Volume CXCII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis, Part III

Hello every One, welcome Thursday’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday because I have My reply to the Courts to share with You today, the third Part of My ‘Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis’ series, and some News regarding My inheritance, all which relate to today’s theme in some Way.

Before We get into today’s Good News, let’s first take a look at today’s feature photo.

The above may prove to be very informative to some People, though most (if not all) terms above are ones which have been known to Me for some time. There are a few things I Wish to point out regarding the ‘Common Law’. Some People say I incorrectly define the Common Law and that what I am calling ‘Common Law’ is really ‘Natural Law’. I believe those individuals are incorrect, and I do not waste time arguing with People about it because it really isn’t worth My Energy, though I do Wish to take a brief moment to say why.

Natural Law is karma. Whether the justice system does its job or not with respect to judgments against People, Natural Law Will always balance the [True] scales of Justice. We may not see it, but a judge or justice may suffer psychologically after knowingly convicting an innocent Man, or perhaps a killer manages to be acquitted because some prosecutor made a foolish mistake and believes he ‘got away’, though the rest of his Life Will be riddled with challenges the Common Man may never see (much like Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ story).

Another clear and distinguishing factor is the Law of gravity. Doesn’t Matter how Good or bad some One is, if they jump out the window of a high rise, they Will fall to the ground like any other Man. Similarly, if a Man’s Heart stops beating, the Man Will die, regardless what kind of Man she was.

The real connection between Natural Law and the (real) Common Law, is that it is presumed We naturally know what is right and wrong and Will govern Our Self with reason and conscience (accordingly). The point I Wished to make with respect to the [Common] Law description Given, is that it defines ‘the Law’ as, ‘the People’s Common Law recorded in real time law making as ‘Case Law’. Am I not ‘recording events in real time’? Now, what if the world is not 2021 years old and the time We are recording isn’t real? Hmmm. Which laws Will become moot, the ‘Common Law’, or ‘Statute’ Law?

Before I get into My reply to the Court today, I Wish to tie some of these Ideas into My current Case Law example and the reply I received from Ashley Moniz Andrade yesterday. The reply from the Court clearly states that ‘CC’ing the respondent the Notice of Motion filed with the Court Will not be considered service before ‘the Court’. Why not? Does doing so not clearly Show the Court that the respondents were served and received the same Notice as the Court exactly? Sure it does, that’s Common sense and one of the principles the Common Law is Founded upon. We (all parties and witnesses to these proceedings) would know that the defendants were clearly served the Notice, but it’s not ‘legal’ service before the Court because that’s not how ‘legal’ service is defined by the legislation.

I’m not even suggesting the requirement is corrupt or flawed, the Intention is to Show that the fiction of Law is more stringent because it is presumed every One Acting in a commercial capacity does not know the Law and must be governed by codes, statutes and Acts. Imagine that every One Will try to find a loophole in the Laws Man legislates, so the legislated Laws must be as comprehensive as possible. Perhaps some shady character may try to suggest they were not ‘legally’ served based upon the grounds that they were ‘carbon copied’ the Notice and are entitled to [a True copy of] the original Notice (despite the fact that both attached documents Will be identical). The ‘Affidavit of Service’ is to ensure certain minimum requirements are met when serving digital [or any other] documents so that when the Matter comes before a Court, the opposing party cannot claim they were not Given proper Notice to defend. The Courts Wish to ensure that all the ‘frivolous’ reasons for opposing the action are covered in the filing requirements so that the Courts can focus exclusively on the Matter at Hand.

May be a long prelude to the email I sent to the Court today, but everything is done with intention. Am I required to Give Notice to the defendants if I Wish for additional information regarding My Case? The answer is no, all parties to any proceeding are entitled to all information relative to their case. If I were to request Court transcripts (for example), I do not need to let the opposing party know I am as King for them, though I Will have to let them know if I intend to Present any of the information I obtain to the Court.

So there was no ‘requirement’ for Me to ‘CC’ the above email to defense counsel, the Canadian Justice Council, or Tasha Fenner (legal clerk for the city of Ottawa), I chose to CC the defendants and the Justice Council the above email because whether or not it is considered ‘proof of service’ in Man’s legal fiction, it Will most certainly count as Lawful service of documents in any Common Law Court. You all know these People and organizations received this information, so if any were to suggest that they did not know I requested these documents, they Will look foolish if they try to suggest they did not have access to this information simply because it was carbon copied rather than emailed directly.

However, the reason I am making this point is because I Wish for defense counsel to know that the Truth regarding this Matter Will come out and because it makes an excellent example of what We are tall King about. If I were required to Give Notice of information requests to the Court regarding My case, this would be an example of information the opposing party could object to having on the Court of Record. This does not constitute ‘legal’ service of My requisition for information upon the defendants, though it does let them know what I am as King for so that when the information is provided, they Will not be surprised.

The Purpose for doing this, is because defense counsel Will know if that Record exists, or if I Will be told that no such requisition was made by the Court (in which case We Will know by default that defense counsel privately petitioned the Court). For Me, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference – either I Will find the request was sanctioned by the Court contrary to the information provided to Me (in which case the Ontario Superior Court and justice silly Sally are liable to Me), or We Will discover that defense counsel privately petitioned the justice as King for a personal favour.

Wow, this Thursday has been so Thrilling, I’m running out of Words (I try to keep this under 1,500 most of the time so as to not ‘overtax’ My People’s capital). I did not even touch on the News regarding My father’s estate and My rightful inheritance, so I Will leave You with that [Good] News as a cliff-hanger for Our Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, where I Will wield My Words most fearlessly regarding that Matter.

The short and skinny of it, is that the Canadian National Bank sold My inheritance for $425,000.00 CA, and Merovitz Potechin and his criminal cabal are now liable to Me in the amount of 180.7603 ounces of Gold (relative to the price of Gold in Canadian dollars on November 19th when I learnt of this criminal offense against Me and My siblings).

So tomorrow I Will be tall King more about that, why they are liable to Me in ounces of Gold and not Canadian dollars, and how they are also criminally liable for fraud, extorsion, and negligence in their duties and responsibilities as power of attorney over the estate, causing serious economic harm to the True Value of the estate and the assets of the entitled beneficiaries.

And now those crimes are Officially Published on a Common Law Court of Record in Real time as a testimony of the facts regarding this Matter. 😉

Love and Blessings!!!

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