Magic of the Tarot

Yes, I also read Tarot.  Some people have misconceptions about all kinds of things being ‘evil’.  If You know Your own heart, evil can’t touch You.  The Tarot have been an excellent guide for Me, even though I have never studied.  Magic is not something I need to study it is My natural gift.  The Power of Magic is with the Caster of the Spell.  They perform rituals to know and understand this Magic, I know it naturally, My Magic is Cast with absolution, empowered by Divine (God given) Intention.

I don’t even use the Tarot very much, only at times in My life when I have been trying to determine My ‘next move’, if You Will.  They don’t predict the future for Me, how could they?  I am the Creator of My future and I know it with perfection.  I did a reading after finally sending My letters because I wasn’t really sure what to do next and wanted some guidance.  My ‘character’ in the Tarot is the Prince of Wands.  I only pulled three cards, Prince of Wands in the center with the Emperor on My right and the Star on My left.  I knew the moment I turned them over what it meant.

Every reading previous to this was instructing Me to study which kind of bothered Me because not to be arrogant but I’m pretty smart already.  And it was always specific about the LAW.  And I can’t even tell You how done I am with ‘mans’ laws.  But of course, it was necessary.

And all is foretold to Us in every moment of life.  When I as King to My mother what she thought I should do after high-school, she thought I would make a great Writer or Lawyer.  Close.  If she had said Writer and Law maker, she would have been bang on.

The Bible talks of ‘false prophets’.  The ‘false prophets’ are those who claim to be King without honoring His title and earning His Crown.  That is the man who has Words without Deeds.  I am not that man.  I am the Prince of Wands, guided by the Star (37) and the authority of the Emperor.

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