Volume CCXVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; City of Ottawa – No Response Ability or Account Ability for Blackout

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. As today’s Title Will suggest, I Will be tall King a little about the Barrhaven Blackout and the City of Ottawa’s failure to accept any responsibility or accountability for those who were most affected by the blackout. It’s been a while since Freelance Friday was for ex-Pressing My frustrate-Sean with the City of Ottawa, and I figure it is long overdue.

It is the opinion of the City of Ottawa Trustees that those receiving Benefits who are most affected by the power outage and dependent on the city for their basic sustenance should ‘reach out’ to their local food bank for support. This is not only a breach of the City of Ottawa’s fiduciary obligations to their People, they are redirecting People to charitable organizations to satisfy their obligations!

As You might suspect, the use of italics, bold type and the Words ‘Trustee’ and ‘Beneficiary’ are intentional. People have heard Me use the phrase ‘State Actors’ when referring to representatives of government, and I have even pointed out how Case Law examples often refer to agents of government as ‘State Actors’. Why? Because they have a Role to Play on the world Stage, and that Role involves adherence to a very explicit Script. If an Actor fails to perform their Role in a Play, they are usually cut from the Cast. In this particular Play, the main Script State Actors are bound to follow, are Canada’s International Treaty obligations, Charter, and Constitution – otherwise known as inherent (God Given) rights. The People of Canada have invested their Trust in State Actors to protect those inherent rights, and any Trust infers Fiduciary obligations. The ‘Settlor‘ or Grantor of the Trust, are the People who Trust their government to fulfill these obligations above all else. This is precisely why no code, statute, or Act has the force of Law to trespass upon an inherent right that the People have Trusted State Actors to protect. By Way of causality, State Actors are the Trustees and the People are the Beneficiaries. It is also worthy to Note that if this Trust relationship did not exist, Canada would not be able to borrow a single red cent!!! Yup, every dollar the Canadian government borrows is to fulfill (or in most cases satisfy) a Fiduciary obligation to their People. This is in fact what the federal budget is all about. If the People accept the federal budget (and the subsequent codes, statutes and Acts Created to satisfy the Fiduciary obligations), the obligation is legally and lawfully deemed to have been satisfied, regardless whether the obligation is fulfilled.

Is it sounding complicated yet? I’m really trying to keep it as simple as possible. The fact is, if One is tall King with an agent of government about their Fiduciary obligations to the public [Trust], most State Actors Will Play dumb. Why? Because the minutes of parliament are public, the People have the right to complain to their members of parlour games (parliament) if an Act that is passed in the House of Commons fails to satisfy an obligation. How many People Writ their member of parlour games to tell them that the Ontario Works Act is unsatisfactory? If the answer is none or very few, then the majority of People are legally deemed to have been satisfied by the Act, and the Show goes on, regardless whether or not the obligation is fulfilled. Does that make more sense?

This is also where the whole Idea and concept of ‘fiat’ currency comes from. Money has no ‘real’ Value, it is relative to the as King price or (as capitalists Will say) ‘whatever the market Will bear’. It’s the Fiduciary obligations that have real Value and why the fiat currency are also referred to as ‘promissory notes’, or ‘promises to pay’. The promise is that the funds Will be used to protect the inherent rights of Canada’s People because the needs of Canada’s People have real Value. Problem is, those promises are never kept, People like True-dough like to break their promises to Canada’s People and bribe the CBC, or bail out Air Canada, or maybe the Porsche dealership. Make no mistake about it, this is a breach of Trust and treason if done with intent, or treason by happenstance if done in ignorance (because ignorance is no excuse for [violating] the Rule of Law).

This is why ending poverty and homelessness is a lot easier than most People Will believe. All the People have to do is determine that a dignified, sustainable homestead is a basic right, and the government can Create whatever promises to pay necessary to fulfill the obligation! But it’s much more Fun for State Actors to take advantage of their Beneficiaries, pay their Self first (from the same public Trust account), and cozy up with corporations that Will reap them personal benefits at the Beneficiary’s (People’s) ex-Pence. Following Me so far? I hope so.

As it stands right now, there are still plenty of homes in the greater Ottawa area still without power and the City of Ottawa should be paying whatever costs necessary to ensure these People have a dignified place to live where they can store and cook their own food. Every person who is without power should be able to check in to a hotel of their choosing and send the bill to the City of Ottawa. All the City of Ottawa has to do is recognize this is the right thing to do, and the Fiduciary obligation has equitable Value in commerce. Translation? Every Fiduciary obligation is a Write-off, an ex-Pence that can be cleared from Canada’s debt because an obligation is not just being satisfied, but fulfilled.

Okay, that’s My ‘Trust’ Law lecture for this Fabulous Free Lance Friday. If One listens to My phone conversation with My Sister, You Will hear Me trying to explain (mostly in vain) some of these concepts to her and why My payment to Noah is worth every penny I say it’s worth. The People back the Value of the Canadian dollar and by ‘accepting [a bill] for Value’, I am discharging a (small) portion of Canada’s debt equal to the face Value (prima facie) of the bill by satisfying an obligation. This is otherwise known as the Law of ‘equity’, despite the fact many People try to suggest that Courts of Equity no longer exist. That is a fallacy, they operate congruent with the Civil Courts and are the Foundation of commerce; one only needs to be as King for one, and that is done by the Express-Ion of the Claim or Application.

Today’s feature photo is also Note worthy because You Will Notice it is an unopened letter from My Brother to Me. Why did I leave it unopened? Well, see the (somewhat squished) serial number just to the left of the Stamp? That Shows the date that the Letter was received by the Post Office. This is important because the envelope contains a testamentary instrument relative to My father’s Estate and references Promises he made to Me, and Me to him. Promises are Fiduciary obligations meaning that a Promise immediately infers a Trust instrument. One cannot make a Promise to some One without there being some degree of Trust that the Promise Will be kept. Courts of equity recognize that Promises have equitable Value in Commerce and allow for the promise to pay to become ‘legal tender’. This Way I am able to Show the Court just how long My Brother kept this testamentary instrument from Me, and because it is Sealed, there is no Quest-Ion to the authenticity of My Claim. It also makes it pretty hard for My Brother to suggest that I’m not ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’ if that’s how he’s addressing Me in a legal and lawful Letter. 😉

Promises made to My Father in Heaven

It’s been a big Post already, I don’t Wish for any One to suffer from information overload, so I Will save My own emails to State Actors for another day – maybe the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition. Stay Tuned in to the Universal Conductor’s Harmonic frequency.

Love and Blessings,

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