Superior Court of Justice, Canada

I mentioned that Wednesday was as beautiful a day as I had imagined it would be and I was excited to get some Work done.  I took the documents returned to Me by the Attorney General to the Superior Court of Justice and placed them on the record.  Now it is known that My declaration was received by the Crown.  Any Canadian dollars issued in My name are now fraudulent and My documents evidence this fact.


MAG = Ministry of Attorney General (MAG)

Colour is important in their fiction, too.  Black means death, no life, corpus or corporation.  Corpus (Dead) or Corporate have no authority over living man.  Red is authority.  My authority is not challenged, received means accepted.  Silence is consent.  They have no authority or jurisdiction to challenge Me and the letters are sent to the legal department for a response, after the letter is acknowledged and stamped by the Attorney General.  To address these matters, I need a higher court of authority.

For now, I just let the clerk at the courthouse know that I have serious charges against the Crown that are not being answered to and showed her the documents.  She reviewed them and said she didn’t understand why they would be sent back but would be happy to make copies and place them on the record for Me.  I said that would be lovely and all was hoping to accomplish today.


I’m pretty sure blue represents man but as the colour would suggest, a man without the life force energy of blood; depleted blood, deprived of oxygen, blue blood.  Man living unconscious of God, a man not of God.  I dis-Spell all presumptions in the first two documents by claiming Black’s Law and the Bible as works of fiction, Writ by man, asserting that no Written Word has the Power to remove a man from God’s Kingdom or common law protections (if it is easier for You to consider and understand that Way).

Now it is clearly documented in My records that all of My information has been presented to the appropriate legal offices and the matter is not being addressed as it should be in accordance with their own laws.  Three months and four days it took for the lawyer to respond after it was forwarded to him from the Attorney General.  Thirty days is standard and I have a feeling that is also related to something in the Bible about 30 pieces of silver or gold that were paid to a man to betray Jesus.  Thirty pieces of Gold is the thirty days it takes for the Kingdom of God to become real on earth.  30 is 3+0 or 3, the Trinity.

I now have a certified default judgement for $11,740,000.00, accepted by the Attorney General.  Again, the money is pointless, My real estate has unlimited commercial value, why would I want debt, or promissory notes?  I don’t, I want justice.  Justice = Just Is.

So, as promised, I have included here everything I am doing on the legal side of things.  I have showed You the letters I have Writ to My MP, social worker, local police, Toronto police, Toronto Crown, Vital Statistics and the Attorney General.  Later today I Will update the ‘Story’ by adding the most recent two documents so You Will have an Idea of what the case file I carry around with Me looks like.  It is a Formidable Shield.

Using My thumbprint as My Seal on all documents also ‘links’ who I am with everything done before now.  Of course the police took My prints in Toronto and that is the point.  The prints Will match, but the character won’t and My character trumps their character and the judge.  I sign nothing, everything is done with a thumbprint, even cashing cheques and that’s how I can do it without giving up My Spiritual Ideas because all things are a gift from God when You accept his Kingdom.

When I am asked for ‘ID’, I hand My briefcase to them.  Very soon it is handed back and I am left alone, courteously.  They don’t need a picture when they see thumbprints on everything, criminals typically try to avoid leaving prints.

I also managed to make some significant progress on a couple of the Art pieces I’m working on and hope to get two of the four finished today in addition to a few letters.  I Will be Writing the Superior Court of Justice a follow up letter to accompany the letters I filed yesterday, it Will be hand Writ.

I am also vacating My current homestead on June 1st.  This was decided in February and My landlord was given notice in March.  I have no plans yet as to where I Will go, I simply knew that I would not be here by My name day.  After I give My follow up letter to the Superior Court I Will wait to see if they respond before I am ready to leave.  If not, My first destination Will be Toronto and I Will have My day in court if that’s what they want.  I really don’t think they do.

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