Volume CCXIV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Elon Musk Takes Twitter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It is always a Pleasure to have You in My House and today Will be another Two’s day True to its name because there is too much Good News to be tall King about in Man’s Macrocosm today, and I am still planning to Post a new Matrix Resurrections De-Coded for the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition later this evening.

It was just yesterday that I was tall King about how Elon had purchased ten percent of Twitter shares and was as King to buy the whole thing. At the time I Writ My Post yesterday, I had heard that Twitter would not sell to Elon Musk. Shortly after completing the Post, I checked out My Instagram feed to discover that the big news of yesterday was that Twitter had made a deal to sell Twitter to Elon for $43 million U.S.!!! Here’s one of the best memes that legitimately caused Me to laugh out loud, and one of the first I saw breaking the news.

Why is this so Great? Well, I was banned from Twitter for Life, apparently for ‘hate speech’. I didn’t even bother protesting (aside from the initial protest Twitter allows One to make if they believe the decision was made in error). I knew it was not going to be overturned because it had nothing to do with ‘hate speech’, it had to do with Kyrie Irving refusing to get vaccinated and the barrage of insults he was receiving on Twitter for his medical choice. I said something like, ‘Yeah, every One hating on Kyrie should also know he’s now sitting on a multi-billion dollar lawsuit for trespassing upon his inherent rights’.

Of course, I received a number of attacks from the Twitter mob for supporting Kyrie, one individual threatened Me with some kind of physical harm (I don’t even remember what) and I responded with something like, ‘yeah, say that to My face and see what happens’. Apparently, that was hate speech. NOT! It was just not part of Twitter’s biological weapons promotion for Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson (ironically, My Sister and husband are also ‘Johnson and Johnson’, which is not a coincidence as she happens to be pro-biological weapons distribution among the masses, too, encouraging My Mum and others to receive a dangerous, experimental drug without warning of any of the side effects and risks associated with taking it) and the rest of the pharmaceutical companies producing experimental drugs for the masses. Yes, the ‘vaccines’ (not really vaccines, they had to change the definition to call these a vaccine) are STILL experimental because they don’t know ANY of the long term side effects. In fact, all they really know for sure is that they do not slow or stop the spread of any virus and claim the symptoms are slightly reduced for those who receive the jab. So I’m going to put My Life in the hands of Trudeau’s ‘trusted’ medical professionals for a drug that doesn’t even work? Uh, no thanks.

So Elon Will not be banning People for criticizing the vaccines or mask mandates, the globalists Will now have to rely on CNN, Fox and other mainstream news networks or Instagram and Facebook to push their ‘poison is Good’ propaganda campaign, or if they Wish to tell You that the Biden laptop is ‘fake news’. It’s not, the laptop is real and very incriminating.

I know, You are probably thing King I am exaggerating, right? Have You heard of ‘Operation Lockstep’? If not, it is worth checking out. Here’s a snapshot summary from Instagram on what the operation is all about.

And one more I Wish to share just so the world can Truly see how much of an absolute buffoon Trudeau really is. The next Instagram link is a nine minute long video where Pierre is as King of Trudeau very plainly what he would do if he knew a member of parliament had accepted an inappropriate gift valued at $200k. He simply cannot answer a simple Quest-Ion. But EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, look at the expressions on the faces of the People in parliament when Trudeau is speaking. They are ALL looking at him like he is the useless village idiot (and I’m sure there is a village somewhere looking for him). It does not even look like the People in his own party support him – I can only presume he is buying his support in the House and doing it with other People’s money. The Man is a treasonous traitor to Canada and everything Canada’s constitution stands for. I am not a ‘supporter’ of Pierre, either but I Will say he at least has a Good head on his shoulders and can formulate insightful Questions and articulate competent responses. The reason I don’t support him or any other politician in Canada is because NONE of them understand that Trudeau’s father commit the first act of treason by handing Canada’s economy over to private banks. Unless he plans to fix that problem, he Will NEVER fix Canada’s economy because it was deliberately manipulated to always increase in debt – that was the whole point to the private banks wanting control of Canada’s economy in the first place. TREASON, make no mistake about it, ladies and gentlemen (Rocco Galati actually tried to make this case in the Superior Court but it was thrown out because the corruption is already too deep). But seriously, please watch Trudeau squirm in this interrogation because he is a positively hopeless, brainless, twit (and traitor to Canada war King for the WEF and Klaus Schwab).

Love and Blessings,

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