May I Have Intercourse with You, Please?

I thought that might get Your attention.  See, My job is to help everyone see the world the Way it actually is.  Today I called…  (I can’t even remember the name of the actual government office) but it was the appropriate government agency for filing complaints with local police departments.  I explained to the representative what happened to Me on Wednesday in detail.  I told him that I had responded to criminal charges in Toronto and received a letter of reply in-Forming Me that the file had been closed and there would be no further response from the Ministry on the matter.  I explained to him that I now have the standing of King in Commerce and Law and that it would now be dishonorable to bring Me into those courts and the police don’t seem to know that.

The problem for Me, the man here, is that the police are acting on the title that shows up on their screen.  That title belongs to the Crown.  I am the Crown now.  That’s why everything Will also be a spiritual metaphor.  “I am that, I am.”  So, although I have changed My status, the other character does not cease to exist.  What should have happened, is My charges from Toronto should have been honorably discharged exactly as I demonstrated in the last document handed to Me by police.  The reality is that the Toronto Crown is so busy with whatever else it has going on everyday that unless all My paperwork comes before one of those judges, My warrants are still going to appear outstanding as My Hands still have not touched any of those documents.  For Me to discharge them, they need to be brought before Me.  But to bring Me into their courts would be dis-Honorable to Me.  It would be suggesting that they believe they have the right to judge Me when they know they don’t.  That is dis-Honor and an offence to God’s Law which, believe it or not, all judges, justice of the peace and higher authorities are bound above all other laws to uphold.  And they know how to do their jobs very well.  The representative on the phone also understood My position very well.

The funniest part of the whole thing, is that the only reason for filing a complaint is to protect the Guelph Police.  They would not have detained Me or imprisoned Me at all if they were not still acting on the warrants from Toronto or whatever else might show up (which IS NOT Me).  And I would be quite happy to let the Guelph Police arrest Me every time if they want to and just issue Me a promise to appear as they did last time.  So long as they don’t continue to hold or detain Me, waiting to hear back on charges from Toronto when I hold in My possession documents from the Attorney General’s legal department saying the file is closed.  How can I uphold the law if the local authorities don’t read or understand the legal documents I carry?  Filing a complaint is an alternative that would take a couple of weeks.  The other option is to file disciplinary Orders into the Superior Court of Justice every time I am harassed by them.  And that’s what I am going to do if I am arrested again.  You may not force someone to have intercourse with You!!!

In the end, the agents advice was to fill out the online form but otherwise, I’m the only person who can really advise the police so all I’m doing is giving the Complaint Commission authority to communicate My authority.  And I don’t have two weeks or however long that process may take, so I am going to place disciplinary measures into the court against any officers who unlawfully arrest, detain or present Me (offer Me intercourse) with any kind of charge.  The merchant is the first to offer Me intercourse by offering food.  I am enticed by this food and hungry so I visit the merchant and accept his offer.  Once I am satisfied, the merchant then tells Me there is a charge for his offer and he offers Me intercourse again by presenting Me with a bill to compensate for his service.

What he presents Me with is an amount the merchant owes to a bank for the goods and services provided.  I am releasing the merchant from their debt by stamping the bill with My thumbprint.  My thumbprint grants access to My Cestui Que Vie Trust (in God) which is the wealth the banks borrow from, the wealth of the Crown’s goods and resources.  I am discharging wealth from the value of My life which every man and woman on Earth has the Power to do and what I am eventually here to teach everyone how to do (June 5, hang in there).

When the merchant refuses payment, it is the same as Me refusing to accept the bill.  The merchant believes what he is presenting to Me has value which is does not.  It only has value because he perceives it has value, so I acknowledge that by releasing whatever value he believes his services to be worth from the Cestui Que Vie Trust.  As long as the merchant signs the bill I stamp with My thumb, We have created that dollar value in Canadian currency.  It’s that simple.  And banks know this stuff, they have to, it’s part of the laws of exchange, basic rules of contract.  A red thumbprint seal from a King has unlimited commercial value.  How many of mine does the Crown have already?  Now do You See why they Trust Me and why My Work is done?  I honestly felt like maybe the guy on the phone today actually knew who I was.  There is no crime happening here, only a merchant who believes his debt to a bank is worth more than My life.  It’s not.

Anyway, rules of engagement are rules of engagement.  The police do the same thing when they show up, they offer Me a new contract.  A food and lodging fraud contract.  All I need to do is stamp it with My thumb and place it into the Superior Court and it’s done, paid…  Just like the merchant would have been if he had not refused My acceptance of his debt for My life.

Love and Blessings, hope this is starting to sink in, Love You all!!!

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