Volume CC: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; Canada’s Incompetent Governor General and ‘Simple’ Simon, Mary

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a pleasure to have You in My House. I still haven’t decided what film or tell a Vision Show I’m going to be providing a Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of next, so for today I have some informative entertainment for You and a little more mocking of moronic State Actors like Mary [Simple] Simon, Canada’s current dis-Grace posing as governor general to Her Majesty. I gave Simple Simon something of a homework assignment I Will be sharing with You today, and I also followed up with the school regarding My short story and [the seizure of] My intellectual property. Finally, I also have another email to Ontario Works to share with You regarding the state’s Fiduciary obligations to Me and Canada’s People. It’s been a pretty productive day which helps to make any day feel Truly terrific.

I’m not sure what to start with because I usually like to start with the second to most exciting or interesting point first, but today I’m not sure what that is. In case You are wondering why I try to start with the second to most important point, it’s something I was taught when Writing essays; the second strongest point should always be the first point to make an impact on the reader that retains attention; the middle paragraphs form the body of the essay and should be the weakest points (although a Good essay Will never have weak points, only slightly less strong than others – but You get the Idea), and the strongest point should be the finisher to leave a lasting impression. I figure the same formula probably makes sense when applied to any similar Creative process.

The first video I’m sharing with You today I found very engaging. I can be a difficult audience because if People take too long to get to a point they Will lose My interest. I thought this interview was fantastic and I’m comfortable enough to say I Trust at least 90% of the information if not all of it. I don’t recall any ‘red flags’ in My psyche and intuition guides Me more than most. I also Trust My intuition and would humbly suggest that You probably can, too.

The reason I’m sharing the video with You is because I feel it’s time. Most Will know I haven’t exactly remained silent about My concerns regarding mandated vaccines, masks, and lock-downs, but I also haven’t really spoken against any of these things aside from asserting that masks and vaccines are a private, personal choice, and placing those directly responsible for those crimes in the city of Ottawa on Notice. In fact, I believe it is fair to say that I have not spoken out against these things as much as I otherwise might because I do not Wish to infringe on any One else’s freedom of choice (or even risk insulting People for their personal choice by Way of My opinion on the Matter). We are two years into this thing now, and if nothing else, that detail alone should be enough for any One with a reasonable degree of Common sense to know that clearly these tactics are not war King!!!

This is the longest ‘plandemic’ of My Life for sure, and it is also the first time We have dealt with a virus using these draconian, tyrannical measures. Let’s face it, Power grabs for government under ’emergency use’ that strip away the rights of the People and their constitution are exactly like new ‘temporary’ taxes – they Will never be temporary or voluntarily surrendered. The government of Canada is NEVER going to GIVE People their rights back voluntarily, they are stupid drunk on Power.

“Power corrupts, absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”


I’m just going to be as King of One to consider the proverb for a moment and tell Me I’m wrong. Does any One really believe that if Canada’s People just get the third booster, that all of this Will be over? No more vaccine mandates or passports, no more masks or social distancing? Did that happen for any One who got the vaccines? No. No, those People now have to show their papers to use social services or enter specific dining venues and stores. No, that doesn’t sound at all like a fascist dictatorship rising up from a carefully contrived propaganda campaign designed to scare the People into Giving up their rights in exchange for ‘protection’ from a deadly virus. Funny, I don’t remember witnessing anything even remotely like a pandemic. I didn’t see People dropping dead in the street, if I hadn’t heard anything from mainstream media and didn’t see all these People walking around with masks on, I wouldn’t have any Idea there was any ‘deadly’ virus at all.

I seriously encourage any critical thing King individual to watch the video and listen to some One with a serious degree of knowledge tall King about what We should have done to deal with this pandemic – and it’s pretty much the polar opposite of what We did do.

And the Man is very well researched because he already knows the virus did not originate from the Wuhan lab (though it does appear to be conclusive that there was an outbreak there), the virus has origins that are several months older than the date of the Wuhan lab leak. Did I not suggest that Canada and China were conspiring together to Create a biological weapon? It may not have travelled to Canada from China, it is likely that the virus was already in Canada before the Wuhan lab leak!!! Now isn’t that interesting? No wonder treasonous Trudeau does not Wish to hand over to the House of Commons what it was Canada was war King on with Chinese scientists in Canada’s top virology lab. Nothing suspicious about that all, Justin! Ad hominem insults are really not My style but I’m not even sure if Calling the Man a twit is ad hominem because it’s both True and relevant considering he is supposed to be qualified to lead a nation (and I doubt he could lead lemmings off a cliff, but he can convince Canadians to receive a lethal injection by promising to Give them freedom he trespassed upon in Order to mandate his illegal and unlawful vaccine policy).

I mean, really, let’s think about this logically for a moment. A leader takes away One’s right to autonomy over their health care choices and what they Wish to put in their body, promising that if they comply, he Will give them autonomy over their body and health care choices.

“I’m going to take away Your rights until You do what I say, then I Will Give them back again.”

Canada’s Treasonous Traitor, Just in Trudeau

I’m calling him ‘Just in’ from now on because if he wasn’t born yesterday, he hasn’t arrived yet and must be retarded (late, slow, not politically incorrect – in fact, in this particular case, it is politically perfect).

Woah, I’m having so much Fun that We’re already over 1000 Words and I still have two more things to share. Actually, on second thought I Will leave one for tomorrow. I was going to share an Aubrey Marcus podcast with You, a Man I just recently came to know on social media by Way of Joe Rogan. But I Will share the premise of it with You because it presents a more positive perspective on viruses which 100% emulates My ‘Spiritual’ belief in a virus’s [Divine] Purpose. Yes, Divine! I Will save for Lucky Wednesday Edition but it appears viruses may evolve and enhance Our DNA!!! (But only if One allows their Self to evolve naturally.)

Finally, My most recent email sent to Canada’s ‘Acting’ Governor General, Simple Mary Simon. For those who do not live in a Commonwealth country and may not know, the Governor General is the highest authority in Canada and outranks even Canada’s Prime Minister, ‘just-in’ Trudeau. She can effectively remove any elected official who commits treason against Canada’s People, and is effectively guilty of treason her Self if she fails to do so. Trudeau picked Simon for the same reason he picked Payette – he bribed her and made her promise to Give Royal Assent to his draconian orders. She’s either a conspirator to Trudeau’s fraud, or entirely incompetent.

To quote a line from Viva Frei,

“Morons deserve to be mocked.”

Viva Frei

I should probably also provide some context if I’m going to quote a Brother in the fight for Freedom by letting You know the quote specifically relates to State Actors who have a very real duty and responsibility to not be morons.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: I also mentioned I had news about the school. I spoke with Rachael Tiggelman, the attendance secretary of K.C.I., who Gave Me the name of the lady responsible for responding to the general inquiries email address. Denise Graves is her name, so I now have some One to hold accountable for breach of Trust if they do not respond. I have a feeling they Will [now]. 😉

Post, Post Script: Wow, I really DID have a productive day! I also forgot to share My last email to Ontario Works. You can find it here, I expect I Will hear something from them tomorrow, too.

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