The Philosophy Behind ‘A Prophecy for Peace’

I have a couple of videos for You today.  This first video introduces one of the key principles behind My Book – “What if thoughts = manifestation?”.

So what if thoughts do equal manifestation?  What if this is true?

The irony is that this truth exists in the moment, not in the future and not in the past.  It is here to be discovered now.  When this truth is discovered, the desire is for all of humanity to discover it for this will accomplish the world of peace and Love We most want to know.  This in itself is part of the Divine Principle.  It is very much a new realm of perception and so it truly exists right now but the message itself, the intention is relative to this reality.

I don’t worry about anything because I feel like I know how it ends.  I don’t know how it all comes together, but I know that it does.  In the meantime, I enjoy the moment, the experience, watching Love unfold.  That is the promise, if You will.  The Book is based on a belief that thoughts do manifest if they are created with Love.  So I began looking at the world around Me and started imagining how this could all possibly come together.

I put the entire thesis together in My head, wondering how this truth could make sense to both a scientific and spiritual community.  Truth, or Love is what humanity collectively seeks to know most.  Not knowing it is not only responsible for all of the world’s problems but also for all human suffering.  When We begin to take this knowledge and once again look at the world around Us, We can begin to see how all the other thoughts out there are beginning to manifest themselves and what kind of things might be required before people to ask themselves the kind of questions that will lead to what they seek to know.

I like these videos because I feel I would sound kind of like this if I were to make videos.  But imagine if thoughts do equal manifestation.  What if this is a universal truth?  Does that mean if You believed You couldn’t get sick that You would never get sick?  Does that mean if You believed You could live forever that You could?  Where does it end?  Or does it?

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