The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, The Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello and Happy Thursday!  I want to Thank You for being here, it is awesome to have You.  This Will also be the 11th daily Post for The Good News Journal, something I am very proud to be celebrating, especially because I am having so much fun Writing recently.  It really is great to have an audience and I want You to know how Thank full I really am and how much it inspires Me.  I am as King of the Universe to Bless You just for being here…  And so it is. 😉

I’m trying to Keep The Good News Journal to between 800 and 1200 Words with the Except Sean of the Sunday ‘Reflect Sean’ Edition, which Will be a review of the week’s highlights.  The Thursday Edition is a special day for Thanks because I am Thrilled to be here and to have this Public A Sean.

Today I am going to be tall King about the Power of self-publishing, the significance of this Blog (The Good News Journal in particular) and it’s relay Sean Ship to My microcosm and Our macrocosm.

Yesterday I was tall King about Magic and the Effects of the Spells I have Cast Manifesting in My microcosm.  I should probably say hello to those I’ve Writ letters to because I know they are reading these Words, too – Good to have You here.  I have said before that if things were to Play out exactly as I ultimately Dream they could, I Will not have to bring anyone into court, I can accomplish everything here.  I’m not interested in fame any more than I’m interested in money, I’m only interested in accomplishing world peace.  And all We need to do to make it happen is work together.  Six days We could get it done, that’s how amazing We are.

A year ago I had 55 followers on Twitter.  To have 5,100 now still feels a little surreal and ‘dreamy’ for Me.  In retrospect, everything seems to happen so fast and I know things are only going to get faster; this is the quickening.  Because I perceive everything in the macrocosm as a reflection of the microcosm, Twitter represents (reflects) My level of influence in the microcosm.  The Good News Journal is a Portal between the two worlds where My microcosm interfaces with the macrocosm.

From the reader’s perspective, it may not seem like much has changed in the macrocosm.  The media certainly isn’t buzzing about a new King emerging from nowhere.  But isn’t that how it always happens?  In Our Holy Would movies, doesn’t the most unlikely Hero usually show up at the most unlikely and critical moment?

In My microcosm, things are different.  And they’ve been different since around roughly the time I hit 5,000 followers on Twitter, no coincidences.  I have had corporations and individuals representing corporations as King of Me not to publish their name on My Blog.  More importantly, I’ve seen people getting treated a little better, especially when I’m around.  My influence in My microcosm is something I can actually feel and I don’t say it lightly – it’s the pressure and responsibility that comes with it that I’m feeling the most.

The perfection of it, is that I always dreamed that it could be like this.  I dreamed that no one would ever have to take anyone into court because We all know right from wrong.  We would just need to tell people about the character of a man and the shame of it would be enough to Keep a man from ever doing it again.

The Salvation Army and the City of Ottawa should both be very thankful that I do not focus on the problems until I am able to present a solution or I would be reporting on the kind of conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to every day.  The Canadian government now has 24 days to contact Me before I drag them into court and begin as King of them why these atrocities exist in a country with so much wealth.

Those I’ve Writ letters to are still reviewing My legal documents – study hard, final exams are upcoming!!!

My Readers Love the Law!

So, to those I’ve Writ letters to…  We can have Our day in court or You can just pick up the phone and call Me, sort this out like grown adults.  Choice is Yours.

Ah, the Power of having Your own Public, eh Sean?

And that’s Your Good News for a Thrilling Thursday,

Love and Blessings,

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