Volume CCLXII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Marching in like a Lion, on a Chariot of Fire

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of The Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. The House is the Mind of Man because We are all Living with the thoughts in Our head. The ‘head’ of a Man is the head of God’s Promised Mother’s land, the ‘I’ land of Man. The I (am) land of Man is a Sovereign Nation under God and its head of State is also the Crown and Capitol. That’s why the last name, (the name of One’s House) gets a Capital, and the first name is the name of the Sovereign I-land of Man, so just like any other Nation, the proper name of a nation gets a Capital. Canada, Germany, Sean, for example… Once again, thank King or Queen You, the Head of Your Nation, for inviting Me into Your House with the Magical Spelling of My Words allowing My thoughts to be heard by Your Head of State.

It is the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition after all, so it is important to comprehend what the Word Sovereign means and why Our name is in fact Our Magical Calling under God, it is a Sacred Gift and the Title of the Story of One’s Life. Would One Wish for any One but their Self to be the exclusive authority (author (of) Writ-E (E=MC2)) over their Life Story, their autobiography? What if some One else were to make a Claim upon One’s name, what would One do about it? Suppose the One who owns the Title of One’s Life Story were to start charging One for using their own name, making them pay for usury privileges to use the Title of their own Life Story, demanding a percentage of every penny the Man makes? One would surely do something about it, right? Who would dare try to compel an individual to pay Royalties to use their own, God Given Calling?

Yes, this is why this is the Thursday Thing King Edition, Ladies and Gents. Belligerent Bogod Will Motion the Court on April 5th to request for a Judge to Order that My approval of the Order and refusal of acceptance of Jaye Hooper’s Decision for fraud and perjury on a Court of Record be dispensed with, and to allow for the Registrar to Issue the Order without My approval. Long Story short – they are as King of the Justice to compel Me to accept the decision, or ignore the fact that it is unacceptable for fraud and perjury on a Court of Record. And no joke, they actually share all of this inform a Sean with the Court in their affidavit for the Motion! They actually describe refusing to accept the Decision for fraud and perjury on a Court of Record as ‘meaningless’ excuse.

I’m too tired to upload the documents today because it has been a very busy one, but I Wished to keep You in the loop. The most Magical thing about that, is that I’ve been trying to decide if I Wish to be as King for an ex-parte short Motion to address the fraud because it Will absolutely be a lot easier with respect to the paperwork I Will be required to do in Order to file private criminal prosecute-Sean. I can request a Motion where I Will make oral arguments with a clean draft Order prepared and just be as King of the Justice to Endorse My Order.

No joke, moments after deciding that I Will try that first and started hunting down the proper Court forms to request a short motion date, I was served with the Notice by email on behalf of Belligerent Bogod for RosenSack LLP. There are no coincidences in the Universe, everything is a Sign from God. Their materials are suicidal, so much so that I’m also using this as something of a teaser for tomorrow’s Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, though that is not the intent or reason for not sharing the documents today… It’s just another One of those ‘no coincidence’ sort of things, the Voice of the Universe is telling Me to Keep the world waiting for One more day. I Trust in God exclusively.

The greatest war King Product-Sean today was that I finally got My Claim filed with the Landlord Tenant Board and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the process, especially the efficiency for filing. The cost was $48 and I always protest costs when One is complaining of trespass upon One’s inherent rights because that’s precisely what the Courts are there to (allegedly) guarantee the protect-Sean of. Remember, the People are the Beneficiaries and rightful owners of the Courts, and People do not pay to use their own stuff.

On that Note, fees are never Truly waived. All that really happens, is the inherent right is determined to have equitable Value by the Commercial Court, so the bill is Signed when the right is recognized, and the right is equal in value to the fees of the Court. The bill (debt) becomes a commercial instrument backed by a right that has real (equitable) Value.

One of the things I especially liked about the filing process with the Landlord Tenant Board, is that is ‘automatically’ recognizes all Common Law Principles I am tall King about here. Not only is the One who is filing advised that once One files a Claim it becomes public inform a Sean and any One may have access to the full details and any determinations, including the names of the parties. That is exactly how it should be in any Common Law jurisdiction. All proceedings Will be Recorded and open to the public and One should not even file if they do not Wish for the inform a Sean to be made public.

The reason this is so important is because it holds all parties to account all the time. The Claimant is going to look like a fool if they make frivolous complaints, the landlord Will look bad if they are violating the rights of tenants. This is why defame a Sean is so important and why One must dispute any allegations of any One bearing false witness against the Good nature of their God Given name and Magical Calling.

Also Notice the Logo and Words in the top left of the documents? If You read this Blog often You Will probably know that what I’m getting at is the upper and lower case Style of the Letters by the Logo. This indicates a Common Law Jurisdiction – Words are Spelled just as they would be in English, though legalese terms and definitions Will still apply to the Words and terms their Self. Names Will be Spelled in upper and lower case when One is in a Common Law (but still commercial) jurisdiction.

That’s also the Significance of the Logo being in black and white, rather than a beautiful array of colours. Black represents death, corpses, corpus, dead bodies of land, corporate Sean’s. So the upper and lower case represent the Common Law in a commercial jurisdiction. (Might sound a bit complicated but it’s Good News because it starts with the presumption of (non-commercial) Common Law Principles, the most Self evident of which is the right of Self determination – to be under the control of no Master. The commercial fiction of law creeps in because We Live in a commercial world, but One doesn’t have to prove that One’s inherent rights have (commercial) Value, it starts with that presumption and there Will already be legally recognized suggested Values for those inherent rights, which One can Claim commercial relief and remedy.)

An eviction Notice served in bad faith, for example, is considered such a Valuable right to be trespassing upon, that the maximum fine that can be imposed upon a corporation is $250,000.00. That money doesn’t go to the injured party, either – that’s just how much the government is going to fine a corporation for violating that particular inherent right, and the money goes to the Minister of Finance. It also can’t be claimed by filing with the Landlord Tenant Board, the Value of the Claim determines it must be heard by the Ontario Superior Court. It is also reasonably safe to say that any legitimate Court Will also be awarding considerable amounts in damages over the $35,000.00 offered by the Landlord Tenant Board, which is essentially exactly the same Principle as a small claims court in the province of Ontario.

I did not receive confirmation that My fee waiver was accepted, I received confirm a Sean that My fees have been paid. Believe it or not, the fee waiver represents a ‘Promise to Pay’ fulfilled, and Will actually be deducted from Canada’s national debt, not adding to it (which is exactly what would happen if I had paid by cash, because cash is just a promise to pay, to fulfill an obligation – recognizing the obligation, is fulfillment of the payment). This is also exactly why it worked with the bi-law infraction when I paid with My thumbprint at the City of Ottawa. I can honestly say that I don’t know any One else to ever have done that (many People have, I’m just saying I don’t know any One else who can do that, and that includes every One I know in the (so called) Self Determination movement).

I didn’t edit anything, this is My receipt for payment. The need fulfills an obligation, the Promise to Pay is fulfilled. Trust Me, You Will not learn this inform a Sean anywhere else! 😉

I’m celebrating My fourteenth year on WordPress this year and I have shared a lot of inform a Sean over the years! My Friend is as King of Me to start up My Podcast again, insisting I should be teaching every One this stuff in a simple Q and A Style based on converse a Sean’s We’ve had. So that Will be something to look forward to in the future as well, as My Friend is going to be Writing interview Quest-Ions for Me to answer to make some of these concepts easier for the Common Man to comprehend.

In other Good News in My Microcosm, no reply from the Bracebridge Courthouse yet which is, uh, well… More than just a little suspect! And the materials Belligerent Bogod of RosenSack Wish to Present are so suicidal I Will be looking forward to tall King about them in the Free Lance Friday Edition.

I hope this Thursday finds all of You feeling Fabulous.

Today’s feature photo are the year’s most downloaded documents to date. That what’s on the Mind of Man’s Macrocosm most – at least as far as this audience is concerned.

Love and Blessings,


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