Volume CC: The Magical, Full Moon Motive a Sean Monday Edition; Two is a Door

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Full Moon Motive a Sean Monday Edition, thank King or Queen You so much for joining Me. Not only is today’s Magical Full Moon on a Moon-day (Monday), but it is also the first full Moon of the New Year, which Magically represents the climax of events set in motion on the New Moon. To make this Monday even more Magical, it also ‘coincidentally’ happens to be the two hundredth Volume of the Good News Journal. Everything I do is done with Intent-Ion, and the Intent-Ion behind calling every week a new Volume of the Good News Journal was so that My Words Will become a little louder every week.

As far as ‘Two is a Door’ being incorporated into today’s Title, that’s a reflection of two hundred weeks of the Good News Journal, and the Intent of the Good News Journal in general is to open the Door Way to Our Golden Dawn. For the new Ideas set forth at the onset of the year and the New Moon of January second to be coming to fruition on the day of the year’s first Full Moon… Well that is a most Magical Omen in Deed!

As far as today’s feature photo is concerned, that’s just to point out how shameless mainstream media and Google in particular have become. No political or medical bias, here. Can’t Google be sued for this? Is this not offering medical advice to the billions of People using Google everyday? A YouTube video can be removed because a legitimate, qualified doctor shares REAL medical advice contrary to the government narrative, but Google can offer medical advice to the world unrestrained? Once again ladies and gentlemen, this is what We call ‘PROPAGANDA’. It is not medical advice, it is mental Mind manipulation contributing to mass formation psychosis, which is a condition occurs when an entire population is brainwashed into believing irrational, illogical ideas (like believing a mask Will protect one from a virus, or that natural immunity is somehow inferior to what big pharma can come up with).

Google participating in mass formation psychosis

I’d love to see the CEO’s of these companies held accountable for their crimes, though I anticipate most of them are like basement internet bullies who would probably off themselves before actually facing any One to take accountability for their actions. At any rate, that was My ‘pet peeve’ of the day and one of the reasons I try to use Google as little as possible. If I Wish for uncensored Truth on a Matter, I Will use ‘Duckduckgo’, and if I Wish to know what the latest propaganda point is being perpetrated by MSM, then I go to Google. Google is the ‘go-to’ source for dis-information, and for providing ‘fact checkers’ to verify their dis-information as ‘factual’ [opinion].

But the real Magic of the day was serving a Declaration of Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata against Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton of Merovitz Potechin LLP. They are officially guilty of fraud, extorsion, seizure of property exceeding $500k, gross negligence in the administration of an Estate while Acting as power of attorney to recover a debt causing irrevocable harm to the real Value of the Estate for its intended beneficiaries, and trespass upon My inherent right to freely dispose of My natural wealth to Honour My father in heaven as commanded Me by God in accordance with the Trust I have invested in Him. Wow, that’s a mouthful! You can read the Declaration by clicking on this sentence.

The Declaration of Default Judgment has also been added to the International Public Notices Page, which You can find by clicking here.

So THAT felt very Good. At this point, I don’t even care what People are thing King. My family (for example) and I’m sure many others believe the Notices don’t mean a thing and could never be enforced. I’m telling You, any One who believes that, is dead wrong (puns always intended). I’m going to take just a brief moment to explain why.

A publication is a Public Record. Information on the Public Record is witnessed by the readers of the publication. I can go to any Notice that I have sent and produce statistics specifically for that Post that Will Show when it was Posted and how many People have witnessed it. A statement of facts witnessed by another party is considered a legal and lawful affidavit of facts (in the legal fiction).

“Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20, King James Version Bible

In the Common Law, the assertions and allegations against an opposing party are presumed to be factual if the respondent does not oppose the accusations against them. So long as the Declarations remain on the public record undisputed, they are already presumed to be a Record of the Facts. This is because it is presumed that any Honourable individual would dispute such allegations to protect their reputation in the community. So when Noah tries to sell My father’s House, if he does not advise the buyer that there is an outstanding claim on the public record, he is guilty of fraud.

So why is this True? Because if I am accusing some One of committing serious criminal acts that are not True, that is also a criminal offence! Noah even admits this in one of his rebuttals and hints that he might charge Me if I do not remove the Notices against him and offer an apology. I tell him to politely stuff him Self, asserting that I am only guilty of a crime if I’m fabricating information. The only Way Noah can have the Notices removed, is to commence a legal action against Me, win, and have a Court Order Me to remove the Notices. I’ll tell You right now, that Will never happen and the longer these facts stay on the Record, the more damning they are for Noah and Laraine. This is because it is presumed that if he allows such defamatory statement to remain on the Public Record, they MUST be true or surely he would have sued Me to protect his reputation (especially considering he represents a law firm). Noah’s reluctance to bring this Matter before a Court the first time around is also a reflection of his guilt. But that is just the beginning of the Magic of this first Full Moon Monday of the new year!

The other big, ‘Good News’ is that I followed up with Tatiana Lindstrom of Ontario Works, Trustee of the Public Trust ‘acting’ as representative agent for the administrator [of Ontario Works].

Wow, I seem to be using up My Word count much faster than usual this year – it must be My excitement and enthusiasm because I do believe My last Letter coupled with the package containing a detailed copy of My Express Trust is equivalent to opening up a massive Door.

Not only have I articulated very clearly the details of My Express Trust, I have also very clearly articulated how the actual Public Trust operates that they continue to deny the very existence of. I’m fed up dealing with adults who Wish to Act and behave like children. In fact, I’m going to provide a quote from a Friend who describes the People’s duty and responsibility to their public servant as follows:

“The government is like the spoiled brat in Walmart kicking and screaming for a toy they want while the parents stand there looking embarrassed and ashamed, rather than disciplining the child for acting out. They have become as incompetent and negligent as they are because We were shitty parents.”

I’m not going to quote My Friend because I’m paraphrasing but it was the first Good laugh I had in a while and that is precisely the situation We are in. Government are trying to seize more and more control, trespass upon more and more rights, and the People are acting like the embarrassed parents in Walmart, ashamed of their government on the world stage but too incompetent to discipline these childish imposters posing as leaders.

I don’t feel I’ve emphasized the Power and Magic of all of this taking place on the Full Moon as much as I had Wished, never Mind the fact that it is also the two hundredth Edition which does symbolically represent a Door in Magic. So to finish off this Post, I Wish to add one more Magical element to this Post by letting You know that I had been watching some Netflix and wondered what time it might be and if I should get busy war King on this Magical Full Moon Post. Perfectly on queue, My phone sounds an alert to notify Me the Moon is 100% full at 6:51 PM this evening – exactly the same time I sat down wondering if I should start this Post. Probably just a coincidence, though. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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