The Prince of Peace

Of the Seven Letters on My List, Michelle Richardson’s was the one I wanted to Write least. For all I know, Michelle has been advised not to reply by the Ottawa Citizen’s legal department.  If she apologizes, it’s an admission of guilt and the Ottawa Citizen becomes commercially liable for damages, the only question is how much.  Failing to respond suggests they don’t know what to do, which is actually worse.  Ignoring a complaint is not an Honourable way to make Peace with one’s neighbour; it suggests lack of ethics, responsibility, accountability and moral conscience, continuing the attack upon the character of the one issuing the complaint.  By default, the Ottawa Citizen is in dis-Honour.

Matthew 5:25

“Be quick to settle matters with Your legal opponent, while You are with him on the Way there, so that somehow the opponent may not turn You over to the judge, and the judge to the court attendant, and You get thrown into prison.  I say to You for a fact, You will certainly not come out of there until You have paid over Your last small coin.”

I don’t say much more about the claim I’ve already issued with the Citizen, all I need to do is file the claim into a court of law and the Judge or Justice will be as King to the Citizen why they have not replied.  It’s called ‘court’ for a reason.  Sending a letter is like serving a ball in court; fail to answer the serve, lose the point.

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I have, as King to the Ottawa Citizen, Ordered that the Citizen provide Me with media assistance in holding Canada’s elected officials accountable to their Oath of office as part of My public Duty and Service to Honour the Queen, and Her promise to protect the common law for all of man/Canada.  Very interested to see what her reply will be to this letter!

The Prince of Peace is a Handle I’ve been using on Twitter for…  I don’t know how long.  Maybe when My account took off back in May of this year, perhaps I had been calling My Self that on Twitter from the time I set up the account.  I really don’t know but it is a great example of how everything just seems to fall into place.  I had no Idea that Prince of Peace was in the Bible until the passage was given to Me.  No coincidences that another man had called Me ‘Wonderful Counsellor’ the day previous to receiving the Seven Passages. either!  God is speaking to Us in every moment for those with ears to listen.

In My Journal, one of the ‘little Secrets’ I’ve been waiting to share is that I do visualize My Self as a character in some fantasy story which is My Life.  The ‘guise’ of My character in My Imagination (Image in a Sean) is the Prince of Peace, and I determined in My Journal that I Will ‘own’ that character from this point forward.  Legally I may have the title of King in a court of law, but in My own Mind I don’t earn the title until I accomplish Peace in the world, which is God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.  Then I Will truly be King.  For now, I am the Prince of Peace, though I am still Acting as a King in Law.

7 Keys to Kingdom

Titles come with responsibility.  The higher the rank of the title, the greater the responsibility.  It would make sense that a king would have some tremendous responsibilities and that the same would be true of a judge, justice, attorney, lawyer, teacher, doctor, firefighter, or any other specialized profession.  These require a unique skill set, they are not tasks a man can just ‘jump into’ and be proficient.

I Will enjoy Writing My next letter more because it deals with a different type of offence to the common law.  A refusal from a doctor to perform work the doctor has already advised and recommended as necessary for My health and well being because he does not like My method of payment.  Doctors have a duty and responsibility to provide whatever health care they can in the client’s best interest, free from frontiers or restrictions of any kind.  Many Will suggest that the dental profession works differently, but it does not.  Equality is equality, a doctor is a doctor, money and commerce do not have any legal power to interfere with a right of man, Given by God.

I think a few people are going to learn quite a few things about the common law over the next few weeks. 😉

There are a lot little things to be thankful for.  I am always thankful for every new follower, this is a special thank You to all of the new followers of My Blog this month – I appreciate every one of You.

Love and Blessings, have an excellent Holy Day season!!!








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