We All Have a Gift

And the gift is the ‘present‘ moment.  It can only exist now.

A man walks by a beggar and the beggar says, “Excuse Me sir, could You help Me with some change?”

The man says, “I’m sorry, I have no change.”

The beggar grumbles and says, “Okay, well thank You anyway.”

The man says to the beggar, “But what are You sitting on?”

“Just an old box”, the beggar replies.

“What is in the box?”, says the man.

“I don’t know, its just an old box I use to sit on.”

“Perhaps You should open it and see what’s inside.”, suggests the man.

Reluctantly the beggar pries open the box and discovers the box is full of gold.

If I told this story to someone like My brother, he would surely say to Me, “Yes, Sean, I get it.  But I am not a beggar, I have everything I need in life.”

“Yes, but if You do not understand the gold You are sitting on, You are poorer than the beggar even with all Your riches.”



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