Follow up letter to MP Lloyd Longfield

Dear Mr. Lloyd Longfield,
I wanted to Write You again today to apologize sincerely for mispelling Your name.  I blame ‘auto-correct’. I re-read My letter to You last night and was horrified to see My error.  My most sincere apologies – I give You My Word it will not happen again, please do forgive Me.  People get My name wrong all the time, I know how frustrating it can be.
I also felt it was only fair to let You know that I publish all My letters to government agents on My Blog as I am sincere in My determination to expose the frauds outlined in My last letter.  I want a record evidencing My effort to undo the transgressions of My ignorance and settle all fraudulent accounts created in My name and You are now part of My story.
I did correct Your name before publishing.  You can view the website Your Self at
Thank You again for Your time, I look forward to hearing from You,
Love and blessings,
King Sean, House of von Dehn,
Kingdom of God

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