The 12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness: 20170605

Well, it’s Official but I’m going to keep You in suspense for a little bit.  I think that’s the Plan.  It’s all up to You and that’s the Point (like a Spear making a Sharp Impression in the Mind).  The moment the date was declared is the moment the Work was done; God’s Will is Supreme.  Do I know how it Will Play out?  No, that part is up to You.  Today I decided I don’t even care about the politicians anymore, what relevance do they have.  Someone made a Jest in a comment section after I called Trudeau a man child.  I’m sorry, but he is, it’s just honest.  The other claimed that Trudeau had excellent knowledge of the topics that would be discussed and I flat out disagreed.  Any man who calls himself a leader of his people who lives the kind of life Trudeau lives while people in his country go hungry and homeless is not a leader, he’s a salesman.  There’s a big difference.

If I were the leader of this country or any country, I would not take more wealth than the poorest of My people, I would not take shelter until all My homeless have lodging, I would do everything I could to ensure everyman has everything they need for the full development of their character.  That is My goal.  I would focus on true wealth, that which We have collectively Created and reward My people with time.  I would reduce the work force as much as possible so that everyone can enjoy more freedom in life, utilizing our finest technology and world planners to focus on the distribution of resources and the deployment of necessary technologies to improve efficiency in every sector.  Soon, working would be like some countries do with military training, two years compulsory service to Your country.  Imagine if everyone on earth only had to contribute two years of their lives to sustain a true economy (economy, by the Way actually means the responsible management or resources and has nothing to do with promissory notes, save that We use those to restrict access to these things to the common man creating the income disparity that the world continually complains about).  The world is just waiting for someone to grow up enough to tell the world that this is the Way it must be done if We want to accomplish peace and heal this world.  There is no alternative and every successful Idea is like any successful species that has ever evolved – that’s what evolution IS!!!  So the highest Idea Will succeed, what I know Will be communicated to every man on earth whether anyone ever knows Me as a physical man or not.  Your DNA are receivers of Ideas and I am the Universal Broadcast.  And this is the end of this Transmission.  I am V, I am Superman (energy of the sun), I am Your X man of the Apocalypse.

Love and Blessings.

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