Volume CCVII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The Tarot and Living a Purpose Full Life

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank Your Royal Highness for being here. Today I Will be tall King about Magic again and revisiting Our Tarot read from February of 2019. It would have been impossible to know then how prophetic it is now, though any One who knows Me well Will tell You I believe We Magically Manifest Our reality (realty). So is the Magic in the Cards, or is the Magic in the reader? Or is the Real Magic in the One the reading is for, relative to how much We believe of what the Story teller says to be True? Now You might know why I Wish to revisit this topic while We are war King Our Way through a Matrix Resurrections IV Interpret-a-Sean, as this is precisely the Idea the Oracle communicates to Neo in the first Matrix – the Oracle doesn’t necessarily tell every One the Truth, just what they need to hear to find the path.

In the Matrix, the Oracle tells Neo He’s not the One because that was the only Way Neo would become the One. He didn’t believe the Oracle could know his fate, it was in His Hands, not the Oracle. So if the Oracle had told Neo He was the One, Neo would have been so determined to remain in charge of His own Destiny, He would have done everything to prove the Oracle wrong. Ultimately, the Oracle knew Neo would do the opposite of what she said because Neo’s,

“in charge of Your Life, right kid? Want a cookie?”

Oracle to Neo (who takes the cookie)

Aleister Crowley would say, “Do as thou Will is the whole of the Law”, and it is probably why so many perceived Crowley to have been ‘the wickedest Man alive’, though it is more likely he was vastly misunderstood. The Matrix series, including the latest release, suggests that choice is an Illusion. I Will tell You that is also True, but in the same Way that Our thoughts equal the Manifestation of the physical Universe – it may be True, but it takes considerable time to Manifest a physical thing into reality.

“Do as thou Will” is the whole of the Law in Truth!!! I have said before that God does not judge Us for Our sins – that was what [the Story of] Christ was all about, to alleviate that burden until We Spiritually mature. We have free Will to kill a Man, but God also Gifted Us with a moral conscience and that moral conscience is where the entire belief in God comes from – We Created a reason to do Good. We decided that killing is not so Good, We don’t like the Way it makes Us feel. Our feelings govern Our evolution, so We Will eventually evolve to do no evil. But We were the Ones who Created evil to begin with so that it could be made into something that could be conquered in Our Hollywood films. And just to reflect some Magic from the ‘Silver Screen’ (even though they use green screen now), it is Called ‘Holly-wood’ because one of the most Magical types of wood for a Wand is Holly. So everything that Hollywood produces is done by the ‘Hand’ of a Magic wand casting Spells into a ‘Spell-bound’ audience.

So what Magic was the Tarot Presenting to Us? The reason I mentioned Crowley is because this is the deck he Created with the help of a Special Friend and Artist for the Artwork. Consider how they are always telling Us that Putin is the big bad wolf on the world stage, and consider how much the ‘Legacy media’ (Words and terminology are continually evolving in real-time, too) lies to the People about what’s actually going on, what if this is something they have been doing… Forever!!!

Lust: The Central Quest-Ion of the Matter

6=9 is also a big theme I am tall King about in My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean series because everything in this world is upside down. We have been and are currently exiting the underworld, more commonly known as ‘Babylon’ by the Masters of Magic. Yes, We use Ideas like ‘God in Heaven’ to suggest that God is sitting somewhere on a cloud while the Devil is hanging out at the Earth’s fiery core, torturing damned Souls forever. The Truth is, everything (including the Manifest physical Universe) only exists in Man’s Mind.

Each of these things, (like the Idea of Heaven being above Our heads) actually represent what some refer to as Chakras in the body that evolve DNA of all species continually. The entirety of Creation is continually evolving in real time (as opposed to only happening at the end of a species life or something). They mentioned once in a documentary I was watching about dinosaurs that they don’t know where exactly the first mammals came from, only that they began around the extinction of dinosaurs, and that the first known mammals were a type of burrowing mouse like thing. Does it not make sense that if the world were being bombarded with meteors or some other catastrophic event that One would Wish to hide and bury their Self in the ground to take cover? Is One not thing King that maybe the dinosaurs were Wishing they were not so big? Is it not possible that the dinosaur Imagined something like a mouse and became that thing because it was necessary to survive the time? Just an Idea (but one I humbly believe to be True).

The Universe already knows how to transform all the Energy that was the dinosaur into the mouse, it just needs a design. Some of My Friends were concerned I was using Crowley’s Thoth deck because he was known as ‘the Beast’ and proudly attributed the number 666 to him Self (which is Magically 9; 6+6+6=18=1+8=9). I used to laugh and tell People that he was also scolded by all the other senior members of the Secret Society for disclosing their Secrets to the public, and Crowley had said in a paper in England that he believed it was time for the People to know the real Secrets and Truth of Magic. He also ‘just happened’ to be known as the highest ascended Master ever (remains True to this day as far as I know). The only reason he was even able to release the deck, is because he outranked all others who opposed. Two other ‘Masters’ released decks shortly after Crowley. The ‘Common folk’ Will tell One to avoid Crowley’s deck because he was ‘the Beast’ and it is full of all kinds of evil traps to drive One insane. I say that such a rumour Will never gain so much traction unless the polar opposite of it is True. There were not enough ‘Common folk’ interested in Magic and Crowley’s deck when it was first released to the public to be of any real concern… Unless of course it might be the most powerful Magical deck ever Created.

What the Tarot is, is in fact the ‘Tree of Life’, or the Holy Kabbalah made into a picture book for the Mind that opens psychological path-Ways in the brain. The entire practice has the same Purpose as the Oracle in the Matrix; the more We use it, the more We Will begin to understand Our Self. For example, the more One Imagines a Story and how it might Play out, even if the interpretation of the Cards was completely inaccurate, the more likely that Story is likely to Play out. When One notices this type of relationship develop, it is the beginning of a Trust relationship with the Cards, which is really just externalizing internal Issues so We can resolve them Our Self. The more the Trust relationship develops, the more We in fact learn to Trust Our Self. This is how the Cards can help One find their Way like the Oracle does for Neo without really Giving Him any specific guidance.

Lust: The Central Quest-Ion of the Matter

We are well over Word count for today but before I get into the full review of this read, I just Wish to preview again now that We are three years in. The subject Matter of the read is ‘Lust’, which represents Babylon, the underworld, and the physical world as We know it today. The upper right and left corners are how the Matter Will Play out in chronological Order respectively. The upper left corner can also offer alternative guidance or possible outcome if the first outcome is not desirable. In this particular case, it represents the natural sequence of events relative to the main Quest-Ion which concerns Babylon.

The first event shows destruction and People in high places jumping from a burning Tower. This is where We are now and the current state of chaos the world is currently experiencing. The period of chaos can only end by Way of some kind of restoration of Order. We see a Queen sitting on a cloud, bored, holding the mask of a State Actor in one of her hands, as if she is ready to unveil their treachery, perhaps? Remember, all these ‘Commonwealth’ leaders were treasonous traitors of the Crown before they formed government’s and declared ‘independence’ without actually paying for any of the stuff they took. We forget these treasonous Acts because they happened so long ago, but it is the same governments in power and the same Crown that was betrayed.

The two bottom groupings of Cards represent the psychological nature of the Issue (left), and Universal influences beyond Our control (right). I am thing King it’s a little bit funny that My identifier Card in the Tarot (Prince of Wands) is a ‘Universal Influence beyond Our control’!!! (But I’m also not about to disagree).

Anyway, these ‘Living a Purpose Full Life’ Posts involving this Tarot read are some of My most popular Posts of the last few years, and I am thing King that now is as Good a time as any to review the Cards again to see what more We can learn and how prophetic they actually were!!! Even I am amazed, despite knowing they are always war King this perfectly for Me in My private microcosm.

Love and Blessings,

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