The Good News Journal, Volume I: The Sixth Edition with Sensei Sean All Saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Thanks so much for being here, it truly means the world to Me.  The Good News Journal is all about the Good News – what I am doing in My microcosm to make My dream for world peace a reality We Will all experience.  The last week has been somewhat eventful, Seven new Spells (letters) were Cast (Sent) on Thursday (the full moon) and the effect of their Magic is War King its Way through the Universe even as I Write this Post.

Magic is something I Write of quite often and I am something of a Master Magician.  Sensei Sean all Saturday’s are the Intention to teach what Magic I know, as it is not as elusive as many might be thing King.  I just communicated two Ideas at the same time.  Thing King forces one to consider the Idea of King (consider what kind of Ideas are associated with that Word) with the Act of thinking.  Using capital Letters to begin a Word increase the importance of that Word in man’s psyche.  My Blog is literally full of Magic and becoming more Magical every day.  Another reason to celebrate this Sensation all Saturday. 😉

Letters are Magic, We use them to Spell Words.  Letters combine several individual Ideas into a new Idea, a new Spell to Cast into the Universe.  In the microcosm of Our individual experience, Letters are used to combine several Ideas into a single Spell (Word).  In the macrocosm, Letters are used to combine several Spells (Words) into a single Letter (Intention) that We can then Cast into the Universe by Sending it in the Mail.  Sending Letters in the Mail is Magic, it communicates Intention.  Good Intention is the Strongest Armour, God’s Mail (armour). Is it a coincidence that Mail is also used to describe armour?  Sensei Sean’s school of Mysticism and Magic does not believe in coincidence.

Unveiled Letter Head

It is also not a coincidence that documents mimic many parts of the human form, or that documents can be called forms.  The Ideas they contain take shape over time.  Even the Way I fold a Letter incorporates a little Magic.  Above, the Head of the Letter is the first thing that Will be unveiled by the recipient.  They Will see the Face of My document first and it Will make an Impression on the reader.  Then they Will want to check out My physical stature by examining the Body of My Letter, this Will Give them a sense of My character.  The alpha Male is actually the Alpha Mail, the Highest Ideas communicated in the Body of a Letter.  This is also how We (as characters in Our Magical World) use the Mail (armour) We were Gifted by God most effectively.  Words and Ideas Matter, they are Living.  The first Volume of The Good News Journal Matters more with every Edition, increasing the Volume of the Good News, the One Song (Universe) We all Sing.

Tomorrow I Will have a Special Post to celebrate the Sun’s Day.  I Will also sharing more of My Mystical interpretations of the Universe and One serendipitous moment in particular which made for an especially auspicious and Magical day for mailing My Letters.

Love and Blessings,




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