A Mystic, the Matrix, and My Tricks

Hello everyone and thank You for being here.  A special thank You also to AhaVaha for ‘liking’ My last Blog Post, the 37th like of the year. 😉 ❤

I am especially excited about Writing today.  Recently, I have been tall King more and more about the importance of social media as a tool for promoting and marketing My Blog.  I have also been tall King more and more about My Mystical interpretation of information, in particular the manipulation of My Twitter and WordPress statistics/analytics, and how I feel I am meant to share these interpretations with You.  That notion was further supported by the Universe this morning.

After My Twitter account seemed to return to its typically slow but steady increase in followers, comfortably clearing 4,900 with a total of 4,957 last count before bed last night, I awoke this morning and refreshed My profile to find My account back at exactly 4,900 followers.

I suppose some might worry about something like that.  I don’t.  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised and a little confused by the information, the Quest Ion (question), is what does it mean?  I know the Universe is speaking to Me in every moment, what is it trying to tell Me?

Twitter Notifications

The above screenshot was taken just moments ago.  Here, My Twitter feed shows that I’ve had 25 followers today, yet My follower count has remained at 4,900 even all day.  The other interesting thing I noticed this morning was that I also lost an equal number of people I was following (which has never happened before).  It’s almost as if the data pertaining to 57 followers was ‘Magically’ removed from My account altogether, including [information pertaining to] those I was following.

The reason this information is so interesting for Me is because 5,000 Twitter followers is not just a huge benchmark and goal for Me, it is also a significant number to the ‘fans’ in My microcosm, those who support and believe in what I am hoping to accomplish.  My friends were almost as excited as I was when My Twitter account was flooded with 300 followers on November 5th, and again on the 11th when I was Gifted with 700 more.  I will often as King of My friends what they think some of these anomalies may mean, the most recent example was My friend reminding Me it was Ash Wednesday, a day of sacrifice when I as King of him if he had any Ideas about why I might have lost 16 followers for the first time ever.  No coincidences…

As things returned to normal, My friend as King of Me about My followers and if I had hit 5,000 yet.  When I told him I had started the day at 4,931 and was sitting at 4,955 just before eleven o’clock last night, he said to Me that he figured I would probably wake up with 5,000 followers this morning.  I said to him that I had a feeling I would creep toward 5,000 all day today but not reach 5,000 until Wednesday.  Why?  Because in My Universe, Wednesday’s are lucky.  Now, I would have to gain 100 followers tomorrow to reach 5,000 on lucky Wednesday which would be ‘lucky’, and something of a miracle.  Maybe that’s the point?

When I told My friend I was back at 4,900 this morning, he laughed much the same way I would.  Neither one of Us really know what it might mean, We can only speculate.  What I do know, is that these anomalies are only relevant to Me and the friends immediately connected to Me in My microcosm, and I know there are no coincidences.  The more I begin Writing of these anomalies here, the more they Will become relevant to My readers in the macrocosm.

There are three screenshots pictured above.  The first is from My e-mail account from Commune.it, an application that sends Me a daily report of My last week on Twitter.  I started using it near the beginning of the month at which time it said that I had gained roughly 600 followers over the week and lost about a quarter (150), for a difference of 450 – in a week!  This week it says I gained 940 followers and lost 292, a difference of 648.  The number of overall followers has gone up consistently with the exception of Ash Wednesday where I did appear to lose roughly 40 followers more than typical.  Certainly a huge discrepancy from the actual number of followers I have gained over the last week on Twitter (roughly 200).  The second report is from Twitter analytics and shows 170,000 impressions for the month so far, up 130% over last month, proving that the extra effort invested in scheduling regular Tweets with Hootsuite and Buffer is well worth the effort.  Finally, the third shows another e-mail from an application called Sum of All, which provides insight on reach, retweet and mentions of Tweets.  As You can see, it shows I made over 1 million impressions on Twitter yesterday alone.  So it is very difficult for Me to have any Idea which of these statistics are reliable, if any.

So why am I so excited today?  Because the Universe is trying to tell Me something and I have reason to believe I am meant to share these insights with You.  Over 25 new followers today without a single one affecting My overall count of 4,900, suggesting I was losing a follower for every one I gained consistently all day long.  The moment I started Writing this Blog Post, the number started to move again.  Now I’m at 4,905, the first time it’s been over 4,900 since this morning.  Coincidence?  Oh yeah, We don’t believe in those.

The main reason I’m so excited to be Writing today is to share with You My enthusiasm for Writing in general.  Of all the data I’m reviewing everyday, the most inspirational information is provided by WordPress.  At the end of the day, this Blog is My Brand – this is ultimately what I am promoting.

WordPress reveals that so far this year, of the 465 Blog Posts in My archives, 104 different Blog Posts have been read, only 16 of which were linked to from Twitter.  If I had thousands of hits everyday or even every month, that might not be such a staggering statistic.  However, considering I’ve ‘only’ had a total of 472 views so far this year (that’s still amazing for Me), it means that almost a quarter of people visiting My site are linking directly to specific Posts from My archives, either by way of ‘unknown search terms’ or by linking from their browser with an exact link to the Post.  

With all this information at My fingertips and a new focus on sharing My social media marketing strategies with My readers, I made another realization (real eyes, eh, Sean).  Only 177 of the 472 views link to My homepage, the other 295 are linking to specific Blog Posts.  This is significant because the chance of someone randomly typing the exact web address into a search bar to link to one of My Posts is pretty much nil.  Without a search engine optimizer, the chance of someone finding My site with a couple of keywords is pretty slim, too.  Basically, it means that My visitors are using direct links to specific Posts.

I only discovered this information yesterday.  It’s always been there, I just never bothered to take the time to look at all the information gathered in one place.  To see people linking to one or two of My archives every day doesn’t really seem that unusual.  However, to find out that over 100 different Posts have been viewed this year without doing anything to promote them (less than 70 hits from Twitter, WordPress and Facebook combined) is pretty huge without a really great search engine optimizer (and I don’t even use one).

I began to understand the value of this information in a new way.  I started at the top of the list and began to work My way down to determine what My audience seems to enjoy reading most.  It wasn’t really a surprise to discover that My readers are most interested in My legal documents and anything I have to say about Magic.  My most popular Post of the year so far is ‘Happy Super Blue Blood Moon Lucky Wednesday, World!!!‘, followed by ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’ (My most popular Blog Post of all time), followed by ‘Letter to Canada’s Attorney General, the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould‘, then ‘Magic, the Occult, Ancient Wisdom, and the Power of Intention

This reveals a lot of information about My audience.  It also tells Me I can Write about pretty much anything I want.  When I first started tall King about My new social media marketing strategies I mentioned how important it was to have quality content, especially if what One is marketing is a Blog.  For example, if I were just starting out, I would only have a few posts to promote which would put far more pressure on Me to continue producing quality content to keep My audience interested and engaged.  There would be considerably more pressure on Me as a Writer.  I don’t need to do that, I just need to promote the Work I’ve already done and continue Writing the last chapter of My Story.

As a Mystic, even something so subtle as a new ‘like’ shortly after publishing My last Blog Post is a Sign.  That Post was all about how this Blog and the philosophies I express here are responsible for the success I enjoy today.  Yes, I suppose I still have to accomplish world peace, but now I have all the necessary weapons and armour necessary at My disposal.  That’s what I believe the Universe wants Me to showcase.

It’s now 2:00 a.m. and I was at 4,913 followers, decided I would refresh one more time so I could report the bedtime count and am now at 4,888.  So it really will be something of a miracle if I hit 5,000 tomorrow.  My friend also pointed out that lent is French for slow and that maybe ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ might be) are slowing My growth while We are in Lent!  I really hope he is wrong, I like the Idea of ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and 5,000 followers tomorrow much better, but I guess We will see.

To reflect My Mystic nature on Twitter, I read a new article about social media marketing today that doesn’t mention anything about restricting Your own content promotion to a third of Your Tweets.  In fact, it is actually tall King about how Twitter is primarily used by people to promote products and brands, it is expected and what the platform was designed for.  It also makes sense to Me because I had said that marketing would be My final frontier over a year ago and the Magic of the Universe ‘Gifted’ Me with new followers on Twitter seemingly out of nowhere.  I’ve paid attention to My Twitter account ever since but still never really tapped into its potential until just recently – and I’m still only just getting started.

Once again, this Blog Post is a little long and not recommended.  I’m about 500 words over average Blog reader attention span.  However, I figured it was worth noting that I am adopting a new marketing strategy right now which involves promoting Posts on Twitter that My audience (not directed by Twitter) are most interested in reading.  I will elaborate on this strategy in a future Post after I’ve had the opportunity to apply it.

I trust You are all well,

Love and Blessings,





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