Propaganda and the War On Terror

My blog, just like My Book was intended to help You discover Your own personal power.  Imagine that thoughts do manifest themselves into reality.  Imagine that this single principle is a universal law and that free will is simply a matter of choosing which thoughts You choose to believe.  Suppose believing You could change the world around You made it possible.  I believe it does.  You can choose to believe You are a Divine being with unlimited potential, just as You can choose to believe anything else You think, see, hear or feel.

In My last entry I ended with a recent news article that talks about increasing security measures because of an anonymous letter.  The day before there was a quotation from Obama from the nuclear summit saying that terrorists were now trying to gain access to a nuclear weapon or other weapons of mass destruction.  The media is a circus, it is not information.  There is no requirement for the media to determine where Obama is getting this information about terrorists, sending a note and calling the media to report about it only ensures the success of the note!  The note was designed to scare people and We are going to turn around and show this to every Canadian and American who will listen so that they can be terrified?  Then You have to ask Yourself if reporting on terrorism is an act of terrorism?  Hmmm.  Let’s see, a terrorist’s objective is to scare You and the media perpetuates fear.  And I’m not even talking about terrorist groups.  I’m talking about the economy, natural disasters, the environment, war, crime, starvation, conspiracy theories, religion, government, ascension, prophecies and the end of the world.

What is a prophecy?  A prophecy is just an idea, a thought.  It will always exist in the future and truth exists only in the now, in this moment.  We are collectively beginning to understand and accept theories like the law of attraction and ‘the Secret’.  It is critical that all of humanity understands this ‘secret’ as a universal law so that We can make the changes We need to make to prepare for the evolution of humanity.

So My prophecy simply suggests that humanity is at the end of an age and that We will experience an evolutionary transition.  Fear, or lack of understanding what We truly are is the root cause of all of the world’s problems.  Truth is also at the root of all beings and is growing within each of Us every day.  This process will be accelerated by events in the outside world.  Many of Us may need to be stripped of all of Our previous thoughts before We can see what lies at the root of Our being.  The new world will not require money of any kind, so money will disappear.  We will know Our Divine nature and stop getting sick, medicine will become obsolete.  We will realize Our immortality and no longer fear death, We will win the war on terror for We will be fearless.

For many of Us We understand the possibility without realizing the potential, Your potential.  Outer change very much comes from within.  If the outside world must come crashing down for You to realize the potential to make change from within, then so be it.  But people like Me will tell You this choice exists now.  The kingdom of heaven lies before You for all who choose to see it.  So there is no global recession coming, there is no famine coming, natural disasters are not getting worse, America is not falling into fascism, North American’s are not about to lose their sovereignty, the New World Order is not going to happen, there is no illuminati, WWIII is not just around the corner, the atmosphere is not warming, the poles are not shifting, the planets are not aligning, there is no shift in conscience, there is no end of the world, no plan for mass genocide, no corruption within the governments, no promise for peace.  These are just ideas and they all exist in the future.  Truth only exists now.

This series is excellent.  I am still learning how to convey and teach other people how to connect with this part of Yourself.  Tolley does a fine job of explaining it.


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