Volume CCLXVII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Elevate Sean to the High Court

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today Will be something of a historical day for Man’s Macrocosm as the West‘s most popular (or unpopular, depending on One’s opinion) journalists, Tucker Carlson, is no longer reporting for or war King with Fox (very few official details are available). He is the most watched news journalist and one of the highest earners in the business, so this really is big news for Man’s Macrocosm because it represents a major shift in collective consciousness as Tucker’s fans wait to see where he emerges next. Energy flows where attention goes – or something like that…

I’m not saying he got fired because it doesn’t sound like that’s what happened. Most headlines say that Fox and Tucker ‘agreed to part ways’. I’m not sure what did happen, but My belief is that it has something to do with a lawsuit that Fox News is dealing with. Maybe he was fired but only because Fox was threatened with a lawsuit if they didn’t fire him and this was the lesser of two evils?.. I am thing King the opposing counsel for Fox News was see King blood and Tucker Carlson was the biggest bargaining chip they had to resolve the Matter outside of Court. I really think this is part of some non disclosure agreement of some kind, or something very similar. Either Way, Tucker Carlson Will not have anything to worry about, his fans Will eagerly be awaiting his return. I’m not necessarily a fan of Tucker Carlson but I believe his controversial contribution to the conversation is compulsory for comprehensive, conclusive journalism.

But today was a busy day in My Microcosm, too because My Deeds had nothing to do with the News of Tucker Carlson leaving Fox but are equally Powerful with respect to their eventual impact on Man’s Macrocosm.

It was another Letter to Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, David Lametti, who may not only lose the Honour of Honourable, he may soon be better known on this Blog simply as David ‘the Lame’ Lametti. I am thing King that there are no coincidences and that ‘Lametti’ refers to a lame horse rather than an Honourable Knight… But of course, David can prove Me wrong, and I am as King of him kindly to do so.

The main difference between this email and the other two emails sent to David Lametti’s office regarding this Matter is that this email is also served upon the Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s office. So even if the Minister him Self Wishes to ignore the Notice, the office has a legal and lawful duty to receive service by Way of email on his behalf. Essentially, it’s proof of service and Notice of Liability, and proof of Service of Notice of Liability – all the essential components to converting the Notices into an unopposed Common Law Claim. Canada’s government might not be very Good at fulfilling its promises to pay or Honouring their debts, but I am thing King that King Charles III Will be considerably more Honourable. I also do not believe for one second that King Charles III Will be very impressed to learn that this is how David Lametti chooses to Honour the Crown. But I guess time Will tell. The Magical Date the Casting of this particular Spell Will take effect is June 7th which seems kind of kismet. That’s when the sixty days the Crown has to respond to My Common Law Claim officially expires before they are noted in default and I am able to make My Claim directly to His Majesty, Charles III.

I also figured it couldn’t hurt to email Kerry Thomson again (though I am thing King that it might be Carrie Thomson) because the fact is, the fraud is self evident and plain as day obvious (or should be) to any officer of the Court. If there is no Court of Record, if documents received by a Registrar have not been filed with the Court, that is fraud! We already know this is taking place and have known ever since We received the Statement of Defense from Hala Tabl. So My question to Kerry Thomson is why have the documents not been entered onto the Court of Record yet?

And finally, (and just to make point) another ‘fresh’ email to the Barrie Courthouse as King which days the Court hears virtual Motions before a Judge. Every Court has different ‘directions’ for hearing motions. The Rules are always the same but when and how they are heard can be different from one court to the next. An experienced lawyer said the best Way to know what days a Court hears motions is just to call or email the Court and ask, they Will send a link to the relative practice direction for the region. Ottawa has always provided the links I am as King for without delay, the Barrie Courthouse has never failed to respond to My emails prior to the Bracebridge Courthouse being placed on Notice of Criminal Liability – ever since, they have stopped responding to even simple questions, so this email is really just a test to see how many Courts are being negligent in their reply.

You Will Notice I’m being as vague as possible, just as King what days the Court hears Motions so I can know what dates to be as King for in My Notice of Motion.

I’m also sharing what I consider to be a very important and relevant video for Man’s Macrocosm which I also feel is cosmically linked to My Microcosm because Barnes is tall King about his lawsuit against Pfizer! The whole video is worth the time, I’m on My second time war King through this one because it is so Good!

Pfizer knew their product was ineffective at the time they were pitching it to government and they (Viva and Barnes) are tall King about how Pfizer Will absolutely lose if the evidence against them is allowed, so they are determined to do everything they can to prevent them from proceeding to the discovery stage where they can start submitting evidence and deposing Pfizer executives. The fact is, there is no Way to hide how dangerous the vaccines are or how malicious and fraudulent big pharma’s claims were, there is now only attempts to keep that information out of the Courts and out of the public.

The questions they are now as King is not whether or not there Will be liability for the lies told about the ‘vaccines’ (its actually scientifically called ‘gene therapy’) but whether or not they Will now try to blame Trump instead of Biden because he was in the driver seat at the time the deals with government are made.

And an alternative ‘conspiracy theory’ to the mainstream narrative postulated by Yours Truly, is that the Real purpose for colluding with government, the WHO, the WEF, the big tech companies, big pharma, the censorship industrial complex and others to get so many People to participate in this dangerous medical experiment, was to expose the corruption of all of these organizations so that the People can see their government’s political party as nothing more than a party to treason against the Sovereign People.

The House of Cards is falling, ladies and gents…

Love and Blessings,


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