Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Thank You for being here.  We don’t always want to wake from Our slumber.  The bed is warm, You are comfortable.  You were having a wonderful dream.  It would be so nice to just keep dozing.  But there’s a world out there to conquer and explore.  Oh, but the bed is so comfortable and You don’t have to do anything to get there.  And just as You’re about to doze off, the faintest whiff of fresh brewed coffee hits Your nose.  Coffee?  Another sniff, just to be sure.  Fresh coffee?!  Hmmm.  Then a ray of sunshine streams through the window, forcing You to squint but warming Your face.  The Universe really wants You to get Your ass out of bed.  There’s fresh coffee waiting for You…

Sad but true, coffee and sunshine are the two things I look forward to most in the morning.  If I see the sun shining outside I can’t stay in bed.  And the first thing on the day’s agenda is always coffee.  Spinach is to Popeye as coffee is to Me.  Nectar of the Gods.  But today I’m using it more as a metaphor.  I don’t want anyone to panic when they are roused from their slumber.

I asked My readers to suspend disbelief while reading My Blog.  Believe You are a superhero, equipped with Your own personal arsenal of weapons specifically chosen to accomplish Your quest.  We all have a special task, a Philosopher’s Stone to find – and to return to humanity for the benefit of all.  The best part is, You can’t possibly fail, though I suppose You could save it for another lifetime.

I believe I am a superhero.  My power is Truth, My Word is My weapon.  My understanding of Truth is My gift.  I claim I can transform the world.  In My next entry I will explain why I still believe this is true and cast My next spell.  I’m going to try to get a few entries in before I disappear.  Until then, be blessed.  And so it is.

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