The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Wizards, Witches and Warlocks Wednesday Edition

Hello. I hope every One is having a Wonderful Wednesday, thank You so much for being here. There is too much Magic in the Air to not be tall King about it, so the ‘Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition’ Will be dedicated to the Practical application of Magic.

What is practical Magic? Writing the Highest Idea You have for Your Self on a piece of paper. Thoughts and Ideas Manifest, Writing Words makes Dreams physical… Literally. Thoughts evolve by Way of natural selection. Successful thoughts prosper and continue, ‘bad’ Ideas eventually ‘die’ out. Consider the desire to touch something You know You shouldn’t touch, like a glowing ember or liquid mercury. One Idea is so deeply programmed that most of Us would not even think about picking up a glowing ember, though One might still be tempted to play with mercury because the effects aren’t immediate, it doesn’t appear to be causing any harm.

Negative thoughts are kind of like the liquid mercury. Many are inclined to worry about things even when We know that worrying accomplishes nothing. However, if One is paying attention to their thoughts, negative thoughts become a process of elimination problem solver. We can choose not to breathe Life into them, forcing Us to come up with new Ideas until We find One that is positive. When We choose the positive thought, We breathe Life into it, first by Speaking, then by Writing. Thought, Word, Deed.

On Thursday, the full moon of last week, I Cast Seven Magical Spells by Mailing Seven Letters from the Post Office. Is it a coincidence that a Post Office is used to communicate thoughts and Ideas all over the world and that a Blog entry is also called a Post? I am My own Post Office and My own news ‘Public, eh, Sean’! The Seven Letters are communicating My Highest Idea, both for My Self and all of man. My belief is that a successful Idea Will flourish, so the Intention is for My Idea to reach as many Minds as possible. In My microcosm, that means communicating My Intentions to those who are in a position to make the positive Ideas Manifest in Our macrocosm.

The King’s ‘Keep’ Organized

The most Magical thing about these Letters is that they were sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”. I also made copies of the envelopes containing the Letters so that I could show they were received by the Post Office. I had said that this was My not so secret, Secret mail service. It’s not so secret because anyone can do this if they are War King in Her Majesty’s Service; We all have a Duty to protect and uphold the common law.

The premise of the common law is that the common man is the authority of government. It is presumed that the government is acting in accordance with the common law and the Will of the people. When people say that the Queen is only a symbol and not really involved in Canadian government or law, they are both right and wrong. The Queen is not involved in Canadian politics because the Queen Honours Our independence. If We don’t complain about Our politicians, it is presumed they are doing their job. But One always has the power to Act on Her Majesty’s Service, and that right is both recognized and protected in law and the Canadian government. The highest authority of law enforcement in Canada is not called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police because it has a nice ring to it, they do solemnly Swear to Protect God and the Queen.

I am now ‘Officially’ (office-I-ally/Post Office) War King (working) ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’. The Queen agrees to pay any fees for those protecting Her Honour, so Her Grace Will know I have sent these letters. The politicians Will (should) also know that the Queen Will be notified, even if there is no cost. The Post Office Will Keep a very careful record of anyone using Her Majesty’s Service to send documents.

I am preparing this Post for early Wednesday morning on a late, Tuesday afternoon. I am quite sure My Magic found its Mark…

Someone Doing Home Work!!!

This is Magic, My Spells (Letters) finding their Mark. Now, an Idea and an Intention has been amplified because My Letters and the Words and Ideas they contain, have reached new Minds. Is it a coincidence that all of My most important legal documents are read the same day I anticipate recipients are receiving My Letters? Remember, there are no coincidences.

I have had a Magical Wednesday and really, there is nothing sinister about Magic, We are meant to believe that Life is a Dream. I’m going to teach the world how to row, row, row Your boat, merrily over the commercial admiralty waters.

Love and Blessings, may this Wednesday find You well.

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