Intellectual Copyright is an Illusion

Maybe that’s one of the biggest issues.  Of course We all have Unique Ideas about the world and Our Dreams but the Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe ensures that every successful Idea Will manifest in the Universe.  The great Idea of one man Will be subconsciously communicated to others.  It is the only reason I can understand this world the Way that I do.  I have some kind of connection to the collective consciousness of man’s Ideas, I see the bigger picture, always.  Because in God’s Universe, there is only ever more.  It is the brilliance of every other man that allows for Me to know anything I can share with You here.  Someone said My ego was too big today.  Well, when a man knows he’s God, it’s pretty tough to not think You’re pretty great.  So, the only Way I figure any man would say such a thing to Me is because they don’t know Me and, more importantly, don’t know their Self – or they would not be surprised that I believe I am God for they would know it to be true of them also.  Just some fodder for a couple of Trump tweets I made on Twitter tonight.  I’m starting to like this social media thing!

Love and blessings,

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