A Game of Thrones; The Tournament of Kings Begins

Good afternoon, world.  Or at least for Me in this now, it’s afternoon.  I hope You are feeling Just as Blessed whatever time of day this now is for You.  I like to show My appreciation and gratitude for the daily Blessings in My Life.  Just before lunch today, a chess tournament I am hosting, “The Tournament of Kings” finally had enough players for Me to begin the pairings and get things under Way.  Thank You, Universe.

Chess: The Tournament of Kings

Everything in the Universe is connected in some Way.  Recently, I’ve been tall King about social media and how I plan to use My Twitter account to gain influence in what I refer to as the ‘macrocosm’, the big picture.  I was tall King about the commonalities between My Twitter account and My Blog.  Even though they are distinctly different audiences, the Idea is the same and success in anything is primarily dependent on the quality of the content.

Here I am tall King about being the Hero in Your own Story, on Twitter I Post Tweets about the Power of positive thing King (#ThingKing is now a hashtag I use) and #BeTheChange, the core philosophies behind everything I teach.  My Blog is something of a portal between the two worlds, the story of the practical application of Magic and the philosophies I share on Twitter.  The chess ‘Tournament of Kings’ is an example of being the change where I am now, a reflection of the influence I have within My community of peers in what I call My microcosm.  This is My Way of giving some of the guys here something fun to do that also helps to develop cognitive thing King and problem solving skills.

I don’t really spend much time Writing about My microcosm, even though this is essentially a ‘how to create world peace’ step by step Guide, ‘in the May, King’. (May would be nice, wouldn’t it?).  Yet, on a day to day basis, I do try to be an example of all the philosophies I present on My Blog and Twitter, and I actually speak very little of the individuals in My microcosm who come to Me for support, guidance and counsel almost continuously.  To have an hour to My Self to do anything can be a tremendous challenge.  Truth be told, I can pick up and head to a Starbucks or something to get work done for a few hours every day but despite how much energy it can take, I am Honoured to be able to provide emotional support for My friends when they need it.  Recently, they have required a little more than usual.

I also know that My Blog audience is very interested in what I have to say about My Mystical interpretations of the Universe.  My readers seem especially interested in what I have to say about Magic and a few of the things I Writ about very recently in My last few Posts about marketing and social media, have provided Me with additional guidance with respect to how I should proceed in My microcosm.  I know that I am meant to share these things with You, too (regardless how radical some of it might sound), and show You how I interpret and apply the inform ‘A’ Sean in My microcosm.

The first day I Writ about how I was applying new marketing strategies to My Twitter account, the intention was reflected immediately not only by the improvement in Twitter impressions, but also by the information provided by WordPress.  I had hoped that the new strategies I was Writing about and applying to My Twitter account would have the effect of perhaps ten times the number of impressions over My previous average if I was ‘lucky’.  The first day it created 14 times the number of Twitter impressions over the previous day.  I also Writ about how grateful I was to have an audience eager to read My next Post and that was also reflected by two likes within minutes of posting the entry, a reflection of My Words and Intentions being answered by the Universe.

Sometimes My follower growth will slow to a stop on a number of personal significance for Me.  Yesterday I had been hoping to reach 4,800 sometime today and I am at exactly that number now.

And just after Writing the last line, I discovered the Power of My Magic on another level – no coincidences.  Someone as King of Me to remove an entry from My Blog that had named individuals I had believed to be responsible for interfering with My determination to protect the common law.  They contested My claim and I agreed to remove the Article.  What better example could I have been given to demonstrate the Power of rogue journalism?  Sadly, I can’t really say too much more about it or I would be in violate Sean of My resolute Sean with the parties involved.  It also doesn’t really matter because for most of My audience, these people are just anonymous names and characters in My story.  What I can say is that it is not a coincidence that today’s entry was about how this represents something of a Portal between the microcosm and macrocosm.  The effects of the Magic of the Letters (Spells) I have Cast into the macrocosm are being felt in My microcosm.  You see, there was a time when it really wouldn’t have mattered much if I were Writing about something here because virtually no one was reading it and the chances they might actually know individuals in My microcosm were slim to none.  Now I have bigger responsibilities and am dealing with more influential personalities who are becoming more concerned about how the opinions expressed here might affect their reputation in the community.

If anyone has a complaint about anything I Write here, I encourage them to dispute Me and/or as King of Me to remove the content.  Generally, this is a true Public record, and I Will be happy to oblige, so long as the individuals answer to whatever complaint it may be that I have with them here.  I would very much like for everyone I have Writ a letter to come out of this situation as favourably as possible.  That’s the ideal outcome, after all.  However, if I feel someone is trespassing on My determination to protect the common law, I Will name those individuals here as either conspirators of the fraud or accomplices in My determination to Honour God and the Queen.  Eventually, the influence and Power of these Words Will be felt and they Will inevitably answer to Me.

So today I received a number of small Blessings.  I was going to be tall King about how much I truly Love Writing about the little miracles in My microcosm, like the Idea of a chess tournament being made manifest.  I was also planning to tall King about the Power of rogue journalism and how My Ideal outcome, if I could manifest anything, would be for to accomplish everything from here, for this Blog to gain so much influence in the international community that people Will not want to be named for interfering with My determine A Sean to accomplish peace.

Well, I’m at the Ideal Blog Post length and My new follower count for the day is 37 for a total of 4,805.  The next BIG Thank You Will be 5,000 and I’m much closer to it much sooner than I would have once believed possible.  Always counting My Blessings, each and every One.

Love and Blessing to You, also.  Be well and have fun!

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