Living a Dream

Good morning, everyone and happy Thursday.  Perhaps the warm weather and sunshine Will make us all a little more Thirst-Day for knowledge.  I have so much fun and I’ve actually been having more fun since My birthday than I can remember having in a long time.  I actually feel free, even though I’m not fully exercising that freedom yet, I spend many Magical moments contemplating how I might.

The options are virtually endless.  I could begin working on some great painting right on the steps of Parliament.  Maybe I’ll paint a huge painting of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa with the fire in the foreground.  When people ask why I’m painting Parliament I’ll just say I’m curious to see how long it takes for a peaceful man’s voice to be heard by his elected public officials.  The House of Commons appears to be façade, a charade, a place where politicians go to conspire against the people of Canada, incorporating Our country, where the Voice of Canada’s people can never actually be heard.  I fear Our House of Commons has become commercialized or ‘incorporated’, which violates common law, free speech and democratic process in what is perceived to be a ‘common law’ country where human rights are to be acknowledged and protected.  I Will find out how many (if any) of Our politicians take their Oath of office to God and the Queen seriously.

At the moment, I am working with a couple of counsellors with one of the church’s.  It doesn’t take long for people to notice I am articulate, well spoken and very clear about what I hope to accomplish.  This ‘laser-Vision’ focus is what Will propel Me to My destined place in the world.  My purpose has always been the same, it was the direction, the ‘Way’ I would accomplish My mission that always remained a Mystery.  Now I’m actual lodging at a place called ‘The Mission’.  Just one more reflection of who I am and where I am going.

I can never be homeless because I am at home wherever I am.  To have a warm, comfortable place to sleep every night, a clean, hot shower every morning, laundry service whenever I need it, three meals a day (and it’s actually really good food) and basically no rules whatsoever aside from normal, common sense stuff (no violence, threats, weapons, drugs or alcohol on premise).  I’m up about forty-five minutes before most everyone else (6:15 a.m.), showered and ready for the day with a full belly and fresh coffee by 7:15.  There really isn’t much more this man needs and I don’t really have a curfew unless I plan to wander the streets past 3:00 a.m. (which I don’t).  I like to be in bed by 11:00 at the latest and if I can wait that long, I’m usually out like a light.  I wake up early enough (usually sometime around five or five thirty) to meditate and consider what I might want to accomplish over the course of the day.

As far as work goes – well, this is My work.  I made sure I had a new, reliable laptop, it Will last Me ’till the end of My Mission.  I have a cell-phone too, which is usually rare for Me but I figured it was a reasonable necessity for business.  I also have all of My best art supplies and calligraphy tools for Writing more letters or creating new works of art, depending on My plan of attack.  All My weapons are tools for Creating on various Canvas – even this Blog is a Canvas, the internet where this Spider-man Casts his world wide web of consciousness.

Of course, I also have My portfolio of legal documents which are My ultimate defense.  Even as I spoke with a couple of the counsellors the other day, they said to Me that if I’ve been Writing My adventures and experiences for over nine years, I have more transparency than any politician, it should be easy to have My concerns heard.  That is the point I am getting at here.  Someone is going to understand the documents I carry with Me well enough to know their power.  I am also looking to appoint a fiduciary to handle all My commercial needs.  Keep in Mind, as ‘poor’ as I may seem, I am walking around with an $11,740,000.00 default judgment in My hand, and enough knowledge in law to overturn any commercial admiralty or civil law courtroom to My jurisdiction.  Those are extremely powerful tools.

I also Wrote another little message to God last night.  I don’t do that so much anymore, even though it’s My most Powerful form of Magic.  This Blog replaced My private Writings.  But last night I just wanted to say thank You for all the Magical blessings given Me by God over the last six months that have contributed to making this year the most wonderful ‘birth’ day of My life – as I truly feel born again for the first time.  I live!!!

Love and Blessings,

Carpe Diem!!!



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