The Power of Thought as Limitless as Imagination?

In My last entry I wrote about what if thoughts equal manifestation, or (more specifically) the manifestation of Our reality.  It certainly isn’t a new idea.  Many books and celebrities talk about this theory as a new secret for success and tell You how this power can be used to achieve unlimited potential.

The real secret isn’t the philosophy ‘thoughts = manifestation’.  The real secret is knowing this is true.  Just as You must believe in the dream 100%, so too must You understand this to be a truth, not a possibility.  Your imagination is the only real limit to Your potential and its capacity is infinite.

“Obviously when you have a letter that in this case threatens some sort of action – whether it’s a hoax or not – you’d better take it seriously from the outset. There will be some additional measures taken to try to ensure the safety of the community.”

In My next entry, I am going to talk about headlines like the one above.  If thoughts equal manifestation, then what happens when a lot of people think the same thing?  And what kind of power does the media have to influence a large number of people to think the same way?  What kind of reality are We creating, collectively?  And is it the reality We most dream to know?  This is why I speak out.  There is a world that exists before You, before each of Us that holds within it the capacity for a world beyond reality, limited only by imagination and nothing else.


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