The Constitution of Imagine ‘A’ Sean



  • “single parents constitute a great proportion of the poor”
  • synonyms: amount to, add up to, account for, form, make up, compose
  • “farmers constitute ten percent of the population”


  • give legal or constitutional form to (an institution); establish by law
  • synonyms:  inaugurate, establish, initiate, found, create, set-up, start, form, organize, develop

I thought it was especially interesting that the definition Google found first talks about the poor, as this Blog constitutes the end of poverty on earth, My Dream for world peace, My constitution, or ‘Constitu-Sean’.  No coincidences.

I am two days behind in My Writing, though I Trust that everything is right on time.  I am serious about My commitment to Write a Post a day, though circumstances have not made it reasonably possible for Me to maintain that commitment and I Trust the Universe knows what it’s doing.

The Idea and title for this Post was Established on Thursday, I was busy in the physical Universe delivering another letter Friday morning, and Friday evening My computer demanded updates before it would allow Me to do any War King online.  I could have allowed My Self to feel frustrated by the circumstances, yet everything is a building upon the Found ‘A’ Sean of thing King I have already Writ about, giving Me an opportunity to apply My own Teaching by Way of example.

All of these unforeseen circumstances are an example of My last Teaching about Trust.  At the end of the day, I am the only one to blame for not maintaining a commitment I had made to My Self about Writing a Post every day.  I could have kept My Word but I made the commitment because I Love Writing and have plenty I still need to say.  But I did not feel like Writing on Thursday, and the Universe, (circumstances beyond My control) were not making it easy for Me.  The Question (or Quest Ion) I was forced to as King of My Self, was ‘is it better to Write a Post everyday, or Write when I have something of value to say?’ – answer seemed pretty obvious.

After deciding I did not have to force My Self to Write against My Will, I immediately felt a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted.  Shortly thereafter I was Gifted with a visit from a friend I would otherwise have had to decline and missed out on an evening of chess, which I very much enjoyed.

I was also Gifted with experiences that allowed for Me to come up with the witty title for this Post, tall King about Imagination and how I am a Mage in a Sean, I-Mage-in-a-Sean.  The new Constitution is My Imagine A Sean, My Dream for world Peace.

Establishing a constitution is putting all of My Ideas together, which I was also tall King about with My friend over chess.  I had one last piece to develop into the Center of the Board before launching My final attack, and I managed to Play that move on Friday.  I can’t say I know exactly how everything will Play out, but I can say I have fully developed My Strategy.

I Will follow up with one more letter to each public official who has thus far failed to Honour My letters with a reply, and I Will either Hand deliver the letters and require a signature of acceptance of true copy, or I Will make a True Copy My Self and send the letters registered mail as I did with the Ottawa Citizen.  Once that is all done, the next step Will be file the paperwork into court.

2017-12-15 22.10.22.jpg
The King’s Bench

What Constitutes Sean is My Dream for World Peace, My Image in A Sean.

Love and Blessings,





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