt Lucky because the Magic I was war King on in My Microcosm is now an Active Spell in Man’s Macrocosm. This is where the Cosmos of My Microcosm Merges with Man’s Macrocosm.

Even before that, Monday’s ‘Generation X Men’ Edition is tall King about how We are the ‘X-men’ (of either kind/sex) We see in Holy Wood movies. Did You know that the name Holly-wood is used because Holly is considered one of the most Magical types of wood? Holly is the wood One would use if they Wished to make a Magical Wand. You might find some Motive-a-Sean for the fantasy fiction in Monday’s Edition.

On Thursday I was tall King about ‘parens patriae’, but with respect to the Roles the State Actors Play on the world stage as caretakers (guardians) of the Trust, rather than what most People presume the Word to mean in Man’s legal fiction. The government are effectively Acting as guardians to the citizen in much the same Way a parent is the legal and lawful guardian of the child. We are presumed to be in need of social protection, so the government fulfills the Role of social protector. It is not a coincidence that People refer to the One’s who Establish nations as the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the State. Much the same Way children grow up and Wish to leave the home of their parents, the government of Canada would like to move further and further away from the protection of Man’s proverbial Mother and Father, Her Majesty and the Pope (respectively). Independence for Canada’s government really just means less oversight from Her Majesty so they can more freely abuse the guardian Ship they have been Trusted to salvage. If that sounds intriguing, check out the Tantalizing Thursday Thing King Edition for a few more thoughts on the Idea.

On Friday I only Writ a brief Post tall King about a rather important newsletter that was sent out to the People in Ottawa by the Deputy Mayor, Laura Dudas. She is threatening and coercing Ottawa’s People into receiving and providing proof of unnecessary, experimental medical care in order to gain access to public facilities like museums and City hall by Way of vaccine passports. This is a serious criminal Act and a violation of the Nuremburg Code under international law. So We Will soon be as King of Laura Dudas if she is Willing to accept full personal liability for her assault on the inherent rights of Ottawa’s People because any Act that trespasses upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People is an Act of treason. Canada is officially taking directive from a foreign body and imposing those mandates upon their Sovereign People. That Letter/Notice Will be forthcoming in the near future, too.

Anyone who believes this is reasonable should visualize a political cartoon that shows a drinking fountain with a Sign reading ‘no blacks allowed’ beside the exact same image with a Sign reading ‘no unvaxxed allowed’. What is the difference, except the means by which One is discriminating and oppressing? Worse still, these vaccines do have very real and serious side effects that the government is Willfully withholding because they don’t Wish to Create vaccine hesitancy. They know how potentially dangerous these are, and to not openly disclose those risks to the public with the very same ‘in Your face’ kind of warning One expects on a cigarette package is not just a breach of Trust, it is an Act of war, a crime against humanity being perpetrated by Canada’s government against Canada’s citizens. We know they have no reservations about ignoring indigenous rights, why would citizens believe their government have any more respect for them? It’s Canada’s second dose of #Trudeautreason. (That hashtag has actually trended a couple of times, so I figure why not…) Any One complicit with this treason is liable in their personal capacity, the Nuremburg code determined that ‘just following orders’ is not an excuse from criminal negligence and the assault on Man’s inherent right to autonomy over their medical care and privacy of medical information. (Canada’s privacy commissioner is on board with this (‘this’ being treason and a violation of the rights of Canada’s People), by the Way – I Will share those links perhaps later in the week, too.)

Ironically, it was just Friday I told You I am making a serious effort to Write daily, then missed Writing a Post yesterday. There may be a few days like that this month and into early next month because I have a lot going on, but Wish for You to know that I am still making the effort.

Thanks so much for all Your support, I am expecting to hear something this coming week with respect to Our Magical Motion, and I do have some thoughts to share with You in regards to that, too. Problem is I don’t Wish to say too much until there is an official decision. What I Will say is that as objectively as I can possibly review the information from both sides, the Motion should succeed exclusively on the grounds that there are too many points, authorities and Rules of the Court that remain unaddressed in the Respondent’s materials. It is technically the perfect example of legal gaslighting – there are a ton of very real, serious arguments made to the Court in My ex-parte Motion that allowed for the Motion to be heard, and defense counsel simply insists their violation of the Rule is an official court filing, completely ignoring the rest of the physical evidence to the contrary, despite the fact that the email was sent by the Court. Defense counsel is basically trying to assert that the Court is wrong, and that they get to determine what constitutes a legal filing with the Registrar.

Before I Sign off today, I Wish to comment on today’s Magical Feature photo as it is one of the few patio planting success stories of the year. I have a pepper plant doing really well, too, though I’m not convinced it Will produce fruit in time. Featured today, is the first flower of a ‘Blue Dream’ morning glory grown from a hanging planter. It was just a Promising little bud like the One near the top of the photo yesterday, and today it was in its Glory.

Blue Dream Morning Glory

Love and Blessings,

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