Volume CXCIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, A Man – Part I

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I am also Thrilled to Gift You with this Special Present a Sean of ‘The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, a Man’, because it is something I have Wished to be tall King about for some time. It is to Show the world Man’s True Value in hopes of helping People to better comprehend how and why the thumbprint of the Sovereign is sufficient payment (pay-Mind), and how the global economy and world banks really, Truly operate!!! (I know, right – not the kind of thing King One is taught in school…) Even more Thrilling, I Will also be teaching lots of Magical Spells along the Way!!! Please also Keep (the Center of One’s Kingdom) in Mind that I am never yelling at You – that would be rude. Three exclamation marks is a Magical Symbol for a Crown, and is to re-Mind You of Your Highness.

We are going to Call yesterday’s Edition a prelude to Part I of this Act-Sean, where I was tall King about a Story I Writ for an English class that was never returned to Me. It’s a Good prelude because that Story emphasizes the relevance of Interest in the determination of a thing’s Value. We are also tall King exclusively about Real Value, True wealth, not ‘promissory Notes’ or legal tender. Lawful tender (to care for, Lovingly) is not a promissory (pro-miss, sorry) Note but it is legal tender.

That Story I Writ has Great Value to Me because I Wish to read it again. I comprehend symbolism and Magic that was used in the telling of that Story that I was not even consciously aware of at the time. Nothing I Writ into the Story was intended to have the deeper meanings I know and comprehend them to have now, and it is an amazing foreshadowing of exactly what I am tall King and Writing about today. It is profoundly prophetic, and it’s in the Hands of the Canadian government somewhere. I’m very serious about getting that Story back, so although I am not in possession of the property, it is listed in the King’s Treasury as a Price-less Artifact (Art-I-Fact/Art-I-Truth) in the ‘Accounts Receivable’ column as assets of the House von Dehn Trust.

Records of any kind are Valuable, the family photo albums are a perfect example. One could never put a price on how much it would take to part with them. Collectively, as individuals, We may not consider the ‘junk mail’ in the Post to be anything more than an inconvenience and hassle. This con-cept (con=trick, deceive; cept=taken) is precisely why One Man’s trash (junk mail) is another Man’s Treasure. Why is the junk mail in the mailbox?

I could tell You that it symbolizes the fertilization (letter) of an ovum (mailbox) waiting for the immaculate concept-Ion of the Spirit of a Letter to be conceived by the intended recipient. If successful, the recipient Will reach into the mailbox (Hand of the King) to grab the envelope (tomb/womb), open the Seal of the coffin (envelope), and the body of the letter Will enter the Man’s House (Mind), releasing the Spirit of the unsealed corpse (corpo-ration) into the Man like a Trojan Horse. But that’s only if You are interested in the Magic of Mail/Male, the Real reason the junk Mail (Male’s junk) is in the mail-box, is because an entity is Interested in Visiting Your House; so much so, they have sent a Trojan Horse as a Gift to breach the Gates of One’s Kingdom.

Some say that the Value of thing is determined by supply versus demand. This is True when We are tall King about Real wealth. Real, True wealth, are things that Will never lose their Value because We Will always have an Interest in them. The first example of Real wealth is the Gift of Life. It is both limited and priceless. Sufficient oxygen in the air Will follow shorty after, then water, shelter, food… But Truly Valuable resources would not be hoarded so that One can use them to oppress or extort wealth from another, they would be rationed and distributed among the People responsibly. To be able to Keep Man from things that are plentiful and essential to Man’s survival for the sake of profit would be cruel and immoral. This is precisely why corporations buying up fresh water resources to sell them back to the People is so controversial; it is the second greatest essential need of Man after oxygen. No One should ever be able to profit from a Man’s essential need, for his own benefit, and at the expense of the Interested party.

The Intent-Ion of Part I to this series, is to help every One to really understand the Real, True Value of their Real Estate (E-State, Energy-State). Not one thing on this earth is worth a single penny if no One is Interested in it. That’s the simplest and plainest I can explain the most Integral Part of this series.

To further help instill this Idea for this series, suspend disbelief for a moment and try to Imagine what the world might be like if everyone were to wake up tomorrow with unlimited funds in their bank account. After the initial hysteria, what would We all do? Or perhaps it might be easier to try to Imagine a world where every single person on it had always been wealthy since the beginning of time, there was no middle or lower class. In such a world, what would make a thing ‘Valuable’?


Only a Man taking (ta-King) Interest in a thing can Gift it with Value. For the Artist, the Value of the Painting is its Magical ability to Invoke an Interest in Man enough for her to take Notice of the Art-I-Fact. A Smile is a Sign of Interest, it is a Praise-all for the Great Work.

Alright, Lords and Ladies, it is Our Duty to lend a helping Hand to Our fell-low Man and restore her back to Highness, and I am thing King that is a Good Intro to comprehending the Value of Our Life and Deeds; Our collective Deeds determine the Final Product-Sean of the Great Work.

Also take a look at the feature photo a little more closely if You Wish for a rough sketch and Visual Present-a-Sean of the [Real] public Trust and how it works. I Will have improved sketches and detailed explain-a-Sean’s later in this series.

Love and Blessings,

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