The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Happy Lucky Wednesday, everyone!!!  Five days, (including today) until the next Scene of this Play.  How fabulous is that?  Can You tell I’m excited?  I hope You are, too, I’ve got some pretty cool plans.

I am also still basking in the Glory of a fabulous Monday and the phone call I received from Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri.  Although he is not able to continue as My dentist, he has referred Me for prosthodontics, a highly specialized field of dentistry providing the very best dental care available.  A doctor’s referral is exactly what I need to get the ‘Royal’ treatment I deserve and have waited so long for.  The province of Ontario does not even have a prosthodontist, that’s how specialized and rare they are.  Finding one Will be the first thing on My list after April 1st and something I am looking forward to.

This is also an exciting and ‘Lucky’ Wednesday for Me because this Will be My 500th Blog Post!  Pretty cool that it just ‘happens’ to fall on lucky Wednesday, but not a coincidence.  I am also very pleased to be able to remove one of the names from My list, though I am also going to have to deal with Chris Tuck, the manager of Ottawa’s Ministry of community and social services who Will now replace Dr. Jean-Pierre Khouri and take the number two spot on My list of Seven after the Ottawa Citizen.  But that’s still progress.  It’s feels Good to finally reap some rewards from these Letters.

I only have three more letters to cover of the original Seven, today I Will review My letter to the Right Honourable Jody-Wilson Raybould, Canada’s Attorney General.

Canada’s Attorney General, Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould
Canada’s Attorney General, Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould

Once again, I think the Letter is pretty self explanatory.  The Attorney General is Canada’s authority over the Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction of law.  This Letter trumps any and all Commercial Admiralty claims upon My Life and evidences My attempt to responsibly deal with the matter by bringing it to the attention of  Canada’s Attorney General.  After receiving this Letter, Jody-Wilson Raybould has a Duty and responsibility as a public servant to ensure that My Orders are effectively communicated to the appropriate Ministries within the Canadian Government; that is Jody-Wilson Raybould’s specific Role on the world Stage for Canada.  Ultimately, there is no excuse for any Ministry within the Canadian government to not be informed of My new [legal] status in Canada/society.  This should have all been done over a year ago when I first sent a copy of My Cestui Que Vie to the Attorney General’s office in Toronto, though the Letter was only addressed to the Ministry, not to Jody-Wilson Raybould specifically.  By sending it to Sean Kearney, the legal director for the Attorney General (Crown), the administration fail falls on Sean Kearney’s shoulders for failing to properly administer My claim and forward My Orders to the appropriate Ministries.  I feel this was something of an attempt to ‘scape-goat’ the blame, as Sean Kearney would not be qualified to competently respond to My Letter.  So now I’ve advised Jody-Wilson Raybould that Sean Kearney has not properly administrated My Orders, making her personally accountable to the common law as an individual without corporate protections.  Her ‘Honour’ is currently in breach of public trust until she responds and deals with this matter appropriately.  These Letters constitute what is known in law as ‘prima-facie’ evidence for the courts.


This is how I feel right now, the Chariot transporting the Philosopher’s Stone to secure it for all the world.  Notice the bulletproof armour, because “Ideas are bulletproof” (V for Vendetta quote/reference).

In My now, it’s Tuesday, I’m Writing My 500th Post for Lucky Wednesday, there are only two days left for the other recipients to respond to My Letters, I just had lunch with the friend I began tutoring on Tuesday’s (even My microcosm is filled with alliteration), and I am four days away from the biggest adventure of My entire Life.  Seriously, what is there not to be excited about, I can hardly contain My Self!

I also have the dorm to My Self until I leave and have had it to My Self for almost two weeks now.  That actually has a Great deal to do with My ability to Write every day and it is something I aim to maintain.  I’ve been ignoring My Twitter account again but My strategy for this month was just to commit to more Writing, which I have managed to Honour.

Tomorrow Will begin the process of assessing and purging ‘possessions’ (possess Sean’s).  I don’t like being possessed so I’ll be purging as much as possible.  In My Mind I have a pretty Good Vision of what I Will be leaving with and Will be travelling Light… Pun intended.

Once again, thank You for Giving Me a reason to be here.  Tomorrow and Friday I Will be covering the last two of the Seven Letters Sent On Her Majesty’s Service, Saturday and Sunday Will be dedicated to revealing any last Secrets I might have to share about this system of things.

I hope this Wednesday has been Wonderfully Lucky,

Love and Blessings,

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