Volume CXCII: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; A Wonder Full Week to Re-View

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Edition. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me in My House where I re-Mind My audience that We are all Super, Natural entities Gifted with a Titled Character, and unlimited potential to become the Hero of Our own Story.

On Monday, We had one of the most Momentous Magical Moments of My Story so far, though the excitement of it was overshadowed by other events later in the week. In Order to compensate for this somewhat, the Letter I received on behalf of the Ontario Works administrator is today’s Feature photo so that I Will remember to be tall King about it.

Identification ‘Examples’ to Give Ontario Works

I did Write a full Post on this for ‘Educate-Sean-all’ purposes; when I learn something, I pass it onto You. I’m only going to share what I did not share in the previous Post.

This Letter is Significant because Ontario Works was threatening Me earlier in the year, insisting that I must apply for a Birth Certificate so that I can then apply for a Social Insurance Number and Health Card. Why? They sure don’t seem to be having any problems borrowing money for all those accounts without My consent and against My Wishes!

I insisted that the Cestui Que Vie already provided to them is legal and lawful identification, and the only piece of legal or lawful identification I am required to have. This Letter acknowledges that I am correct!!! Even in their ‘legal fiction’, as I like to Call it. It is also not a coincidence that ‘passport’ and ‘immigration papers’ is listed in the same category as ‘examples’ of identification documents. One only needs a passport if they are the captain of a [citizen] ship ‘docked’ in a foreign Port. My Cestui Que Vie is Declared on paper (Parch-Ment, to be more precise), so it Shows that I am not a ship in port, I am Living on Land (paper symbolizes Earth, legally and lawfully). My Cestui Que Vie is effectively also a ‘Record of Landing’ and ‘Pass-Port’ document. I Will confess I have not yet tested the document for use as a Pass Port document, but I am confident I Will have no problems when I am ready to try, which Will be determined by the Universe.

The Significance here and why this is probably the most Magical and Momentous Moment of the week, is because I now not only have proof that I was correct in the first place, I have a very clearly defined list of Lawful documents accepted by Ontario Works if they are ever as King of Me for them again. I honestly do not anticipate that Will be the case, as when I responded to this Letter to thank them for Honouring My Wishes, addressing Me properly, and to advise them I may need an extra couple of days, they responded very quickly to let Me know the Letter was apparently sent ‘in error’, and I do not need to do or send anything.

That’s also why it fell a little off the radar this week because it turned out to be nothing at all. However, the last thing I Wished to say about this Letter, is that it does provide very clear examples of documents many of You may never have heard of that are perfectly Lawful and never requested. It ties in perfectly with Our legal verses Lawful theme of this past week, too, as typically, One Will only ever be as King for the legal identification, not Lawful identification. Lawful Trumps legal at every turn, which is why at-Turn-eye’s (attorneys) Wish to make One look the other Way and turn One’s Lawful Deeds into legal Acts on their fictional Stage (where they have juris diction to Play with You as One of their Characters).

On Two’s Day, We had the Tell a Vision Edition where I am tall King about the Truman Show and sharing My Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean. This one is going fast, so if You didn’t catch this week’s, You can find it here.

Lucky Wednesday was True to its name as We received a reply to My Magical Motion to the Court. The Court is as King of Me to re-Serve My Notice of Motion on the defendants by Way of email directly, then attach the email in an Affidavit of Service to file with My Motion materials, and to amend My Motion Record and Factum so that each are a single PDF document with exhibits included. For Me, it’s Good News because it lets defense counsel know what’s coming, and this time they won’t try to file their materials before I even file the Notice of Motion with the Court (which is what they did last time and why the documents were returned to them). I know exactly what their arguments are now, which is how it should be – before I file My Notice of Motion with the Court (because they could have had information in their reply factum that was damaging to My Motion, in which case I could just respond and let them know I’m not moving forward – also CLEARLY articulated to defense counsel the first time round, but they don’t seem to have very Good reading comprehension skills).

On Thursday, I followed up with the Court to let them know I had received the direction provided, and formally requested receipt of the requisition from the Motions Office to Sally A. Gomery as King of her to make a determination in response to defense counsel’s email Letter from June 22nd. The Good News there, is that so far We have not received that receipt, and I am thing King it does not exist. That document Will determine how I proceed with the Magic of My Motion.

And on Fabulous Free Lance Friday, I did stay True to My Word and free My Lance for Writing a final Part to My Universal Product-Sean of ‘Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Verses Cannabis‘ series.

Finally, for the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, I was tall King about ‘Deeds, Titles and Real Estate Value’. We were also tall King a little about My inheritance (My father’s Estate) and its Real Value. It was sold under power of sale both illegally and unlawfully for a Value of 180.7603 ounces of Gold. The Canadian National Bank and Merovitz Potechin LLP, are now also guilty of fraud, extorsion, and gross negligence as power of attorney in the position of executor for squandering the real [Value of the] Estate for the other beneficiaries with an Interest in the Estate’s Real Value (Me, My Brother, and Sister).

I’m in no rush with respect to dealing with that Issue, as I can charge rent for every month someone is unlawfully using My property. I am still thing King about how much I Will be charging Merovitz Potechin and the Canadian National Bank in rent. I also believe that I Will not only win My Claim against Noah Potechin and his client, I believe I can also have the property restored to Me, AND be compensated for all financial gains enjoyed by the bank and the law firm for the unlawful sale. My Cestui Que Vie is also a Claim of Right to My father’s Estate, and it has been Published and Registered with Canada’s Attorney General since January 19th, 2017.

So these are just a few of the things I am war King on right now. We also have some Portraits in the wings, and plenty of State Actors on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability, and We have even contacted the sheriff’s office of the Ministry of the Attorney General as King for some assistance arresting these treasonous traitors to Canada’s People.

I am very Great-Full for all of You for making this Blog so meaningful and worth Writing, lots of exciting stuff coming up in the near future, and some Special Magic I Will be war King on for Christ-Mass to celebrate five years of the Establishment of God’s Kingdom in Man’s legal fiction.

Love and Blessings,

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