Born this Way Found A Sean…

I use Starbuck’s wifi quite frequently.  My favourite coffee shop and reliable internet, what better combo is there for Writing?  I did not know, however that Lady Gaga has a “Born this Way Foundation”!!!  Not only that, but I only JUST discovered today that Starbuck’s is supporting this Foundation from June 13 (1+3=4=Foundation) to 19 (1+9=10=New Age, Aeon).  That would not be so Magical had I not so randomly decided to include her Vimeo video yesterday in My Blog Post.  Another coincidence?

Click here to see the page before June 19.

Just wanted to show You how Magical My world really is.  And I Will be sharing more about the Magic of My yester-day very soon.  Love and blessings, let’s post that video one more time, this time to tell Lady Gaga that I love her Foundation and now it has Found A Sean.  Love and Blessings,


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