The Good News Journal, Volume I: The Fifth Edition for a Fabulous Friday… In Deed

Once again, thank You very much for being here and I hope You are all having as Fabulous a Friday as I am.  Although I may be Composing this Writ on Thursday evening, I already did the Deeds I needed to do to make for a Fabulous Friday.  I also promised that in My next Edition, I would reveal My not so secret, Secret mail system.  My Word is My Bond, behold My Deeds:

Seven Keys to Kingdom, Seven Letters Sent

So Thursday has been every bit as Thrilling as I had suggested it would be…  At least for Me. By introducing The Good News Journal as a new category for My Blog, I have also been more inspired to Write, and doing so has had a profound influence in My microcosm as I experience My Words Manifesting in the physical Universe by Way of My own Deeds.  Every Edition of The Good News Journal is an example of the Self fulfilling Prophecy Manifesting in My microcosm.

I had so much fun Casting these Spells, too!  The Postal Service Agents were more than happy to accommodate My needs.  The first Agent said to Me they might be coolest envelopes he’s ever seen, ‘nobody does the wax Seal anymore!’.

No One does the Wax Seal Anymore?

There was also a wax Seal closing each of the envelopes.  As far as sending the letters ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, that was something else neither of the two Agents had seen in a while, “do We still do this?”, one of them as King of the other.

“I think so…  Where are they going?”

Much as I had suspected, Five of the Seven letters would reach their destination because they are addressed to elected officials.  The Agents were not so sure about the letter to Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri and Michelle Richardson of the Ottawa Citizen.  I said I was quite happy to take that chance so long as I could get something to show that they had been received by the Post Office.  The agents suggested I make copies of all the documents I wanted to send “On Her Majesty’s Service” and they would be happy to show that they had been received by stamping the copies.  That sounded like a fabulous Idea!

On Her Majesty’s Service

The Queen Will get the bill for sending these letters.  It may not be ‘registered mail’ but these documents Will be closely observed because they have been sent “On Her Majesty’s Service” and the Queen Will want to make sure that people are not taking advantage of Her Majesty’s Good nature.  It should also help Our elected officials to know that these letters are not a joke and perhaps worth taking a little more seriously.

To Keep My Self organized, I have taken all the receipts to show these letters were mailed and placed them in between the pages of the original letters in their plastic sleeves.

The King’s ‘Keep’ Organized

Across from the Genuine Article letter You Will notice the receipt of the fax transmission (transmit Sean) sent in the beginning of February.  All letters and documents are maintained in chronological Order beginning with My Cestui Que Vie and My portfolio Keeps a record of all correspondence between My Self and the Ministries of the Canadian government.  It Will be very difficult for any court of law to prove that I have not made a serious effort to communicate My intentions in an Honourable fashion…  That’s just My Style.  Coincidence that the Style of a man determines his capacity in law?  I don’t think so.

Although I did not have a chance to observe the full moon last evening, thanks to an overcast sky, I am thankful I took a picture of it the night before so I can remind My readers that all of this was done on the day of the full moon, which represents the Manifestation of Magic Cast in the last couple of weeks (new moon).

Wednesday Night’s Not Quite Full Moon

Each day moves us one day further from the experiences of Our past and one day closer to the dreams We are destined to know.  That’s Your inspire A Sean for Friday, I hope and Trust You Will all have a wonderful weekend.

Love and Blessings,








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